Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ernie Shields

Here's a General Overview of a Star Trek engineer called Ernie Shields. I created this roleplay character so I could be one with other trekkie fans and participate in galactic voyages aboard the starship USS Audacious. There were open positions aboard the ship to nurture interested writers, rpgers and science fitionalists innate desires and recommended reading of the SIMM rules usually came in handy.

General Overview
Ernie is well adjusted to starship life and has made several friends. While his knowledge of ship systems is essential, Ernie’s primary duty has always been to the ship and the lives and safety of his least thats how he used to think before Ernie lost his wife. Ernie never considers Starfleet regulations when lives are at stake and to blazes with the prime directive.

It takes a cool head and a firm hand to make repairs while the Captain Gerico is crucifying the ship with little regard for Ernie's finely tuned engines. Somehow he will have to be dealth with. It goes against the Engineering Officer’s better judgment to allow the ship to make Warp 9.6 while the power transfer conduits are pushing over 3.2 million degrees Kelvin. If only he were the Chief Engineer, then he’d tell him

To be perfectly honest, keeping the ship in one piece is Ernie's passion; that and letting the Captain know that he can't have everything his own way. Ernie wants the Chief Engineers job some day because being in command means you get to call the shots.

Hobbies & Interests:
Reading technical manuals, drinking Saurian brandy, fine-tuning the Audacious warp core, and tinkering with the primary and secondary subsystems in Main Engineering.

Languages: English.

Father Admiral Jake Shields.
Mother Mary Shields.
Brother(s) One.
Sister(s) None.
Spouse Wife [Deceased, 2380] Susan Shields RIP.
Children None.
Other Family Nephew and Niece.

Date of Birth: 2347.08.23 (Stardate 24642.4)
Place of Birth: Along the Unaka Range, Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina, North American Continent, Earth.
Ernie is knowledgeable in starship engineering systems.
Ernie suffers from mild Claustrophobia, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and is a borderline alcoholic; all of which he has hidden from his fellow crew members.
Ernie's wife was killed while on Starship duty. His only escape is the saurian brandy which numbs the painful memories of their sweet spells together.

Service Record
Starfleet Serial Number: DE-198-56-Zulu

Previous Assignments:
Engineering Officer, USS Audacious NCC-60650 (2385-Present)
Ship’s Engineer, USS Aesculus NCC-8302 (2382-2385)
Ship’s Engineer, USS Dogwood NCC-8372 (2380-2382)
Engineering Assistant, USS Sylvatica NCC-8373 (2378-2380)
Propulsion Specialist, USS Darklass NCC-9363 (2375-2378)
Engineering Advisor, USS Hippocastanum NCC-8469 (2373-2375)
Computer Systems Specialist, USS Blackwood NCC-49315 (2371-2373)
Engineering Assistant, USS Rosewood NCC-2631 (2369-2371)
Graduated Starfleet Academy (cum laude) (2369)

Cadet Assignments:
Engineering Cadet, USS Crystal NCC-18707 (2368)
Engineering Cadet, USS Cheyenne NCC-73600 (2367)

Entered Starfleet Academy (2365)

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Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers! I have been and always shall be your friend.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Star Trek Phaser Laser

Blu-ray Laser Phaser

Star Trek Phaser. The future and the past come together as we build a Blu Ray Laser Phaser. I picked up a playstation laser assembly for $45 bucks and a Star Trek classic phaser for $30 bucks. To get to the blu-ray diode, I removed the necessary screws from the laser assembly and carefully extracted the precious Blu-ray diode. After soldering two wires to the diode and installing it in an access laser housing. (

I set it aside and moved to the phaser. This was easy to disassemble by removing the light bulb and some screws. Now its time to install the blu-ray. After making some cuts, the laser housing fit perfectly in the phaser light bulb bracket. I also picked up a 150 own resistor 9 volt battery, 9 volt battery snap and a new switch that replaces the phaser trigger. After soldering the connections to the Blu Ray diode, 9 volt battery, the resistor and the new switch, it was time to assemble the phaser.

I had time to make a few more cuts just to get everything to fit right. The 9 volt battery fits snugly where the two double lays originally were. I ran all my wiring and closed the phaser up. Now its time to TEST the Blu Ray Laser Phaser. It glows a very cool violet colour, I've boldly gone where no-man has gone before as I think this is the first time ever a blue ray diode has been put in a Star Trek Classic Phaser.

Dr. Rings is an Ophthalmologist in the US Navy had this comment to make:

Yes, these DVD lasers are QUITE CAPABLE of rendering permanent retinal damage. There are DVD laser mods on the web, including this website, etc., that if performed and "just for fun" aimed at a person's eyes (even from hundreds of yards!) can render permanent and irreversible vision damage.

The Blu ray laser phaser is a cool Star Trek toy for the shelf and demonstrations only. But you've got to ask youself.....where's the fun if you can't play good guy, bad guy? Still feel like building one?

Live Long and Prosper, trekkies and troglodytes.

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