Saturday, June 30, 2007

Which Sci Fi Character Am I?

Here he is, the Dark Lord of Doom himself, the baddest Sci Fi guy in the whole universe. Look at him. He's calculating which pesky foe to defeat next. The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D crew scarpered for their lives when 400 gigawatts of particle energy made Starfleet's Captain Jean Luc Picard think twice about attacking. It was shameful. Picard shamed trekkies everywhere that day, but he saved his starship by reacting cowardly. Sniff. Worf must have felt humiliated. I was so choked up with soppy emotionalism.
The evil dark lord uses his power aligned with fear, hatred, aggression, and malevolence to crush his enemies. The dark side of the Force is more powerful than the light side which is concerned with elegance and beauty. So whats his name? If you have'nt guessed the Sci Fi Character by now, the first link will reveal who I'm talking about. Enjoy the movie. My final word is, this movie is vader sci fi propaganda, be warned Lol. Never underestimate the power of the dark side......
Live long and Prosper Trekkers.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Voyage Home

The year was 2285. Out of the vast darkness of space, a mysterious probe appears in earths orbit. Its high pitched distressing communications, interfere severely with the planets environment and all surrounding power sources, including starships. Earthlings are powerless and panic is rife. All of Starfleet is on red alert. The probe is the bad guy and wants to find out why his friendly humpback whales are no longer answering. Little does it know humans have murdered them to extinction.

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Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home is a supreme space adventure concerning an extremely powerful alien probe, Time travel, late 20th century paranoid earthlings, Captain Kirk's heroic crew of explorers, a Klingon ship and the small matter of saving earth with George and Gracie. Packed with wit, mischief, neat special effects, a funny Spock and great storyline, the Voyage Home is one of my favourite Star Trek movies. Star Trek IV is epic in nature and spirit and has all the ingredients of a great sci fi movie.

After three months of exile on Vulcan, Kirk decides to return to Earth with his loyal, gallant Enterprise crew mates, in a Klingon B'rel-class, Bird of Prey to face charges of theft, damage and saving Mr Spock's life.

The odds of returning in one piece in the enemy's shabby Klingon ship, did little to inspire Dr Mc Coys confidence. He named their new ship "HMS Bounty" courtesy of the Klingon Empire and Lord Kruge of course, who got snuffed out by Kirk on the Genesis planet. Yessss! The crew voted in favor of going back to Earth and facing federation justice for their "crimes." So much for being the good guys.

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

Kruge's stolen D-12 Scout rattled and groaned as the crew approached warp speed. I remember this had me on the edge of my seat, rooting for my heroes as I prepared myself for our warp 10 around the sun. I felt like part of the crew. This was an exhilarating moment for me and my eyes never left the screen. When the "Bounty"crew did arrive at earth it seemed so realistic. When I was a young Trekkie, I recall looking out the Klingon viewer on TV and seeing earth. Kirk's crew had arrived secretly. Wow I said, "This is whats its like in space."

Spock asks Kirk about the use of language which has altered since their arrival. "It is currently laced with colourful metaphors."Double dumb ass on you" and so forth " enquires Spock innocently.

"You mean the profanity, that's simply the way the way they talk here. Nobody pays any attention to you if you don't swear every other word. You'll find it in all the literature of the period." replies Kirk.

Spock: For example?

Kirk: Oh the complete works of Jacqueline Susann, the novels of Harrold Robbins....

Spock: Ah.... The Giants....

It was the ships chronic condition, whining dilithium crystals, destabilising hull, warping around the sun, the chase around the hospital, and Chekov's capture by earthlings that really got me amped. I realised anyone of these could put "the mission" in serious jeopardy. McCoys dialogue with the hospital surgeon is hilarious, Spock gets to grips after coming back from the dead with amusing "best guesses" for his usually precise time computations. Stay clued for Spock's profanity on the planet. Star Trek IV really is a pleasure to watch. The cursing bit is just so not Spock but Spock despite Captain Kirks vain attempts just can't remember.

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

KIRK: Spock.....

KIRK: About those colorful metaphors we discussed. I don't think you should try to use them.
SPOCK: Why not?
KIRK :Well, for one thing, you haven't quite got the hang of it.
SPOCK: I see.
KIRK :And another thing... It is not always necessary to tell the truth.
SPOCK :I cannot tell a lie.
KIRK :You don't have to lie... You could exaggerate.
SPOCK :Exaggerate.
KIRK :You've done it before. Can't you remember?
SPOCK :The hell I can't
KIRK :(Sighs) What else did you learn from your mind meld?
SPOCK: They are very unhappy about the way their species has been treated by man.
KIRK :They have a right to be... Do you think they'll help us?
SPOCK I believe I was successful in communicating our intentions.

The real stars of the movie "George and Gracie" were two Humpbacked whales. They respond to the mystery space caller, after Kirk warps 300 years into the past and beams them away from their 1986 hostile environment. 23rd century earth of the future filled with Starfleet hopefuls is saved. Yes! It worked. Earth was saved. lets not forget however that the plight of 21st century whales is a real one which the movie clearly demonstrates.
Here's some amusing dialogue between an extremely worried Dr "Bones" McCoy as he demands of kirk,

" Are you sure this is such s bright idea?"
"What do you mean?" answers Kirk calmly.
"I mean him, back at his post like nothing happened. I don't know if you've got the whole picture but Spock's not exactly working on all thrusters!!" retorts a worked up McCoy

"It'll come back to him" reassures Kirk with doubt written all over his face.
"Are you sure?" presses McCoy
Kirks looking lost now.
"Thats what i thought." An anguished McCoy leaves Kirks side.
"Mr Sulu, take us home." commands Kirk.

Kirk seemed to take Mc Coys antics in his stride. Its a pity McCoy didn't prescribe himself some of his own medicine! A hypospray or two is good for you! Doc! It would have done wonders for his stress levels. Uhuru which means freedom in Swahili was at her communications station.

Sulu was at the helm and Chekov was at the weapons station. The plan was to warp the Bounty around the sun accounting for time computation, warp capability acceleration and decelerating the ship mass, etc and of course most important of all,

" making the best guess that I can." said Spock earnestly to Dr McCoy at a critical moment.
Scotty held the ship together in the engine room with the re-energized Klingon crystals. One of his funniest lines in the movie is when he informed Kirk,

" Admiral I have replaced the Klingon food packs, they were giving me a sour stomach!"
" O, Is that what it was?" Clearly Kirk discovered something only he didn't care for the details.

One solar flare colliding with the Bounty could have sent them off course but the ship survived. The slingshot around the sun succeeded saving the whales from Earth of the past in time to save 23rd century mankind from a destructive interstellar space probe.. The HMS Bounty and the Enterprise crew sweep down on Planet Earth just in time to release the whales. The message in the movie is these endangered humpback whales belong on our world just as much as humans. Its is because of our activities there is only one third of Humpbacks roaming the Seven Seas so we've got to stop the slaughter and pollution of our oceans. The Voyage Home has been hailed as one of Star Trek's popular and successful movies and I highly recommend watching this movie.

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Picard wrecks Vaders Star Destroyer

Star Trek's Enterprise NCC 1701-D Rules! Captain Picard wrecked Darth Vaders Super Star destroyer and beat his forces of evil into submission. Bye, Bye, little ships. Woo Hoo! Star Trek is the best! This is fun to watch, its like watching a sci fi movie!
"Thats carrying enough arnament tp pulverise a planet." warns Riker.
" Red alert, battle stations, bring us to an attack posture Mr Worf!" commands Picard.
" Fire at Will!" bellows Picard with a confused looking Riker following his captains lead.

Remember Governor Wilhuff Tarkin in Star Wars? His crew got blown to smithereens on the Star Destroyer's bridge with Vader nearby, yet somehow Vader survives the attack and subsequent collapse of their viewscreen. I guess no-one can kill that evil lord!!! Hmmmmm... Neither were the crew sucked out into the vacuum of space either which would have been totally amusing. There's dark side forces at work here, or maybe it was the ships emergency force fields that saved them.

The upshot of it is some unimportant general guy croaks it on the bridge along with another crewman that gets iced when the Federations Flagship Enterprise, blows Vaders Super Star Destroyer to bits. Lets be soooooo clear about this. The Star Destroyer was a burning hulk of metal in space! WooHoo! Yet at the very end... the Generals crew is ALIVE with Vader. So while Captain Picard's Enterprise conquered Vader's Super Star Destroyer, more like totally pulverized and wasted it..... YESSSS!!!! The Federation beat an Imperial Super Star Destroyer! YESSSS, (This is a momentous occasion for Trekkies.) Vader apparently wins on a technicality because he's still alive with the reincarnated crew of Governor Tarkin. Meh. This just can't be allowed. I must Protest! Watch the vid and judge for yourselves.

Curse that sagging rust bucket!!!! It's not fair, we Trekkies won!! We did!! but
Darkside Star Warsians got the better of us. Trekkie fans must demand a rematch. Of course Emperor Palpatine gangs up on the beleaguered Enterprise and Picard turns chicken, hastening the Enterprises speedy departure obviously added to make the Federation look cowardly. Like Trekkies so needed Q right about now, where was that dude? D-mn Picard, if it had been Kirk in command, he would have kicked ass. My guess is the maker of this Star Wars video is obviously one of Vader's dark side associates. Perhaps its Vader Propaganda but totally awesome fun to watch. I reckon Picard's Galaxy Class USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D still won? and Darth Vader's Star Destroyer got wasted. Hehehe....

Do not underestimate the power of the USS Enterprise! Live long and Prosper Trekkies!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Star Trek TNG Passion Quiz

The Enterprise NCC 1701-D crew have thrilled sci fi fans with their romantic encounters over the years. Unless you've a memory like Mr Spock, even trekkie earthlings aren't going to recall who did what..... And just who rated the highest in the making out department anyway?...... What are the dreamy statistics? These are the continuing liaisons aboard the starship Enterprise. Well here's an ultimate TNG Trek passion quiz for you. Have fun trying to answer!

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

1) How many women kissed Picard?

2) How many women had intimate interludes with Commander Riker?

3) How many women fall for Data?

4) How many women make a pass at Beverly Crusher?

5) How many men make a pass at Councellor Deanna Troi?

6) How many women give Geordi La Forge the Brush off?

7) How many women snarl at Worf?

8) How many girlfriends does Wesley get?

9) How many fantasy women are there in the TNG series?

10) How many fantasy men are there in TNG series?

If you know the answers like this sci fi trekkie addict, then prove it! lets see your trekkie credentials! I'll reward you with all the answers and an even better Star Trek quiz! Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reasons why Kirk is better than Picard.

Here are reasons why Kirk is better than Picard. However before you take my word for it, Trekkie citizens of the Federation, warp over to who believe Picard is better than Kirk!

You tell me, is James Tiberius Kirk or Jean Luc Picard the superior commander!! Remember Kirk has saved Earth from total extermination! but don't be swayed, Here are my reasons why Kirk is better than Picard:

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

Kirk faces his enemies in a final showdown, face to face and does'nt fear beaming down to planets.

Kirk knows how to defeat hostile aliens with Federation firepower and is'nt bothered about blowing them to smithereens either.

Not so on Picard's Enterprise. Jean Luc first finds out what Deanna Troi is feeling, next Picard asks for suggestions and then orders Yar to hail the enemy ship!!!

Kirk meanwhile has already given the word. FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!!!

Kirk would personally throw Wesley out the airlock!

But Picard has given Wesley Crusher countless second chances despite the crew of the Federation's flagship USS Enterprise being placed in mortal danger by the nerdlings experiments.

Kirk does'nt believe in double talk, but Picard likes informing and squealing his way out of trouble.

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

Picard doesn't like to get his hands dirty, fighting mere mortals or punching. He leaves that to Worf, Riker or Data, while he waits on the bridge.(I have never seen Picard kill Klingons in hand to hand combat. Thats a joke.)

Kirk fights bad dudes all over the galaxy. Kruge was one and he snuffed out Kirk's only son David. Klingon Kruge was shoved over a cliff edge to his firey death for his trouble.

Kirk earned himself a reputation at Starfleet Academy as the only cadet to have beaten the "no-win" Kobayashi Maru scenario.

Kirk has more awards and commendations than Picard.

Kirk is prepared for hand to hand fisticuffs, but Picard prefers to converse in conversation.

Kirk seduces women but Picard shouts at them. Remember Lilly?

Kirk has a real warm human heart but Picard has a cold heart of steel.

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

Kirk exposes plots, foils Klingons, fights baddies, blows up ships and has saved Earth.

Picard is the good captain guy who maintains the peace through peaceful negotiations aboard the Federation's mighty flagship Enterprise.

Kirk saved Earth by repopulating the whale species with George and Gracie and introduced them to 23rd century Earth.

Kirk's the young guy with hair. Picard is the old bald guy. (Remember I'm still skylarking.)

Kirk calls the shots on his ship with his second in command never telling him what to do. Science Officer Spock was Kirk's second in command and respected the chain of command.

Picard got himself kidnapped ten times!

Picard is French and has worn tights. Kirk never wears tights!

Kirk drinks Romulan Ale and Saurian Brandy. Captain Picard favourite drink is Earl Grey Tea!

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

Kirk saves his crew members (Spock's Brain) (Search For Spock) but Picard is ruthless with his. Remember Ensign Lynch who got assimulated by the Borg? Picard yanked out Lynch's neuroprocessor in front of Lilly Sloan, whose shocked response is "Tough Luck eh?"

In one alternate future, Picard captains a more agressive Starfleet vessel during prolonged unrest with the Klingons. Kirk had to do battle with Klingons all the time during the 23rd century.

Kirk knew Tribbles made good detectives and were good at rooting out Klingon spies. These warm furry creatures with no teeth invaded Kirk's Enterprise and K7 but the price was well worth it. believe Tribbles would'nt stand a chance against Picard. Everyone at least deserves one chance?

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Robotic Heroes

What makes a robot tick? or even an android. Commander Data of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D for instance is immortal, so he has nothing to fear you might think. He has the strength of 10 men, doesn't rust, has an exhaustive computer memory and until 2371 was completely emotionless, when Dr Noonien Soong's (Data's human father) emotion chip was finally installed. Beforehand Data was completely fail safe and ruthless with his opponents. He had the equivalent fighting android capabilities for taking on the T800 Hk Terminator.

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television

The Enterprise android is not without his flaws. The installation of Dr Soong's emotion chip initially made Data a weak, emotional android unable to master a flood of human emotionalism. Data's other Achilles heel was his master switch, known only to his Enterprise friends. It effectively put the chief of Operations in sleep mode or deactivated him. Lore has used his brothers vulnerabilities to control him for his own ghastly schemes. Let it be said, Commander Data's noted capabilities far outweigh his faults.

In Star Trek's TNG "The Measure of a Man" Data's rights to choose are challenged. A hearing is assembled on the starbase. Data's future and all future androids in the galaxy rest solely on the successful outcome of Captain Picard's Defense of Data. Fortunately Mr Data is not deemed the property of Starfleet Command but a sentient lifeform with entitlements on equal footing to his flawed earthling friends. WhooHoo!!

The question is who would win hand to hand combat to the death? Commander Data or the T800 Hunter Killer?

The fact is no-one knows what makes our favourite artificial friend tick. Even cyberneticist Commander Bruce Maddox who determined the androids suitability to enrol Starfleet Academy was flummoxed by the complexity of Data's Positronic Brain. The Enterprise's artificial whizz is just too complex to fathom. Gene Roddenberry's android Trek Star has become a really famous and cherished figure worldwide, played by Brent Spiner who has a huge fan base.

Part of the android Data magic can be credited to his mystical "positronic brain" imagined and written by Isaac Asimov in his first robot stories from 1939 on. Asimov's delightful sci-fi words (positronic) have sharpened star trek lingo and have contributed to the global success it is today. It is because of Data's special features and achievements that our artificial friend has been added to a list of four robotic creations to join Carnegie Mellon University's Hall of Fame.

Scan the Galactic memory banks at Star Trek Space. Engage!

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