Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Across The Universe, Aliens and Trekkers!

Nina tagged me with this worthwhile cosmic cause which I couldn't resist. Its about an interplanetary call to aliens beings spanning 2.5 quadrillion miles away across the universe. I've been neglectful, this epic event took place on February 4th 2008 using Nasa technology which transmitted John Lennon's Beatles track "Across The Universe from our little planet. It still gives me great pleasure to tell you about this my trek readers.

We all have a soft spot for our alien friends but heres the scoop NASA's 45th anniversary of its Deep Space Network is in itself a truly momentous occasion.

The 40th aniversary of the song and the 50th anniversary of NASA. Trekkies fear not, John Lennon's song "Across The Universe" will have to transmit 431 light years away to reach the shining star Polaris. The songs journey involves 2.5 quadrillion miles across the galactic expanse spanning 431 lightspeed years. So you see a strong beam of light from the Polaris star will take 431 years to reach earth.

So if there are any bad guys out there in the Polaris Quadrant, hey listen up. Earths ready, we've got Captain Picard of the starship USS Enterprise within calling range, Captain Kirk, Spock and his Vulcan Logic, Five of starfleet's best engineers Scotty, Geordi, Bellana, Trip and Miles O'Brien. Lock and load phasers, quantum photon torpedoes ready.. The Federation fleet is armed and ready to send in the droids, omnipotent entities and its hungry tribble detectives.

Intergalactic travel for humans is probably hundreds of years away, but theres always the chance that earth will be discovered. Aliens! Despite our failings "Nothings going to change my world" at least we have made the effort in these enlightened days, to reach out in friendship to our interstellar alien neighbours. I hope our green friends enjoy the music.

Live Long and Prosper, Aliens and Trekkers!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Star Trek Phase II

James Cawley aka Captain James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise 1701 has positively boldly gone where no trekkie has gone before. Yes, our Internet Captain Kirk is a huge Trekker fan with specialist knowledge of Star Trek. Cawley's Internet production, Star Trek New Voyage's (phase II) resumes using the same Star Trek Original Series continuity. It picks up the thread where the USS Enterprise 1701 left off in 1969, with treasured Original Series actors and new talent adding cosmic greatness to satisfy our trek cravings. The internet universe has been alive with eager trekkers tuning in for more episodes ever since January 2004. Blood and Fire is a two part episode currently in post production with the completion date for Part I set for April 2008. There are several more episodes being written for the popular Star Trek Phase II show.

st new voyages

In 2264, Captain James T. Kirk began his first historic five-year mission as Captain of the Enterprise. Our TOS heroes Scotty, McCoy, Spock, Uhura, Nurse Chapel, Sulu and Chekov have entertained us with space battles and inspired us with fundamentally good human beliefs. Star Trek captains have always used reason over violence to negotiate with trigger happy villians, murderers and lunatics to prevent wars and loss of carbon life forms. Picard is a true master at negotiation. It does'nt always work though.

What impresses me the most about Starfleets officers is their tough resilient nature and interstellar survival skills. It takes rare gut instincts, theory, logic, training and experience to make a groovy starfleet captain. Their resolute minds of courage and firm belief in confronting and rooting out evil skins often leads to finding logical and scientific solutions. But its essential that starship captains can look beyond the empirical and see the bigger picture. As Captain, Kirk is responsible for all the lives and actions of his crew under his command.

When staring death in the face, it is vital that the captain's decisive mind make the best deduction and do it in a matter of seconds, leaving no stone unturned. Whole starsystems and thousands of lives have been saved by quick thinking and if that means "Mr sulu, set phasers to maximum intensity, Fire! Fire! Fire!" Then yes, we've seen the USS Enterprise neutralise many hostile enemy ships. Yesss! Make it so! Bye, Bye, Suckers!

Star Trek is great! People have discovered Star Trek's profound philosophy of peace with its postive interpretation of the future and they like it! After all who wants to live in a war torn universe with no hope for the future? Star Trek's sci fi characters have been our guides as we imagined warping with them to freaky new worlds on tv. They have been our protectors. They have invited us into their hearts and made us part of the trek family.

In fact, Kirk's crew became even more popular with star trek conventions, science fiction fanzines fan fictions, numerous books, memorabilia and multi million dollar movies following.

In April 2003 Star Trek New voyages was created by James Cawley and Jack Marshall. The first episode of the series was released in January 2004. In February 16th 2008, James Cawley announced that Star Trek "New Voyages" would be changing to the name Star Trek "Phase II to account for the period of time between the Original Series and Star Trek, The Motion Picture.

In Harms Way

We have been promised, my trek readers, by James Cawley himself that despite the shows name change, the show will remain focused on Star Treks original philosophy, wonderful starship designs, costume and set designs etc, and its fascinating characters. James Cawley describes himself as a purist, not a trekkie or trekker which is interesting in itself and as a self professed purist, he has produced Star Trek Phase II (New Voyages) with really classy sets, props, costumes and neat touches.

It looks like the Enterprise designs are detailed reproductions based on original blueprints. They're that good. James did'nt wan't to see the USS Enterprise 1701 or the show changed and its obvious Cawley's passion with his talented crew shining beside him speak volumes. Personally as a trekkie fan for over twenty years..." Captain the crew of the Enterprise are far exceeding the expectations of the many trekkers here on earth. These guys should feel really proud and I thankyou all. It looks like all James Cawley's hard work is now paying off with a lucky chance meeting at the Paramount Studios lot with J.J.Abrams. It actually led to the Phase II captain Kirk being offered a role in the Star Trek XI movie.

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers!

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