Monday, June 29, 2015


Trekmovie sources have confirmed Paramount Pictures has finally aquired and registered the name for the next Star Trek movie. So what is it? For the last two months the new movie was being hearlded as "Star Trek Beyond." The good news is Trekmovie has cut through much redtape. Now the word is given with Paramounts blessing, hopefully. Star Trek's thirteenth movie title for Director Lin's 2016 sequel is.... "Star Trek Beyond!"

Today Trek is boldy exploring the depts of beyond. Its new territory and dare I say exciting. The new and brash crew of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 are shooting near Vancouver, Canada far away from prying eyes, LOL.

Its still early days yet but we'll know more when production blows the lid off Star Trek's DEEP, UNDERCOVER mission. Kudos goes to Scifipulse who discovered filming began as of Thursday 25th June under the title "Washington." Heres trek's lowdown so far.


1. Justin Lin is Directing and was the "Star Trek Kid" growing up.
2. J.J. Abrams and Robert Orci are producing.
3. Who do you think will become the new face of Star Trek?
4. J.J Abrams was is a Star Wars fan....
5. The final countdown has begun, this is just the beginning.
6. Hail to the Scriptwriters Simon Pegg and Doug Jung.
7. Its time for Zachary Quinto who plays Spock to get his ears on and point his eyebrows. You can find the vulcan at Instagram.
8. Simon Pegg, Zoe Saldana who plays Uhura and Zachary Quinto are already on location in Canada.
9. Saldana shared a funny video tagged "#boredatwork."
10. The rest of the USS Enterprise 1701 cast: Chris Pine, Karl Urban, John Cho and Anton Yelchin will be joining Uhura and Mr Spock soon.
11. Idris Elba is rumoured to be on board as the villain but who is he playing? We have to know!
12. Star Trek Beyond's plot details are still Top secret!
13. The Enterprise is going on a Five Year Mission!
14. Sofia Boutella is playing a major role but who is she playing! I bet your gagging now, lol. She played an assassin in "Kingsman." got in on that scoop first.
15. Star Trek Beyond marks the 50th anniversary of the debut TV series, Star Trek.

Who is your favorite Star Trek character? Which Star Trek teaser resonates with you most?

Will Spock and Uhura will have another lovers spat? Are you happy with "Star Trek Beyond"?

Live Long and Beyond, Trekkies, Trekkers and Bloggies.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Idris Elba - that would be cool.
Not sure about the name now. I'm sure it will grow on me. As long as they aren't exploring Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

The Armchair Squid said...

Pegg has suggested that the new movie will be more satisfying for the devoted. Does that mean fewer explosions and deeper morality play? I could go for that.

Lexa Cain said...

I hung on every word you wrote! I really hope this is a great movie - the last one was just too melodramatic and over-emotional for me. But I'm so happy they're making a new one! Thanks for the info! :)

Pat Hatt said...

Hopefully it will be good, I enjoyed the last 2. Sure more details will flow as they get more on the go

Spacerguy said...

Keeping J.J. Abrams on as Star Trek Beyond's producer will help make Star Trek Beyond a big Hollywood success, I hope, LOL.

I enjoyed Star Trek 2009 and Into Darkness too. Star Treks characters have fantastic back stories with villains like Khan, Lore, Harry Mudd, the Gorn, Ardra, Armus, Klingons, Romulans etc to keep us guessing.

Elephant's Child said...

Exciting times - and rather a lot of teases to come. Hopefully they will be able to keep some surprises under wraps...

Jo said...

Spock, Spock always Spock

Birgit said...

This does sound like it will be fun. I do love Spock. Of other characters who come and go-I love Sarak.

Jeremy Hawkins said...

I am more excited for a TREK film over a WARS film, give me trek or give me death... let loose the dogs of war...

Gotta go with, SCOTTY!


Bill Nicholls said...

Really great to see Simon Pegg playing Scotty by then I am English. I think this new series is the best so far but I have always admired Spock

Maurice Mitchell said...

It's a great title and shows a lot of promise. Idris Elba would be amazing as a villain, so I've got my hopes up.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I've loved the reboot films so far and can't wait!

Susan Kane said...

You have the Star Trek world drooling with all these hints.

Simon Pegg is a brilliant choice? Who is his little buddy?

Spacerguy said...

The wrinkly alien dude is Keenser played by Deep Roy. It'll be fun to see where Star Trek Beyond takes us with Justin Lin, directing. Drooling thats for sure, Susan, hehe! !!! We've got a whole year of drooling to do until Star Trek's Beyond hits theaters next July 8, 2016! LOL Have fun reading everyone.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Spacerguy - this will be the so anticipated and hoped for film in recent times ... I'm afraid I don't fall into this category .. but can quite understand how everyone is looking forward .. into the Star Trek future ...

Thanks for visiting over at my blog .. cheers Hilary

Jeffrey Scott said...

I'm not a big fan of reboots, but they way they did the Star Trek one makes sense and I actually enjoy it. Much better than the Enterprise series anyway.
Which reminds me. I want another Star Trek series.
A good one.
One based in the old continuity.

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