Friday, April 25, 2014


V is for Vash but who is she? Vash is a fortune hunter in Star Trek TNG 67th episode 'Captain's Holiday' with Jennifer Hetrick co-starring with Patrick stewart. While chilling out on the idyllic pleasure planet Risa, Captain Picard gets involved with a hot babe totally passionate about archaeology. At first she doesn't quite level with Picard until the unethical Ferengi, Sovak and two time travelling Vorgon criminals arrive on the scene looking for Captain Picard. The 'baddies' have come a long way for a 27th century superweapon of ultimate power, called the Tox Uthat. However Vash has other ideas and seeks only one thing, locate and seize the small crystal cube and flog it to the highest bidder.

Who will find the Tox Uthat first? Which do you think is the most destructive force ever created in the universe, the Tox Uthat or the Federation's (Regula One) Genesis Torpedo or Soran's rocket star killer?

live long and prosper, trekkers.


  1. I loved the episodes with Vash because they gave the crew a little insight into all the things Picard didn't usually share with them.

    The one where we meet Vash is definitely one of my favorite episodes.

  2. I remember that one. Still think the Borg as a whole made for a really strong weapon.

  3. Anonymous9:15 AM

    I really wanted to see Picard and Vash get together again in one of the movies. Obviously Q would have been the primary antagonist. Paramount missed an opportunity by not making that movie.

  4. If I were going for the flashy choice, I would go with the Rocket. I always found it fun to see Captain Picard out of uniform...Well in different attire!

  5. I sadly don't know much about Vash, as much as I should. Then again I really need to step up my Trek. :)

  6. She was a great character for Picard and helped him add some romance to his character.

  7. Backpacks in the future are so weird looking. And is that Ferrengi Quark's cousin from DS9? Small world.

    Also, the most dangerous weapon in the universe? Wow. I'd say time-travel is, nothing else comes close. Of course, knowing that the Q continuum even exists makes me shudder.

  8. The Borg were the ultimate enemy. Vash were reputedly romantically involved somewhere during following episodes.

    I thought Vash was exquisite and heartless.

  9. Vash is a goddess. How to prove that? She's the only being in the universe who came close to taming Q.


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