Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In Spock We Trust

The following paragraph from William Shatners autobiography Up Till Now refers to Gene Roddenberry as the chiseler. The Shat's Gene/Leonard quotes are one way of stirring the coals but then ask yourself is it really possible to dream this stuff up?

"He was a chiseler who wanted a cut of outside money his cast earned, demanded to be called ‘master,’ and prohibited poor Nimoy from using a company pencil."


I confess, this news does make for a spellbinding read. William Shatner was on Oprah Winfrey recently with his wife, Elizabeth. Up Till Now is packed with fascinating, cuting edge information, too real not to be true. My trek logic tells me that William Shatner would'nt publish material in his books that would jepordise his very good friendship with Leonard Nimoy and it is written really well, so enjoy, trekkers. Heres Leonard Nimoy's quoted conversation with Gene Roddenberry.

He looked at me and said, ‘The difference between your agent and me is that your agent can’t get you out of here at five o’clock on Friday and I can. And all it’ll cost you is twenty percent."
"Gene, I can’t do that to this agent,' I said. 'He got me the job."
"And then he said, and I will never forget his exact words, "Well, you’re just going to have to learn how to bow down and say master."

If it's true, well, Gene you old dog you, what a character. The master line is priceless. I love it and it just proves one thing. Gene Roddenberry had frailties like the rest of us earthlings.

I recounted Gene's bow down and call me master chat with Leonard Nimoy to a trekkie friend of mine and the guy burst out laughing. It is funny stuff to read. The sad part of this story is that, Leonard and Gene's conversation ended any semblance of a friendship between them. However we must'nt forget the fact that Gene Roddenberry insisted on keeping Mr Spock through both pilot episodes of the series when the Studio was uneasy about the character and said get rid of the "guy with the ears." Mr Spock endured the test of time and became a leading star of Star Trek TOS adored by his many vulcanophiles fans.

In spite of studio request to get rid of the "guy with the ears", Gene Roddenberry insisted on keeping the character through both pilot episodes of the series, and Spock became one of the most enduring symbols of Star Trek.

Live Long and Prosper Aliens and Trekkies!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Starfleet Communicator

Watch your trekkie mates faces crumple with despair when you take out your brand new Starfleet Communicator and do a "Beam me up Scotty" right in front of them. This little jewel can now be yours for $49.99, available at Amazon right now while stocks last. Not soon enough? If you need to indulge your trekkie cravings right now, then visit your online Roddenberry Star Trek Store and get a spinning moire electronic communicator upgrade for $159.95

This upgrade kit features authentic 2 sounds and 3 flashing lights (one green, one red, and one yellow). Once installed, this kit will make your Communicator come alive with the flip of the lid. The lid will actually activate the spinning moiré, sounds and lights just like on Star Trek!

Upon first activation the first longer tone will sound. Upon the second activation the second shorter chirp will sound. The 2 chirps will flip-flop back and forth on sequential activation. The kit comes with a drill bit, and a short follow along instruction manual that gives a step by step PICTURED instructions.

**With the proper skills, it is possible to install this kit into an already built prop. However, a brand new prop is always best. Batteries are not included with the kit.**

"Enterprise, this is Kirk." (Captain Kirk)
"Spock here, Captain." (Spock)
"Bridge here, Captain."
"Transporter room ready to beam up."
"Bridge, this is the captain." (Captain Kirk)
"Enterprise to Mr. Spock."
"Captain, shall I beam down an armed party?" (Spock, plays during call-back mode only)
"Scotty here, Captain." (Scotty)
Entertainment Earth exclusive bonus phrase! "Your signal is very weak; can you turn up your gain?" (Spock)

If I was telepathic, my powers of deduction would detect tortured trekkie minds crying out in despair right about now. So rather than incur your wrath, I shall come clean. Yes, there are cheaper Starfleet communicators. Are you sure you've got your trekkie outburst over with? Yes? Good. However, theres a glitch but its a little one considering the price reduction. Now check out Entertainment Earth You can thank me later. They have a similar Starfleet Communicator equipped with sound effects, clips from the classic Star Trek: The Original Series, lights, flip-open antenna, but I suspect no spinning moire, available for the spanking price $29.99.

Don't be caught on your next away mission without one of these handy lifesavers. Get set to beam yours up in September, 2010!

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies!

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