Wednesday, May 08, 2013

A to Z Challenge Reflections

Heres my Challenge Reflections for April's Time Travelling Festivities before signing up. I've got my badge from Captain Ninjas site to complete my journey.

The window for posting A to Z Reflections closes on Friday. Spacerguy salutes everyone who took part in the A to Z April challenge hosted by the big guns. The Ninja clones really kept the show on the road.

This is my third (time travelling) experience through the blogosphere. My primary mission objective was to seek out strange, wonderful blogs and befriend new lifeforms."To boldly go where no-one has gone before!" For me its exciting stepping out and exploring the unknown galactic expanse of the blogosphere. You never know whats waiting for you out there second blog to the right, *grin.* I found lots of cool places bursting with imagination and clever writing and visuals. Great job bloggers!

I was happy so many enjoyed my little corner of the universe too. I wrote about Star Trek the whole time and its been an agonising challenge stopping myself from spilling the beans on J.J. Abram's movie, Star Trek Into Darkness. I'll be posting an "Into Darkness Portal" (WITH SPOILERS) soon to tease you. Are we all set for lift off  "Into Darkness" when the countdown ends?" If your from Austraila or UK: Is STID better than 2009's version, what are your thoughts?  Kapla.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad you enjoyed your third time! Wish I could've explored more.
Not too many spoilers. I won't get to see it until the end of next week.

Tony Laplume said...

Star Trek is always fun to talk about! If I do the Challenge a third time, I'll go back to that myself. Or just goof off the entire challenge with nonsense. Either/or.

Jeremy [Retro-Z] said...

you had a great take on the trek universe... you and i will have to geek out on the new film soon. i have started this week.

Mark Means said...

I enjoyed your theme as well as your insight to the Star Trek universe.

Really looking forward to the next film and to see what Abrams pulls out of his hat :)

Steve Schnier said...

Hello! Nice blog by the way.

My name is Steve Schnier. Just a note to let you know that my wife and I sent a model of STAR TREK’s U.S.S. Enterprise into near-space via weather balloon. The payload reached a height of 95,568’ and hit a top speed of 63 knots or 117 km/hr.

The model was launched from Stayner, Ontario (90 minutes North of Toronto) and was recovered from a remote island in Georgian Bay. It was supposed to travel South towards Toronto - but I miscalculated and it went due North. I should have paid more attention in Math Class.

Video Link:

Best regards,

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