Saturday, April 27, 2013

Star Trek Xbox

Star Treks Xbox 360 game is available now. The game is fast paced with a movie-like experience, however gamers will notice bugs requiring further updates. Do the pro's outweigh the con's? Its time to decide: Is your game chosen for its fun storyline, action adventure, characters, and placement in the Star Trek universe or are sci-fi technological thrills what turn you on?

Heres a rundown of Star Trek Xbox 360 Criteria to consider.

* Gameplay is designed for 16 year olds and over.
* The facial expressions are a little flat.
* Gamer reaction is mixed.

* The companion AI can be rather "dumb" at times.

* Star Trek Xbox game got a GORN, explosions, third person shooter experience and sweet spaceships!
* You get to be Kirk and give orders from the bridge of the Enterprise.
* Varied gameplay experiences with skydives and spacedives.
* Gamers can use a Tricorder to investigate, Phasers in shoot-outs with the Gorn and Spock's vulcan neck pinch technique.
* Splitscreen gameplay experience for singleplayer play-throughs.
* Gameplay is fast-paced and movie-like, heavily influenced Star Trek.
* Voice-acting and music is superb using real actors and actresses from previous Star Trek film.
* The graphics/design of the environments looks futuristic.
* The storyline is a fun and a light-hearted action adventure.

The spirit of Star Trek adventure is also very much alive in the gameplay of Star Trek The Video Game. Whether you're gliding through chasms or jumping precariously through zero G.

Which trekkie ingredient makes a truly uber gaming experience for you?

What fun part of the game do you like most?

                                                    (Click to Enlarge)

Who says: You know, if we weren't trying to save the whole universe, this might actually be fun! Game long and Prosper, trekkies and trekkers.


Tony Laplume said...

Almost looks good enough for me to wish I played video games.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Not much into shooter games so probably won't pick it up. But it does look cool.

Susan Kane said...

I never played a video game in my life until last week. My gr-daughter forced me to be the 'wisp' in her "Brave" game. It was exhausting.

Bethie said...

Would have to go with favorite part being Captain Kirk. Get to boss people around!

Spacerguy said...

Paramount and Namco have created a trully epic action packed "combat" Star Trek Xbox 360 game. Get set to trekinate the universe guys. Enjoy the latest 23rd century starship kitted out in high tech weaponry and gizmos. Are you a battle strategist at heart? Test your nerves of steel and experience unexplored, strange new worlds. Who knows what lurks below or engage enemy battleships! Players can also team up (splitscreen) and defeat alien lifeforms on interstellar, planetary missions. Set your phasers to engage enemy battleships and the Gorn trying to conquering the galaxy. Once Paramount/Namco releases the xbox 360 updates, I hopeful this Star Trek's video game will reboot our minds.

Maurice Mitchell said...

That game looks really awesome. Star Trek games are a mixed bag. They work best as thinking games than action.

Mark Noce said...

Rad pics! I'm gearing up for the release of the new movie, can't wait:)

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I have to confess even I would enjoy portraying Captain Kirk in this game, even though I complain about anyone other than William Shatner playing Kirk. LOL.

My son is only 12 and loves gaming - I'll have to wait a few years for him on this one.

Always a pleasure to visit!

Julie Jordan Scott
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