Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Gene Roddenberry's Message

Gene Roddenberry's "Wagon Train to the Stars" became a cult tv show and refused to die. Star Trek's defenders of the galaxy gave us many hopeful voyages into the future.

Its fair to say, they have been our friends, our guides and our defenders thrilling us with 726 epic adventures, boldly exploring where none have gone before. Its now 50 years later. Heres what Gene Roddenberry said in 1986.

I have thought that having reached this point, it would be fun to go back to the years which Kirk first got the Enterprise and met these people. I know it would please me more than have Star Trek come back years from the future and bright young people and new stars and so on, really make it something.....and have them say thats better than Roddenberry's.... I'd like that.

(True or False) It was Gene Roddenberry's idea to have a Klingon on the bridge of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D.


  1. 726? That's a lot when you add them all together.
    Klingon on the bridge... that's a tough one. You would think he would, since he liked diversity, but I'm going to say false.

  2. In classic trek Commodore Wesley is a tribute to his name, Klingon on the bridge, all will be revealed

  3. Where we went from, where we are today... Gene would be thrilled. Welcome in the letter "G"... thank you!
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    There's no earthly way of knowing.
    Which direction we are going!

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  4. Gene had to sell it that way so the executroids would take the pilot on. I will say Yes to your question...let's see if I am right

  5. My guess is that yes, it was Gene's idea to have Wharf, I mean Worf on the Enterprise. After all, there came bigger and better menaces to battle the Enterprise.
    cough Ferengi cough.

  6. Gene Roddenberry wanted to be known as the creator and yet the show was based on Walter Matt Jefferies spaceship designs. A lot can be inferred from this but its so easy to jump to conclusions. Klingon on the bridge - all will be revealed.

  7. I want more Star Trek. I loved Roddenberry's vision of humanity - that we'll be better than we are.

    Untethered Realms / MPax

  8. I loved Star Trek from when I was a girl and have watched them all. I have no idea what the answer to your question is, though!

  9. Here it is trekkers, Robert Justman put forward the idea of a resident Klingon serving aboard the Enterprise. You can read all about the fun on Saturday in J is for Justman.

  10. I made sense to have Worf on board. After all, it was the "United Federation" and there was a truce with the Klingon Empire, albeit and uneasy one. Sort of like shared space missions with Russia at the end of the cold war.
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  11. Gene didn't want a Klingon on the bridge. He wanted all-new aliens for the all-new series.

  12. Learning all the time. Thank you.


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