Thursday, April 25, 2013


V is for valeris but who is she? In Star Trek the Undiscovered Country VI, Kim Cattrall plays the sneaky vulcan, Lieutenant Valeris who sabotages peace talks for her own ends.

Its fun watching the hungover USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A crew trying to piece together the clues in this wonderfully dark Star Trek murder/mystery.  Romulan Ale anyone?

Time is running out for Kirk and Dr McCoy as dark, secretive forces land our heroes in the clink. Kirk's personal log crucifies the duo at the Klingon trial.

Jim! They're setting us up! Your honors, I protest-!

 Uhura is horrified...Rura Pentha. Scotty reckons its better ro kill them now and get it over with. Who were the assassins in the white pairs of gravity boots? What motivated Valeris (a top Starfleet Academy graduate) to conspire with the Chancellor Gorkon's Chief of Security, General Chang? Who murdered Gorkon and why? We know from Mr Spock's speech that the Klingon's planet is dying. On the bridge Valeris refuses to give the much needed information to save the Federations presidents life. So Spock mind rapes her.

Did the sly vulcan get what she deserved?


MOCK! said...

The Undiscoverd Country is probably my third or fourth favorite Trek movie. Would loved to have had Saavik (as I once heard) as the traitor.

Yes....she got what she deserved!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Kim Cattrall made for a hot Vulcan.

T.A. Woods said...

Hey, I'm nominating you for a Liebster, because your site is awesome. Here's a link to see it.

Live long and prosper.

Jeremy [Retro] said...

wait she wasn't bad... it was someone else pulling her strings.

Maurice Mitchell said...

That part where Spock sobbed, "She knows nothing," after the mind-meld always made me feel like he was sorry he had to do it.

Tony Laplume said...

A famous bit of Trek trivia is that the part of Valeris was originally envisioned for Saavik, but Gene nixed it because the latter had in his words reached "beloved character status." Obviously poor Cartwright didn't earn the same honor. Although he eventually became Sisko's dad.

Susan Kane said...

Deep questions here...This is one of my favorite Trek movies. David Warner was noble, Christopher Plummer was evil, and Kim Catrall was deceptive. You didn't mention Imam?

Spacerguy said...

Hehe, she sure did Mock. She got busted big style and interrogated for her involvement with General Chang's chicanery.

Shes a truly lovely vulchie, Alex. I used to wonder why didn't Spock detect the seeds of darkness in her mind until it was too late?

Thanks T.A. for the award. I will treasure it.

Hehe thats funny Jeremy. You might feel sorry now but don't get too close. Valeris has a scorpion's heart.

It must have been a major disappointment for the great vulchie reading her dark mind, Maurice LOL.

Admiral Cartwright was up to his neck in conspiracy, Tony. His fall from grace truly exposed how afraid the "black hats" were of change.

Undiscovered Country is an exciting Sherlock Holmes murder/mystery plot touching on social issues like the end of the "cold war" between Klingons and Federations. Its a sweet, unique movie marking a milestone in Earths history.

I love it when Iman says "It takes a lot of effort" when shes shapeshifting, Susan.

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