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You gotta love Captain (Cadet)Kirk's officers in their bright new cheery uniforms. The only unharmonious uniform is Kirks who looks like a commando in his black shirt. These colours come from an era when Klingons and Humans had a healthy loathing for each other and dying became an everyday sacrifice especially if you were a security guard and your shirt was red. But life aboard the Starship Enterprise NCC 1701 continued accross the stars, stealing the hearts and minds of ordinary people everywhere, transforming them into fully fledged trekkies and trekkers right accross the Universe.

The movie images look superb and excited fans are beaming in from all over the universe just to get a look at them. The Star Trek Xi movie trailer airs with Quantum of Solace on the 14th November.

It looks like JJ Abrams and Paramount Pictures have gone all out to appeal to a wider audience with the new young crew of the USS Enterprise. I've always been a Star Trek fan, actually I'm proud to call myself a Trekkie. Star trek fan or non-Trekkie, Star Trek XI strikes me as being a bold movie with a cutting edge crew (in their ultra cool space-age underarmour classic uniforms) unafraid to seek out new lifeforms and execute what needs to be accomplished.

But we know it won't be that simple with the pointy eared evil Romulan "Nero" played by Eric Bana as the films villain. Alot will be riding on him to woo the audiences with a lightening face-off with Captain Kirk, similiar to performances given by Ricardo Montalban as Khan, Christopher Lloyd as Cmdr Kruge and Christopher Plummer as General Chang in Star Trek II, III, and VI.



Vulcans are famous for using pure logical reasoning which they've mastered to purge themselves of all emotions. Mr Spock in particular followed the teachings and philosophies of Surak: Logic and Emotional Control. However his ancestors were an extremely violent race of people who waged almost constant warfare with one another. Technological leaps in Vulcanian society pushed the species to near extinction. The teachings of Surak created a following which saved countless vulans lives and a sworn allegience to live their lives by Surak's ethical system based on logical principles. Its interesting to note that our New Mr Spock is looking very angry in this scrap with captain Kirk. For a green blooded Vulcan... So it must be his human half we're seeing!! Woo Hoo!!! Yesss!!!

I hope we see Doctor Mc Coy cheering Spock on and pulling his human strings cos' only Bones knows how to get a rise out of pointy ears tortured soul. It will be interesting to see this brand new cast responding to each other under pressure on the starship USS Enterprise and remember we have'nt seen them in action or their moves yet! Will their fresh personas radiate with enough magic to blow our minds? We've seen "Heroes" Zachary Quinto, the Brain eating Sylar who drains the life out of his poor victims on t.v.

You can't help but get a kick out of the sick monster because not all his victims are considerate and charming people. I hope the rest of the cast have star talent, Zachary Quinto aka Sylar has proven his evil a*s in Heroes, now hes a bona fide Movie Star. I hope he returns. You'll have to make up your own minds about Chris Pine as Kirk, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, John Cho as Sulu, Karl Urban as Dr Leonard McCoy, Zoe Saldana as Uhura and Simon Pegg as Scotty.

What have we got here? Why its Captain Kirk climbing out of an ice glacier bare handed and with no gloves! It looks like Kirk had to abandon the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 and this shot shows him hurriedly departing from his escape pod. Question is why did the captain leave the USS Enterprise and who won the scrap? Maybe Spock forced a mind meld on him but that would be an unethical act of a desperate man, would'nt it? However, Spock would no doubt, find my appraisal of his behaviour highly insulting and illogical.

Here we can see the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 bridge. I think it looks cool. It has a bright, streamlined airy feel to it too and illustrates that women are'nt allowed sit down on the job, just kidding!! actually her short skirt is mighty powerful on the eye and she has what appears to be joysticks or scanners on her center isle console. Kirk's chair is fantastic, I have to get one of those and the good doctor looks worried about something. Notice the shape of Kirk's chair and the armrests, it reminds me of the old command chair that William Shatner used to thump and shout down to Main Engineering on with James Doohan at the other end, ready with, "I'm giving her all she got, its becoming critical Captain, she can't take much more of this! I'm so excited about this movie, please Captain Kirk can I join your ship?

Live Long and Prosper Trekkies, Niners and Trekkers

Monday, October 06, 2008

Sad Day for Mr Spock and Aliens

Fourteen years ago EU officials in Brussels took it upon themselves to boldly go where no sovereign power had dared to go before. It was a media circus and apparently the bad guys were focusing their sights on our good pal Mr Spock. Let me explain. A plan was devised by the bureaucrats to class our Star Trek hero, Mr Spock as an Illegal Alien along with the other non human dolls manufactured in China which the wise guys slapped a quota of $81.7 million on. No travel restrictions were placed on the human dolls/ action figures. Action man was free to go. So was Batman and Robin. The red carpet was rolled out for Captain Kirk. No-one defies Kirk not unless you want to get into a scrap and besides the captain always carries a phaser.

The humanity of every action figure and doll was put on the line and scrutinised by the money men. In the end, the word came down. It was a sad day for Mr Spock and Aliens everywhere. Spock, Noddy, Big Ears and Teddy bears fell victim by order of the hard liners in Brussels. There was no appeal. Star Trek fans, Trekkies and trekkers were disappointed by the EU decision and warned governments they shouldn't be meddling in the affairs of the Final Frontier. The President of the Official Star Trek Fan Club in Colorado, Dan Madsen said "Custom officials ought to cut Spock some slack" because Amanda, Mr Spock's mother was after all human!! Spock is half human. Okay, so he's half Vulcan too and was born with pointy ears! When news reached the UK, the British customs office showed no regret about their wrongdoings towards Mr Spock. "We see no reason to change our interpretation," said their agent Dez Barrett-Denyer. "You don't find a human with ears that size."

Live Long and Prosper Trekkies and Trekkers!

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