Friday, April 12, 2013

K'Ehleyr's Klingons

K is for K'Ehleyr's Klingons! Picard's USS Enterprise-D gets a cryptic message telling them to divert and intercept, top priority. Its a top secret interstellar matter for special envoy K'Ehleyr to fill our Enterprise buddies in on, Great, isn't this exciting? It gets better when she arrives in a class eight probe travelling at warp 9! K'Ehleyr, the special envoy from the Klingon Empire is blunt and straight to the point. A Klingon ship, the T’Ong, is about to awaken from a deep cryosleep after 75 years.

When the T'Ong's diehard crew wake up from hibernation, these Klingons will not surrender believing the Empire and the Federation are still at war... Forget about "sleeping on the job" for a whopping 75 years!

The point is that this is beside
the point. These are Klingons...
at war with us. Whatever their
mission was -- once they see a
Federation target, they'll attack.

Could the T'Ong be disabled rather
than destroyed?

We could probably knock out their
warp engines without damaging the
rest of their ship...

(shaking her head)
That would gain you nothing.
Disable the ship, and K'Temoc will
destroy it himself.

Klingons do not surrender.

Face it -- if we don't reach the
T'Ong before its crew wakes up,
you have no alternatives.

The question I've got is this: How is it possible for a Klingon ship from a much earlier era with defective cloaking coils etc to cross the borders of the United Federation of Planets for 75 YEARS and only be discovered now? At least this plot hole gives the Enterprise the perfect excuse to warp to the rescue, hehe. The performance given by Suzie Plakson playing K'Ehleyr in this Star Trek TNG episode of "The Emissary" is a thrill because she doesn't pull any punches. Definitely one to watch if you love Klingons!

Whats the name of the Captain of the T'Ong?

How does K'Ehleyr relieve her Klingon frustrations?

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Does make you wonder where the ship was floating for seventy-five years to go undetected.

Banker Chick said...

She was a great romantic interest, better than Deanna who I am sure would break and since I wasn't fond of Dax I really didn't believe the romance.
Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

Tony Laplume said...

She left a giant impact for only a few appearances. And I'm not talking about Alexander!

Spacerguy said...

I laugh everytime I watch the Emissary. Plakson and Dorn are obviously enjoying themselves in this little spat.

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