Monday, July 30, 2007

Star Trek TNG Passion Quiz Results

The Enterprise NCC 1701-D crew have amused trek fans with lovey dovey, dreamy encounters over the years. Remember I posted a Sci Fi Quiz on the 18th June? Well, here are the results for the Star Trek TNG Passion Quiz. I betcha you knew some of them allready! Look away now trekkers, if you want to still take the quiz. So what are the dreamy statistics?

1. How many women have kissed Captain Jean Luc Picard? Answer: 7. A holowoman in the Big Goodbye. Nella Darrin in Lesson. Picard's memory wife in the Inner Light. Vash in Captains Holiday and Qpid. Marta in Tapestry. Deanna Troi and Picard's brothers wife in Family. Not too bad for the old guy?

Image Copyrights Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

2. Next up we've got Commander Riker, can you remember how many women have intimate interludes with big beard? Answer: 6. Not surprising really, seeing as he has this whole imzadi thing going for him with Councellor Troi. Ensign Ro in Conundrum. Mistres Beatta in Angel One. Etana Jol in the Game. Brenna O' Dell in Up The Long Ladder. Lal in the Offspring, although, technically she was just an android.

3. How many women fall for Commander Data ? Yes, you're reading right. Data's the brainy dude and he's Lal's father, another android! Answer: Three. Yar in The Naked Now. Chief of Security Yar was drunk. Jenna D' Sora in In Theory was on the rebound. Ardian McKenzie in The Ensigns of Command.

4. How many women make a pass at Councellor Troi? Answer: 6. Barclay in The Nth Degree. Aaron Conor in The Masterpiece Society. Riker's dad in The Icarus Factor. Riva in Loud as a Whisper. Devinoni Ral in The Price, who had no scruples. Liator in Justice. Deanna's a betazoid heritage gives her the ability to "read you" and tell whether you're hiding something, which comes in very handy for Picard when some Romulan dude is being sneaky.

Image Copyrights Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

5. How many women make a pass at Enterprise's chief Medical Officer, Beverly Crusher? Answer: One. Remember Ambassador Odan? The only problem was he was a Trill lifeform hosting a weird creature inside him. That was the real Odan. The human shell was dying and was due for replacement. Poor Beverly was'nt thrilled to discover her new lover was a women!!! Still, it did'nt stop the new Trill from saying goodbye. She kissed Beverly on the wrist!

6.How many women (shame, one was a hologram) give Geordi La Forge the brush off? Answer: Two. Christy Henshaw in the Booby Trap and freezer woman Leah brams in Galaxys Child.(Geordi created a perfect hologram Leah, except she had manners) Geordi admitted to falling in love in the holodeck to Barclay. Geordi and Reginald are funny sad cases and the greatest engineers in Sci Fi history. Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott (James Doohan TOS affectionately called "Scotty" tops the Galactic Engineers of all Time.

7. How many women snarled at Worf? He's the Klingon that finds human females too fragile! Answer: 4. K'Ehleyr in The Emissary. The Klingon warriorette in Hide and Q. Kamala in The Perfect Mate. B'Etor in Redemption II. B'Etor and Lursa were blown to bits in galactic space after their failed attack on the United Federation of Planets flagship, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D

8. How many girlfriends does geeky Wesley get? Answer: 3. Robin Leftler in The Game. A blonde in Evolution. Salia in The Dauphin. Remember the Edo episode where Wes is totally overwhelmed and melted by his superbabe experience? Rivan was that lovely beauty.

Image Copyrights Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

9. How many fantasy women are there in Star Trek TNG? Answer: Fourteen and counting. There are countless numbers of women in "The Royale." Ardra in Devils Due. Minuet in 11001001. Kamala in The Perfect Mate. Crusher and Troi in Hollow Pursuits. Picard's Memory wife in The Inner Light. The Klingon Warriorette in Hide and Q. Leah Brams in Booby Trap. Countless scantily dressed Edo in Justice. Two French beauties in We'll Always have Paris. Data's dance partner in Data's Day. The murdered patron in The Big Goodbye. The nearly nude dancer in The Cost of Living. Data in a Fistful of Datas.

10.How many fantasy men are there in Star Trek TNG? Answer: None. For reasons only known to the science fictional minds of Gene Roddenberry's writers this concept never quite caught on.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Nimoy's Star Trek XI Nose

At Comic-Con William Shatner, Star Trek Superstar and Space happy hero to millions of Sci Fi enthusiasts, was wooing the Trekkies and getting us all excited. Bill is on stage doing what he loves doing best. Entertaining.
Have you asked Leonard about whats happening? Bill queries the happy fans in the packed auditorium.
"Yeah" shouts out an elated admirer.
"and he doesn't know? Leonard knows nothing huh?" Bill teases the fans. Everyone was totally mesmerised.

"He knows everything!!!!" yelled Bill openly.
The fans burst out into laughter at the news.
"When he comes out here we are going to quiz him!" explains Bill
"Yeah" comes an enthusiastic reply.
"You'll help me. Because....heres...heres what...I'm going to tell you, what happened. I'm so excited." continues Bill.
Everyone in the audience is laughing.
"J.J. Abrams calls, he'd like to talk to you" explains Bill.

"Oh ho Star Trek, Yessss!"
More laughter from Trekkies.
"So I go down to the Paramount Offices, have a look around, haven't been there in years and I go to Outfit and J.J. says"
"Well, you know we got the skids, we got the thing or guns" and Bill says
"Really," we go why I did it??
"Well you know we got to make plans" replies J.J.
"and I'm (Bill) there for 3 hours, at the end of which, I leave the building and I still don't know what it was about." The audience is in stitches chuckling. (I figure, the confusing dialogue on Bill's part is to keep the fans guessing.)

So J.J. Abrams is a wonderful great talent, perfect to direct, write and produce. Three months later he calls me and he selects me. Now I'm working on Boston Legal, he elects to come down and visit with me. So he comes down and he spends lunch with me!!!" Laughter come from the fans.
"He talks and talks and I got this, I got that. When he leaves, I thought what was that all about?" The Trek fans are constantly laughing along with Shatner who is in top form in this YouTube clip.

"So one day, I forget which, Leonard calls me or I call him and I say, do you know anything about the news?" (I guess Bill means Star Trek XI)
"I know a little about it. Whats going on?" asks Nimoy over the phone.
Bill's in a very emotional state by now. hahaha. Its funny to watch. So he asks
"Leonard, have you read the script?"
"Yeah, I read the script" replies Leonard.
"Well am I in it?" demands Bill Shatner, swamped with emotional strain.
The Comic-Con audience is listening very closely now and then roar with laughter.

"and Leonard goes hahahahahahahah" explains Bills to an exhilarated audience.
"hahahahahahahahha" the fans love it and are clapping.
"No your not" answers Leonard. The trek fans scream with laughter.
"With delight" teases Bill.
"With glee" double teases Bill, who's in his stride now and is actually having fun with the fans. Thats what I love about this guy. You can actually tell, hes having as much fun with the sci fi fans as we are with him.
"I'm not in the picture." cries Bill and the crowd goes

"What do I say?" reasons Bill
More Laughter and aaaw's from the audience.
"So then, so then, well i'm not in it. Here I am. I'm sort of popular now" Screams of laughter echo around the hall.
"If I was a business man who was writing a script, I'd take on who's popular. Nimoy's retiring. He's living in Lake Taho, scr-w him. The fans appreciate the good humour in this and are howling again for more.
"Lets get Shatner, hes winning Emmys." People are Laughing, Cheering and Clapping. Fans love this talk. Even Bill Shatner is getting exuberant.
"There you go, you're getting better. So wait, so then the tabloids get a hold of it. I must have said something like I just told you and they say I'm campaigning for the role!!" Everyone is in stitches laughing.

"Somebody tell me how you campaign for a role" More laughter. The fans can't get enough of Bill's clever wit. "and that I'm angry. I'm not angry. Bill makes a sad sobbing sound which made the fans hoot with merriment. This was followed by further Trek Grand Staging which the scientfictionists simply loved.
"I am just sad" confesses Bill. Sci Fi lovers are assimilating Captain Kirk's commands word for word.
"I wish I were in it but I'm not in it what can I tell you." Explains the captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-A to his followers.

"But somethings going on there and Nimoy knows" explains Bill humorously. Trekkers are splitting their sides now.
"and when I say Nimoy knows" fits of laughing come from the audience
"I mean Nimoy's nose knows nose knows. His nose knows. So we'll find out from him whats going on!"

Star Trek fans were delighted.

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies, Niners and Trekkers!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Spock Saves Captain Kirk

Its flying around Trek circles that Spock's got a part in Star Trek XI but not Kirk. This is enough to puzzle trekkies right to the core. So why Spock and no Kirk? I can just imagine Dr McCoy's fury already...."Wheres the d-mmed logic in that?" So the question I find myself asking now is, will I go see Star Trek XI with the newer Kirk and Spock? Aaa haa... and how about the older MR Spock? My movie XI theory is MR Spock must get caught up in some kind of time storm affecting the space time continuum.

The new Kirk and Spock concept has gained popular movie momentum with Paramount already electing for a younger cast. Exciting favourites like Matt Damon and Brent Spiner have ruled themselves out for future roles in Star Trek movies stating that they're "Too old!" William Shatner on the other hand has stated that he's "saddened and disappointed" for not being considered.

This was the real Kirk's chance to show his movie magic again and impress sci fi audiences with grand heroics, wit, emotionalism, intelligence, pure logic with an epic Star Trek movie designed to assimulate trek fans into a new collective. I guess trekkers fans and sciencefictionalists, we're all ready for the fun?

How about a U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-A trippy Time-Travel plan for a movie notion, with the green blooded, pointy eared Spock? The omnipitant Q entity who's great at injecting humour and leaving dejected lifeforms wherever he goes always makes for an entertaining random element everytime. A slingshot around the sun (in search of our hero Captain Kirk who's living in the past) so Spock can pinpoint Kirk's time co-ordinates and life-form readings beyond the nexus is essential. Spock needs to warp past the point where Kirk got iced, give him the option to save the galaxy again and avoid a terrible end on Veridian III in 2371. Wa-hey!!!

MR Spock's time computations will easily save Kirks life. Seeing the legendary captain beamed across cinematic screens worldwide will thrill trek seekers who have come to know him so well during their epic battles on Star Trek. I know I have. It should be a breeze for Spock's analyical mind and Paramount. He could even enlist Uhura, Checkov and Mr Sulu for the rescue mission.

We need you, Kirk!! and pointy ears to save the galaxy again... After all Captain James Tiberius Kirk is the ultimate Science Fiction Spacehound, who's beaten off spooky space satans with photon torpedoes and his bare fists. Trekkers know Kirk snuffed it in Star Trek 7 therefore time-travel is required.

Shame really we haven't got a 21st century U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-A. Picture a nice little cruise deep into cardassian space with a mean opponent incarcerated in the Enterprise's lockup. The Science Officer visits the ship's Brig. The conversation has begun.

"Our ships main energizer was offline, so it would appear that we need a volunteer Mr Zorn to testrun our main transporters." the prisioner reacts with outrage.

"Is this how starfleets treat prisoners? You inhuman, illogical, miserable no-good. You can count me out. You don't scare me." says Zorn looking defiant.

"I'm not giving you a choice Mr Zorn." The Second Officer is ruthless.

"You'll never get away with this Vulchie, my family have friends in Starfleet. I won't be forgotten" cries Zorn.

"It is highly unlikely the Enterprise will get blamed for your tragic mishap owing to your desperate preoccupation in beaming over to your own shuttle. I even heard our captain warn you, plead with you not to go. Security lower the force field." Orders the cold hearted vulcan.

Lets hope the science officer is'nt too tough on Zorn. No-one wants to become a transporter accident. ! But then in the early warp5 Enterprise days, transporters were lethal contraptions for earthies. Its interesting to note that starfleet crews don't chuck bad guys out space airlocks or torture them. Pity really, seeing as the 007 Moonraker movie did a brilliant job depicting how its done, with James Bond sending Hugo Drax flying outside the Moonraker space station airlock. Bond was so cheerful about it too and they waved megalomanic Drax goodbye. "Heartbroken Mr Drax?" Drax was stuck for words naturally as he had a stinger in his chest.!

Live Long and Prosper Trekkies!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Sci Fi Fun Facts

Behind the mask, breathing heavily is Darth Vader. Darth vader is one of the most gripping sci fi characters, that I have encountered on my intergalactic trek of the blogsphere. When Vader's gets mad, his opponents usually experience the wrath of the darkside and die quite horribly. Fans associate the unique Tie Bomber as Vaders starship vehicle of choice. The Ties design is one of gothic evil fully intended to be a terrifying psychological weapon produced to strike fear into enemies hearts by "wailing" and terrorizing them before battle has even begun. Vader's patience for Princess Leia (of the planet Alderaan.) eventually runs out. Leia was put on Darth Vader's torture short list and the dark lord of doom, destroyed her home world for good measure too.

Author JJ Palomo (JJ)

Your skills are no match for the Power of the Dark Side. You will pay the price for your lack of vision. Emperor Palpatine uses his fiery powers in a attempt to destroy Luke Skywalker, while the former Jedi knight now engulfed in darkness stands by and watches until he can bear it no more..... watch the trailer. It doesn't sit well with the heavy breather because Luke spared Vader with mercy. I love this Star Wars scene. Palpatine gets a close up view of the ships reactor shaft. Lol. Notice how Vader struggles with his breathing now that his link with Palpatine and the dark side is severed. The mask comes reveal a shocking, blister ridden, pale faced creature beneath.

Worf begins a relationship with Dax aboard DS9. They fall in love and we get to see a Klingon wedding ceremony for the first time.

Believers Babylon 5 - Vorlon Ambassador Kosh Naranek.
This is a heart rendering episode where a doctor operates on a boy in order to save his life, thus rendering him a soulless demon in the eyes of the boys parents. The terrified boy learns of his fate and tries to escape! His parents even handed him a special "travel robe" used for sacrifices. Poor guy, as General Chang aptly put it in Star Trek the Undiscovered Country. - Parting is such sweet sorrow. -

Ok, ok! Everyone from non-aligned worlds get in line.
Babylon 5 - Zac : War without end

No boom today. Boom tomorrow
There's always a boom tomorrow.
Babylon 5 - Commander S. Ivanova

The universe is run by the complex interweaving of 3
elements; energy, matter & enlightened self interest. -
Babylon 5 - Ambassador G'kar

Just don't give away the home world
Babylon 5 - Londo & G'Kar

It moved faster, I swear. If you see something big with eight legs coming your way. tell me, I have to kill it before it develops language skills. Babylon 5 in 'Sic Transit Vir' -
Londo is attempting to exterminate a rather large bug that has got into his quarters. A beautiful young Centauri, Lyndisty, enters his room. How inconvenient!!!!! Luckily shes Vir's arranged bride. Creepy crawlies on the loose make an impression, especially big ones. My sister freaks out every time. Of course I'm called to the rescue, so I remove the harmless creature and set it free. No need for my ray gun.

I have already been born once & quite sufficiently I think.
Babylon 5 - Ambassador G'kar:
Can not say. Saying, would know. Do not know, so can not say!

Babylon 5 - Zatheris, War Without End Zathrus had a sad life;
Epsilon III is one of Babylon 5 episodes which involves the Great Machine. It reminded me of Spocks Brain although the Great Machine had incredible galactic knowledge whereas the Eymorg's "controller" machine was just common knowledge to the inhabitants of the Sigma Draconis VI planet... and Captain James Tiberius Kirks' Enterprise 1701 crew.

I am endeavoring to construct a pneumatic memory circuit using stone knives and bear skins.
Spock was constructing a tricorder, Stardate: 3134.0 which proved vital to the mission.
The City on the Edge of Forever

Scotty: I beamed the whole kit and caboodle over to the Klingon's engine room... where they'll be no Tribble at all. Star Trek TOS - The Trouble With Tribbles.

The Klingon's later viewed Tribbles as a threat to the Klingon home world. They reacted with fury and unforgivably hunted them down. It was hardly one of the great triumphs for the mighty Klingon empire! Poor Tribble critters. Read my post on Tribbles and Klingons! When Tribbles are near, Klingon's have plenty to fear which proved true. These warm furry creatures make good detectives and are good for rooting out Klingon spies!

Excuse me, there is a multi-legged creature crawling up your shoulder.
Spock, A Taste Of Armageddon

Geordi LaForge : 'The laws of physics just went right out the window.
Q : 'And why shouldn't they? They're so inconvenient!
Star Trek TNG - True Q

"Don't tell me, their rubber band broke, right?" Aaaww... don't be mean.....Geordi (performed by LeVar Burton.)The Pakleds want to be smart too and they set their sights on the Chief Engineer of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D, except Geordi doesn't realise the Pakleds are playing cat and mouse with first. Maybe Geordi isn't such a smarty pants after all. The Pakleds want to be strong, want their ship to go faster and look for things...such as.... Geordi actually has to ask. Things like GEORDI!

"Things we need" in other words you! Geordi. Duh! and you beamed over. Who's not so smart now? The Pakleds are smart and funny.
LaForge Samaritan Snare

Data: "I could be chasing an untamed ornithoid without just cause!'
Star Trek TNG - Data's Day

Star Trek Generations: You're dead, Jim.

"Things are only impossible until they're not."
Star Trek TNG - Good one Picard! Q (the Omnipotent one) tries to get Picard to lighten up and stop harping on about duty and honor. Picard can't stand Q's fixation with costumes or Q's quirky sense of humour either.

Troi: 'You spell 'knife' with a 'k'.
Picard: 'I spell 'knife' with an 'n', but then I never could spell.
Star Trek TNG - The Big Goodbye

It's hard to work in a group when you're omnipotent
Star Trek TNG - Q

Q: 'Let us pray for understanding and for compassion.
Picard: 'Let us do no such damn thing. John De Lancie's "Q episodes" are well worth watching. This one is funny because we see Q taking pleasure in nagging Picard, much to the captains irritation.
Star Trek TNG - Hide And Q

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

Data: Sensors still show nothing out there.
Geordie: Sure is a damned ugly looking nothing! This is the episode the Enterprise D crew encounter a mysterious space entity called Nagillum. He tried so hard to configure a human face to please the Enterprise carbon based life forms.

No-one was impressed. Nagillums demands on the crew were even more distressing, after it revealed an experiment that involved killing only half the crew. No-one felt obligated to raise their hands. Its an interesting episode in that we get to hear Captain Picard's views on the universe, life after death, where do carbon based life forms go afterwards etc. I love this episode because its so mysterious and spooky.
Star Trek TNG - Where Silence has Lease.

Data: 'I hope I did not do anything unbecoming a Starfleet officer.
Riker: 'Does wrestling a Klingon targ ring a bell?
Data: 'Did I win?
Star trek TNG - The Schizoid Man.

Riker: 'No, the name of my ship is the 'Lollipop'.
Rice: 'I have no knowledge of that ship.
Riker: 'It's just been commissioned. It's a good ship.
Star Trek TNG - The Arsenal Of Freedom, This is an interesting episode because we get to see the Enterprise NCC 1701-D separate and its Geordi La Forge's first time in charge of a starship much to Logan's bitterness.

Dr Bashier: 'Who told you that?
Miles O'Brien: 'You did!

Well who am I to argue with me!! Star trek DS9 - Visions

Miles O'Brien & Miles O'Brien: I hate temporal mechanics !!!
Star trek DS9 - Visions

Kirk: 'Take us out.
Chekov: 'Very good, sir.
Scott: 'Brought a tear to my eye.
Star Trek -

Heres a site with some interesting continuity errors that you can look out for next time star trek is on Tv!

"This is no time to argue about time... We don't have the time." Deanna Troi.
Star Trek The Next Generation - First Contact, Captain Picard's empath, Deanna Troi gets totally wasted in a scene by the time Commander Riker finds her in the bar shack. I mean, why was it necessary for Deanna to get totally skulled out of her head before Zeffram Cochrane revealed who he was?. We soon learn the Bar shack is where rocket man likes to hang out, knocking back the good stuff and chilling out with his music. I find it hard to believe that the counsellor's mind reading abilities failed to detect Zeffram Cochrane true identity. How many times has counsellor Troi given Picard the edge on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D by revealing the other sides modus of operandi? Congratulations Martina, I never once considered critising your counselling techniques!

"You say history considers me dead. Who am I to argue with history?" Captain Jean Luc Picard's mission involved recruiting Captain James Tiberius Kirk's help (who was stuck in an Energy Nexus, frozen in time) and defeating the mad scientist Dr. Tolian Soran, performed by Malcolm McDowell.
James T. Kirk: Who am I to argue with the Captain of the Enterprise?
Kirk to Picard : Star Trek : Generations.

Star Trek - The Undiscovered Country. Starfleet recalls James Kirk's crew so that the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-A can be decomissioned. I remember, the crew falling silent on the bridge of the Enterprise as Uhura delivered the fatal news. Starfleet's communication stunned Trekkies to their seats that fateful day sending shockwaves sweeping thoughout cinemas worldwide. The phaser blast was certainly a big surprise to everyone with allot of Star Trek fans reacting like they were vaporised in their cinema seats where they sat rooted in agony. I simply couldn't believe my ears. Spocks response was " I believe if I were human my response would be - Go To Hell - if I were human." That settled it. Starfleet be dammed which brought a great end to the human adventure for the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-A.
Chekov: 'Course heading, Captain?
Kirk: 'Second star to the right and straight on till morning.

Live long and Prosper! Science-fictional Trekkers!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Space Pirates and Space Heroes

The driving force of many Science fiction shows often embroils starship commanders pitted against unreasonable space pirates. In Star Wars, Darth Vader represents the dark side of the force. His corrupt emotions makes him a great space pirate. I loved the scene in the Empire Strikes Back when Vader grabbed Emperor Palpatine and flung him down the death star's reactor shaft, all to save Luke Skywalker. It was great. Later we find out who the man behind the mask is. We need our science fictional heroes to seek out and defeat galactic enemies of peace.

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television

"Fire when ready, Mr Checkov. Lay in a pattern, fire, fire, fire!" is the Kirk attitude! When a ship gets blown to blue blazes or the bad is guy melted by a ray gun, hey thats what you call sci fi exhilaration. My reaction is nearly always, Yessss!!

A great story creates a sense of danger like a threat to the ship or an invasion force beaming aboard just to get the viewer excited! And it works!! I sure didn't feel sorry for Commander Kruge when Kirk shoved him over the cliff on the Genesis planet in Star Trek III. Kirk and Kruge had been fighting for ages and the klingon had it coming. After all, Kruge had Kirk's son David, murdered. Kirk gets his revenge on the ugly Klingon brute who's trying to drag the captain to his death. Finally Kirk has enough! He gives ugly a boot in the face and sends the Klingon warlord flying into the fiery abyss of Genesis flames below. See you sucker! Geeze, those flames sure must have hurt!!!

When the entertaining, clever android, Commander Data in Star Trek's TNG movie "Nemesis", got blown to bits aboard Praetor Shinzon's ship, it was different. I wasn't celebrating when Shinzon's ship went sky high. I was stunned and thinking wheres Data gone, much like Data's Enterprise-D crew mates. Unfortunately there was no escape pod or floating Data in space.

It was a blunt act for the studio to play on the fans. The Trekkies were hit hard. I was left in a state of puzzled, emotional turmoil. My android hero Data was gone. Sniff, maybe its a hit trend. So which sci fi hero is going to be snuffed out next?

I've recently learnt from trektoday that William Shatner aka Captain James T. Kirk is not going to be in Star Trek XI. What a shocker. Spock, Kirk(TOS) and co-stars work a special magic onscreen. So why delay? New isn't always better. You'd think Paramount could make Trek films with new talent anytime. The "current movie talent" TOS and TNG are missed badly...

William Shatner was very disappointed, but Leonard Nimoy aka Spock got a part. It'll be good to see pointy ears again.

Star Trek XI is the movie where the "trio" Kirk, Spock,and McCoy get to meet up as young men, going back to their academy days.

Moving on, in 1978 the Daily Intelligencer caught my interest. Seemingly Cylon Warriors have a Prime Directive and it doesn't concern ethics or non interference with other cultures. Oh No. The Cylon Prime Directive involves seeking out and destroying all earthling lifeforms. Gasp. Imagine watching that, doesn't it send a shiver of excitement down your back?...

Live Long and prosper, trekker earthlings!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Star Trek Adrenalin Rush

"No, no you can't get away.... " Khan smiles as a hammered U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-A wearily makes a break for it. "From hells heart I stab at thee, for hate sake I spit my last breath at thee.... "

Wrath of Khan gives me an adrenline rush, every time I see the U.S.S. Enterprise warping away from the hyper cosmic waves of death chasing Kirks ship from the Mutura Nebula.

This is a magical sci fi moment in star trek history. Khan sets off the Federations doomsday "Genesis" device  aboard the USS Defiant hoping to snuff out his enemies. The question is can they get away? Captain James T. Kirk's crippled Enterprise is powerless to warp free, until the green blooded, vulcan restores full warp capability! Spock saves his crewmates from being engulfed by the metamorphic firey flames of genesis. Yee-ha!

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers!
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