Friday, December 31, 2010

The Naked Now TNG

The Naked Now is the second episode of Star Trek The Next Generation written by John D.F Black and J. Michael Bingham, directed by Paul Lynch. This story borders on the classic episode "The Naked Time." In 2364, the crew of U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D encounter the distressed science ship S.S. Tsiolkovsky which has been routinely monitoring the collapse of an unstable red giant. A mystery plagues the Tsiolkovsky ship with the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D responding to a series of strange messages confirming something has gone amiss aboard the research vessel.

Image Owner/Creator:Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios

The happy Tsiolkovsky crew are determined to have a wild party with frenzied enthusiasm but blow themselves into space when an emergency hatch is blown..... Captain Picard gives the signal for Riker's away team to beam over and establish the facts however, the Tsiolkovsky enigma grows even deeper when Commander Riker reports the entire ship's crew is dead and blown out the airlocks. Captain Picard is shocked to discover eighty people are dead apparently by their very own hands. The science vessel's bridge is open to space and a variant of the Psi 2000 virus has contaminated the Tsiolkovsky which infects the U.S.S. Enterprise-D crew.

Image Owner/Creator:Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios

On their return to the U.S.S. Enterprise-D crew members start behaving very strangely. Geordi La Forge is the first to be confined to Sickbay suffering from unusual behaviour and profuse sweating. Picard and Beverly find themselves at the mercy of a virulent virus which spreads like wildfire throughout the flagship USS Enterprise-D. The ship's Chief of Security Tasha Yar abandons her post and seduces the android Mr. Data who informs her he is fully functional and capable of multiple techniques. Data words bring joy and happiness to Tasha ears and a huge smile to her face. Its Datas lucky day!

Image Owner/Creator:Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios

The mind twister here is how did the virus get past the Enterprise transporter "maximum decontamination" filtering systems? Commander Riker and Data launch an investigation into the old U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701 historical records and discover a reference that can cause water molecules to mutate into an alcohol substance. Picard's crew are acting weird because they're drunk!

Image Owner/Creator:Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios

The Enterprise NCC 1701-D crew are spreading the intoxication virus throughout their Federation starship through human contact with each other. Mr. Data retrieves a cure from the ships computer records but when Chief Medical Officer, Dr Beverly Crusher replicates the Psi 2000 medicine, it has no effect. To make matters even worse a drunk Wesley is playing captain in Main Engineering and has sabotaged bridge control of the engines placing the U.S.S. Enterprise in grave danger....

Image Owner/Creator:Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios

The U.S.S.Enterprise-D's plight deepens when we learn the ship is paralysed and in the direct line of fire from an expanding red giant star which collapses into a white dwarf spewing stellar core matter towards it. Meanwhile Riker deactivates Wesley's repulser beam blocking the door to Engineering and reports to the bridge. Someones pulled out all the Isolinear Chips that control the ships propulsion systems.

Image Owner/Creator:Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios

Why did Commander Riker expend so much time bypassing Wesleys repulser contraption? Logic dictated he should have just beamed into Engineering with Mr Data in tow.....*except* It was Wesley's idea to use Data to replace the isolinear chips which saved the entire ship from disaster! Actually I was surprised how natural the crusher boy performs in this episode. Data's knowledge of the Enterprise systems allows Wesley to use his "repulser beam" instead of engaging the ships tractor beam which was offline.

Image Owner/Creator:Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios

The U.S.S. Enterprise-D is launched away from the Tsiolkovsky in time for viewers to see the stellar core matter pulverize the oberth class starship and blow it to smithereens with a huge KABOOM! The Enterprise-D gains enough velocity and time to escape because Data reactivated the engines isolinear chips. Data played by Brent Spiner is the top man in this episode. It was fun watching the "android" smiling too and his conversation with Captain Picard on the bridge added a nice human touch all round, considering Data was drunk too from the strange water molecules!"

"If you prick me do I not bleek?"

"There was a woman from Venus whose body was shaped like a........"

"Thankyou Mr Data!"

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers and Trekkies

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Encounter at Farpoint TNG

Encounter at Farpoint is the two hour premiere of Star Trek The Next Generation written by Gene Roddenberry and Dorothy Fontana. The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D swings by Deneb IV to collect reinforcements on its way to the mysterious Farpoint Station. But all is not what it seems when humanity is placed on trial by the Omnipotent Q entity who baits Captain Picard to answer for the multiple and grievous savagery of humanity. The bridge crew find themselves fighting for their lives in a chamber of horrors with Q as Judge, Jury and Executioner! Picard challenges Q to test the Enterprise crew and judge how far humans have evolved.

Image Owner/Creator: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

Picard's mission is twofold. Satisfy Q humans are no longer savages and establish what is behind the mystery of Farpoint. The mind twister here is where did the undisciplined leader "Groppler" get the technological tools and skill to build such a fascinating station? Captain Picard orders Riker to investigate the Bandi on the planet below who are negotiating admission to the Federation. The Farpoint's enigma deepens when counsellor Troi senses deep emotional distress within the walls of the new city with intense anger from a strange spaceship creature in outerspace.

Image Owner/Creator: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

Picard and Troi realise just in the nick of time whats happening. The Enterprise places itself between the spaceship creature to quell its angry emotional outbursts directed at the old Bandi city. But why is this interstellar alien so cheesed off? We soon learn that the outerspace lifeform was in fact rushing to the aid of the "Farpoint Station" making Riker suspicious. Meanwhile Q is strutting around taunting Picard, doing his level best to bait him into making mistakes with ambitions of exposing the savage impulses of humans, except Q's masterplan backfires. The captain doesn't buckle under pressure who instead tells Security Chief Tasha Yar to direct an energy beam at the "Farpoint Station."

Image Owner/Creator: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

All is revealed when viewers witness the Farpoint Station transforming itself into an alien creature capable of spaceflight. The thing lifts off! Freed from captivity and re-energized, the creature achieves higher orbit and reunites with its twin reducing the lovely Counsellor Troi to weepy tears of joy!

Its fun watching Q swallow his Omnipotent pride and admit defeat in the face of a victorious Picard, who secretly must have enjoyed having the final word.  "Get off my bridge". yells Picard triumphantly.
"I do so only because it pleases it me, Picard" admits a deeply wounded Q who gets his butt kicked off the bridge.

Image Owner/Creator: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

The space creatures are extremely grateful and wave goodbye to the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D and their crew. You've got to admit, Troi and Riker communicating telepathically is a bit weird but this is vintage Star Trek TNG. Its hilarious seeing Counsellor "Commander" Deana Troi in her cheerleader's costume but doesn't she look great?

Image Owner/Creator: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

Star Trek's TNG pilot has its moments with Deanna changing many times later on in the series and the Crusher boy taking a dip into a stream on the Holodeck and surviving. It must be strangely satisfying for "Wesley Haters" seeing him looking like a drowned rat.... To be fair the geekster has his moments.

Image Owner/Creator: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

Dr Leonard "Bones" McCoy cameo appearance from Star Trek TOS was kept a really big secret during the shoot as a special treat for trek fans. His characters name isn't even mentioned in the script or dialogue! Good ol' Bones, The Admiral makes a special trip out to the middle of the sticks aboard the U.S.S. Hood but for a very good reason. He chats briefly with Data giving fans a nostalgic "McCoy flashback" with our good ol' Enterprise Chief Medical Officer, putting the brand new USS Enterprise-D through her paces obviously for personal reasons. Admiral "Bones" gives the Enterprise his best and official send off expediting the starship into the great unexplored mass of the galaxy.

"Well it's a new ship - but she's got the right name. Now you remember that, you hear?"

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies, Niners and Trekkers.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Star Trek Wallpapers

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Image Owner/Creator: Tobias Richter

I enjoy looking at Tobias Richter's Star Trek wallpapers from "Light Works." The galaxies greatest starships have been transformed into hyper comic 3d visuals bursting with creative imagination. I just wish I could be there! These Star Trek starships are an amazing feat of engineering in high resolution wallpapers. You've done Scotty proud, Tobias. Sciencefictionstuff put me wise to these stunning Federation battle cruisers seeking out new life forms and commanding a peaceful military presence along the Federation Neutral Zone. Federation Officers do look mighty fine in their Starfleet uniforms aboard their spaceships, but the word peace just doesn't sit well with the Klingons and Romulans..... or does it?
Thanks Tobias!

Scotty: "Captain, we're doing it. We're pulling away!"
Captain Kirk:" What happened?"
Scotty: "It's no good, sir. Only a few systems responding. Captain, we pulled away a little, we gained ... maybe an hour ... but we blew almost every system in the ship doing it. There's nothing left to try again. I guess you'll have to fire me, sir."
Captain Kirk: "Scotty, You're fired. 400 people ..."
Dr McCoy: "Jim ..."
Captain Kirk: "They'll die because I couldn't see a warning sign. I had to follow orders, always orders."

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701 and U.S.S. Reliant NCC-1864. Image Owner/Creator: Tobias Richter

Khan: "Aah, Kirk my old friend... Do you know the Klingon proverb that tells us revenge is a dish that is best served cold? It is very cold, in space..."

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-E. Image Owner/Creator: Tobias Richter

Captain Picard: "No! No! I will not sacrifice the Enterprise. We've made too many compromises already, too many retreats. They invade our space and we fall back. They assimilate entire worlds and we fall back. Not again! The line must be drawn here! This far, no further! And I will make them pay for what they've done!"

U.S.S. Reliant NCC 1864. Image Owner/Creator: Tobias Richter

Khan: "I'll chase him around the Antares maelstrom and round Nibia and round Perdition's Flame before I give him up!"

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-A and Klingon Bird of Prey.
Image Owner/Creator: Tobias Richter

Klingon Kruge:"We may have dealt him a more serious blow than I thought."

Klingon Torg: "How can you tell that?"

Klingon Kruge: "I trust my instincts."

Klingon Kruge: "Admiral Kirk. This is your opponent speaking. Do not lecture me about treaty violations. The Federation, in creating an ultimate weapon, has become a gang of Intergalactic criminals. It is not I who will surrender, it is you. On the planet below, I have three prisoners from the team who developed your doomsday weapon. If you do not surrender immediately, I will execute them, one at a time, as enemies of galactic peace."

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D. Image Owner/Creator: Tobias Richter

Captain Jean Luc Picard: "Oh, fascinating. Twenty particles of space dust per cubic meter, 52 ultraviolet radiation spikes, and a class-2 comet. Well, this is certainly worthy of our attention.

"The first duty of every Starfleet officer is to the truth... whether its the scientific truth or historical truth or personal truth. It is the guiding principle on which Starfleet is based."

U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656. Image Owner/Creator: Tobias Richter

Captain Kathryn Janeway: Oh, you're wrong Tuvoc. It's much more than that. This ship has been our home. It's kept us together. It's been part of our family. As illogical as this might sound, I feel as close to Voyager as I do to any other member of my crew. It's carried us, Tuvok - even nurtured us. And right now, it needs one of us.

Tuvoc: I respect your decision.

Live Long and Prosper! Trekkies.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Classic TOS Starships

Here is a Classic list of Star Trek's TOS Starship's that have rocked us to the edge of our seats in awe and wonder. The Enterprise crew have been our guides, our protectors and our friends on our adventures through the vast unknown. Starfleets mission in the Galaxy has always been one primarily concerned with Deep Space exploration, Peace, Scientific research, diplomatically seeking out new life forms and defending the United Federation of Planets. In 2161 Starfleet was chartered by the Federation going boldly where no-man or no-one has gone before.

Image Owner/Creator Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

In Star Trek The Original Series, its fleet of starships have been met with armed conflict, doomsday machines, madmen, interstellar mayhem, mysticism, encounters with alien life forms and firefights to the death. Enforcing the peace in the far flung reaches of the universe often comes at a high-human cost. Starfleet's family of officers and crew hands are a close knit community who rely on each other especially in times of crisis. When a crew member has fallen honourably during battle defending the constitution of the United Federation of Planets its a challenge to continue but we must serve, protect and be ready to die at our posts like true Klingons.

In 2254, James Kirk and Ben Finney served aboard the U.S.S. Republic NCC-1371 while Ensign Kirk was a cadet at the Academy. Kirk discovers an open circuit to the atomic matter piles and logs the error which sends Ben Finney to the bottom of the promotion list. Finney plots his revenge which temporarily jeopardizes Captain Kirk's career on stardate 2947.3.

Image Owner/Creator Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

In 2257, the U.S.S. Farragut NCC-1647 is commanded by Captain Garrovick with Lieutenant James T.Kirk on his first assignment since leaving Starfleet Academy. Unfortunately the Farragut falls victim to a Dikironium Cloud Creature discovered on Tycho IV which descends on the crew. The vampire cloud creature is merciless and feeds off the haemoglobin iron in 200 Starfleet officers rendering them totally lifeless within seconds. Kirk never forgets and is determined to capture the creature before it returns to space and finds another planet of humans to feed on.

In 2267, Commodore Matt Decker's entire crew of the U.S.S. Constellation NCC-1017 are consumed by the planet killer in "The Doomsday Machine" episode while on a planet. Meanwhile a horrified commodore survives the fatal attack on his ship but wished he had gone down with his crew. The Captain is always the last man to leave a starship in crisis. Decker vows to avenge his crew mates and gets his chance.

Image Owner/Creator Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

In 2268, the U.S.S. Exeter NCC-1672 captained by Ronald Tracey is found orbiting planet Omega IV in "The Omega Glory." Its entire crew is reduced to dehydrated crystals by an ancient bacterialogical warfare virus. The Exeter crew led by Tracey accidentally contract the Omega IV disease and beam it up to the ship. Tracey soon realises Omega IV holds the key for natural immunity against the killer virus with the secret to extended life beckoning him to the planet surface below. The Exeter captain violates Starfleet's Prime directive which Kirk and Spock must somehow repair before its too late.

In 2268 the USS Excalibur NCC-1664 commanded by Captain Harris is destroyed by Dr Richard Daystrom's maniac multitronic computer. M-5 fires full phasers during a friendly war game involving five starships, killing the entire crew of the starship Excalibur in "the Ultimate Computer." The U.S.S. Potemkin NCC-1657 and the U.S.S. Hood NCC-1703 make lucky escapes. The U.S.S. Lexington NCC-1709, commanded by Commodore Robert Wesley is severely damaged with M-5 killing 53 crew hands on that ship. M-5's logic is flawed and like its creator the computer was prone to emotionally erratic behaviour which affected the battle strategy of its decisions. M-5 soon realised the error of its way and felt the urgent need to atone for its sins.

In 2268, the U.S.S. Intrepid NCC-1631 manned by vulcans, encounters a massive single celled space borne amoeba near the Gamma 7A System in "The Immunity Syndrome." This interstellar creature is 18,000 kilometers long and 3,000 kilometers wide surrounded by a large energy field which is big! The creature's energy "zone of darkness"
nearly cripples the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 on its approach solving the mystery about how the crew of the U.S.S. Intrepid were destroyed.

Image Owner/Creator Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

In 2268, the U.S.S. Yorktown NCC-1717 was scheduled to rendezvous with the U.S.S. Enterprise to transfer critical vaccine supplies for planet Theta VII. The rendezvous was temporarily cancelled in favour of hunting down the Vampire Cloud Creature before it escaped without a trace.

In 2269 the U.S.S. Defiant NCC-1764 disappeared into an alien Tholian interdimensional trap which was designed to capture enemy starships in the "Tholian Web" before finally crushing them.

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies.

Friday, November 26, 2010

AMT Model Enterprise NCC 1701-A

Here she is the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A. As you can see for yourselves, she took one heck of a battering from the Klingons. It was touch and go there for a while with the warp nacelle pylons nearly losing their structural integrity, believe me. I know what it means when Captain Kirk yells "Red Alert!!! All hands man your Battle stations."

This detailed model enterprise 1701-A came equipped with sound effects and 12 light emitting diodes which required a steady hand to be sure.

The secondary hull which you see here, houses the bulk of the fibre optic cabling but despite there being a whole ton of wiring over flowing the plumbing of the ship, you may recall what Montgomery Scott said in Star Treks TOS episode of Naked Time.

"I cannot change the laws of physics! I've got to have thirty minutes."

and sure enough Worf's words of anguish...

"I am not a Merry man."

sprung to mind..... Yes, that was definitely me, so therefore, I applied Spock's vulcan logic.....

"Quite simply, I examined the problem from all angles, and it was plainly hopeless. Logic informed me that under the circumstances, the only logical action would have to be one of desperation. Logical decision, logically arrived at."

I marked out each wire clearly identifying its final destination. It wasn't easy looking into the beating heart of Scotty's poor bairns and trying to figure out how to spark life into the USS Enterprise or call it quits. It has to be stated, you need stick-ability to complete a WIP like this. Open starship surgery is never easy but my Dad, may his soul rest in peace, suggested using fiber glass for reinforcing the structural integrity of the ship which saved the entire operation!

 I used Dad's fiber glass idea to bond the warp pylons to the secondary hull. The trouble is fiberglass dries very fast, so I knew this was going to be a very precise operation. Commander Riker knew it too, when he was ordered to reconnect the USS Enterprise -D's Saucer module to the Stardrive section.

"Give the word Admiral!"

By Borgus Frat it worked! Ten years later this USS AMT Model Enterprise is still standing tall with a working power source linked to LED's, phaser fire and photon torpedoes sound effects still operating within normal parameters. This model ship is a tribute to Captain Kirk's heroic crew of the USS Enterprise 1701-A and my ol' man.

Live Long and Prosper.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

City on the Edge of Forever

The USS Enterprise NCC 1701 detects time disturbances centred around a deserted planet. Mr Sulu is injured on the bridge and Dr McCoy saves his life with just a few drops of cordrazine. However, McCoy accidentally suffers an overdose when the Enterprise experiences another time displacement and injects a full vial of the powerful drug cordrazine into his bloodstream causing him to go beserk. Bones beams down to the planet below amidst the remains of a ruined city some 10,000 centuries old. In the grip of complete madness, he evades the enterprise crew yet again and leaps through a strange arch pulsating with power. The Guardian of Forever identifies itself to Kirk and Spock summarizing their predicament.

"Your vessel, your beginning. All that you knew is gone." Dr McCoy has gone back through time and changed their history! Their world no longer exhists! Uhura reports dead communicator contact with the ship. Fortunately, Mr Spock's tricorder was recording the Guardian's past timeline events, right at the point, McCoy dived through the portal giving them a chance to rectify the damage done. I love how Spock manufactures a computer from his tricorder that shows how history will unfold if the focal point in time, Edith Keeler, lives.

City on the Edge of Forever" had inclusions from Gene Coon and Steve Carbastos, major changes from Dorothy Fontana and a final rewrite from Gene Roddenberry, won the 1968 Hugo for Best Dramatic Presentation in a shortlist that was entirely composed of star trek episodes. Harlan Ellison's story won a Writers Guild of America (WGA) award for Outstanding Dramatic Episode Teleplay in 1967-68.

Image owner/Creator: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

My friend is obviously Chinese. I see you've noticed the ears, they're actually easy to er explain" Kirk looks to Spock with a lost look on his face.

"Perhaps the unfortunate accident I had as a child." prompts Mr Spock.

"The unfortunate accident he had as a child, he caught his head in a mechanical rice picker."

This is a great moment when Kirk and Spock face a 1930's policeman who isn't convinced with the captain's rice picker bluff. Now I wonder why?

Live long and prosper, trekkers.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Star Trek

During the reign of U.S. President Gerald Ford, Star Trek fans sent in a flood of letters to protest against NASA's original plans to name their space shuttle "Constitution". Isn't that fascinating? Trekkers weren't simply going to roll over and let NASA get away with this little stunt. It was their ship too! Remember the "Doomsday Device"? Captain Kirk is in the hot seat but at least he had a ship to tackle the planet killer! But what exactly was NASA doing?

Playing with Trek's Final Frontier sent trekkies flying off the deep end, who reacted with phasers set to kill. The year was 1976 and NASA officials were stumped by all the fan mail pouring in but the message was clear. The needs of the many outweighs the needs of NASA. Officials cleverly employed vulcan logic to counteract the trekkie storm now flooding in engulfing their people. NASA released news about a space shuttle soon to be named after a world war II carrier called Enterprise in honor of the Starship USS Enterprise NCC 1701 from the Original Series which brought a ceasefire. Star Trek fans were delighted. It was their wishes expressed during the write in campaign which "won the war" and designated the shuttle "Enterprise" of course!.

Gene Roddenberry is the creator of Star Trek. During Sept 1966, Roddenberry showed the pilot "where no man" at the Sci-fi convention in Cleveland. The audience loved the pilot and gave a standing ovation. Star Trek made its debut on Thursday, Sept., 8th 1966 at 8.30pm. Gene made a lot of people happy with Star Trek's special brand of humanism despite its concept portraying a future where explorers and scientists from peaceful Earth of the Future roaming the galaxy in a starship, meeting beautiful women, fighting ugly monsters and asserting Western values had already been broadcast on television before.

Gene campaigned and shared his vision of Star Trek's philosophy with the fans, writers, actors and families granting him the opportunity to "mind meld" with sci-fi communities. Star Trek's future is a place where man has ceased squabbling, where the Earth has been transformed into a garden, where androids are ten times stronger and smarter than us and strive to be human. It's an optimistic future, an Utopian one, and its not to much of a stretch to imagine that people like watching Star Trek, because at some level we'd like to live in a place like that.

"Star Trek speaks to some basic human needs that there is a tomorrow. It's not all going to be over with a big flash and a bomb. The human race is improving, we have things to be proud of as humans. No astronauts, ancient astronauts did not build the pyramids, human beings did, because we are clever and work hard and Star Trek is about those things" -Gene Roddenberry.

"It's the Human condition to improve and to improve" - Gene Roddenberry.
Thanks to Genes and Majel's hard work, the committee, the Science Fiction writers, The Fans, Film Crew, Production Staff, The Actors, Paramount/Viacom/CBS and everyone who works on the lot. Star Trek wouldn't be what it is today.

The Enterprise was a true feat of technological engineering. Gene consulted experts and the ship was designed and blueprinted down to the last detail. The spaceship layout was exact. NASA examined Gene's plans to gleam ideas on spaceship design. They even took a look at the orange bed sheets in Dr Mc Coy's Sickbay.

The ship was completely real for Gene. So too was the Star Trek universe, the phasers, the communicators, the transporters, the shuttlecraft, the chain of command, The Prime Directive which Kirk effectively ignored when necessary. Star Trek is beamed into peoples homes and has become part of every trekkers, normal daily life.

Long Live Star Trek, Trekkies and Trekkers.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dr Who Sci Fi Quiz

Who is Dr Who? Dr Who is the scientific whiz that became a legendary timelord success. Lets look at the facts. We know Dr Who survived the Great Time War with the help of his telepathic Tardis and has been shooting through time and space for hundreds of years in several different bodies! Can you unlock the Tardis traveller's secret mysteries?

1. What does T.A.R.D.I.S. Stand for?
2. How old is the Tardis?
3. Name the location the Time Rotor?
4. What does the Tardis look like?
5. What does "Dimensionally Transcendental" mean?
6. How many bodies has Dr Who had?
7. What is the name of the Doctors destroyed home planet?
8. What could'nt the doctor do without the Tardis?
9. How is the T.A.R.D.I.S. sent through time, dematerialising from one place and re-energizing in another?
10. Which regeneration of the Doctor met the Sycorax?
11. What did Rose use to defeat the Daleks and destroy their emperor?
12. Who was the Greatest Leader of the Time Lords?
13. What power lies at he heart of the T.A.R.D.I.S.?
14. How are tardises constructed?
15. What did the third doctor call the Tardis?
16. What type of ship is the tardis?
17. What allows the TARDIS to change its appearance?
18. Where does the main energy source for the TARDIS come from and what is it?
19. Who Hitch-Hiked on the side of the Tardis and to where?
20. When the Tardis is in flight, what happens to the Time Rotor?
21. Who discovered the great secret of space time travel?
22. Who did the greatest Timelord work with to harness the power of a black hole into a source of unimaginable power?
23. What did the First Doctor call the Tardis?
24. What is Dr Who's favorite signature Gizmo?
25. What TimeLord technology was used to defeat the Daleks during the Great Time War?

1. Time And Relative Dimension in Space.
2. Over 900 years.
3. In the glass column on the console.
4. A blue police telephone box.
5. Its bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside.
6. Dr Who has regenerated his mind and soul into eleven different entities.
7. Doctor Who survived the destruction of his home planet Gallifrey after the Great Time War aboard his cosmic friend, T.A.R.D.I.S.
8. Doctor Who could'nt survive without the Tardis which regenerates his alien bodies. Its his best friend in time and space. Together they've roamed the universe for hundreds of years.
9. The doctor programmes the flight computer with coordinates sending the Tardis travelling to anywhere in space and time, usually through a time vortex.
10. The tenth doctor met the Sycorax. The Tardis was beamed aboard the alien's ship while the doctor was recovering from his regeneration.
11. The Time Vortex.
12. Rassilon was the greatest leader of the Time Lords.
13. At the heart of the TARDIS lies the deadly power of the Time Vortex itself.
14. Tardises are unlike other time machines. The physical components of the Tardis are a secret Timelord mystery centuries old. We do know Tardises are grown, telepathic entities and are in effect alive.
15. The third doctor called the Tardis "Old girl".
16. Doctor Who's spaceship is a Type 40 Time Travel Capsule.
17. The chameleon circuit allows the Tardis to blend into its surroundings wherever it lands, however its been broken for a long time!
18. The main energy source for the Tardis is carried through a direct link from the Artron energy in the Eye of the Harmony, an artificial black hole created by the Time Lords.
19. Captain Jack hitch-hiked and flew all the way to the end of the universe to the year one hundred trillion.
20. The Time Rotor is at the very heart of the Tardis console which lights up and moves when the Tardis is in flight.
21. Time Lord Rassilon.
22. Rassilon worked with a stellar engineer called Omega.
23. The First Doctor called the T.A.R.D.I.S. his ship.
24. Doctor Who is the proud possessor of his very own Sonic Screwdriver which he carries everywhere.
25. Tardis technology was developed to create a Genesis Ark, a time capsule which was used to imprison thousands of Daleks during the Great Time War.

Live Long and Prosper......Trekkies and Trekkers.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest's movie is a clever spoof of Star Trek TOS Tv series which has Tim Allen starring as the head honcho and leading star of the starship NSEA Protector powered by a beryllium sphere for four faithful years. Then the unthinkable happens. The plug is pulled on Allens "Galaxy Quest" sci-fi show with his washed up crew mates reluctantly carrying out their duty before the ever faithful fans at sci fi conventions seventeen years later.

The galant crew of the starship NSEA Protector, Tawny Madison, Dr Lazarus, Tech Sgt Chen and Lieutenant Laredo, starring Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub and Daryl Mitchell, finally reach breaking point with their "brave" commander's "Jason Nesmith" antics whose been hogging the spotlight at their expense for ages. If you want some good entertainment I highly recommend Galaxy Quest. Its just pure good fun to watch. Tawny Madison has the weirdest job of all repeating the computer which only obeys commands given by her!

The stars consider cutting their losses and hanging up their uniforms for good except for Captain Nesmith who just isn't having any of it. Eventually Nesmith is approached by a race of aliens claiming to be "Thermians" led by "Mathesar" whose completely clueless about "Galaxy Quest's TV show." The Thermians beam Allen and his cranky fellow actors aboard their spaceship to negotiate and battle the reptilian warlord Sarris.

Guy Fleegman "Roc" Ingersol gate crashes the fans at a trekkie convention and re-lives the old times as the "redshirt" extra "No 6" with the crew of the Galaxy Quest. Roc starred in their 1982 episode and never quite got over being iced before the first commercial. His reasoning is simple! "ROC" wants his photos signed by the fans too! Redshirt Roc strikes it big when the Thermians beam him up, granting him the opportunity to take part in the real crew's space aventures aboard a "real life" version of the Galaxy Quest spaceship.

Unfortunately for Mathesar, he craves Nesmith's help and doesn't realise that earth's "Galaxy Quest" is just a cancelled TV Show. Every Sci Fi fan who's been curious about the merits of Science Fiction will get a good chuckle out of this film with the actors seriously conflicted and squabling over their real world "historical documents", the evil villain Saris and the fallout for the rest of the Galaxy. But hey, you've got to admire their unique solidarity. Never Give Up, Never Surrender, Activate the resonance scan and full speed ahead!

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies and Trekkers.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Starfleet Demotion.

Starfleet recognizes and rewards the positive efforts of its personnel by allowing individuals to gain promotion through a regular review and evaluation of performance, aptitude for the role and overall character appraisal. However Starfleet will also use demotion as a punitive action against militant members who disobey orders or endanger the lives of Federation citizens and fellow crew members through willful recklessness, carelessness or incompetence.

Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

In 2250, Benjamin Finney was booted to the end of the promotion list when Ensign Kirk logged a discovery about an open atomic matter circuit aboard the U.S.S. Republic NCC-1371. Finney is punished for exposing his ship to reckless endangerment which could have blown the Republic to bits had Ensign Kirk not closed the open circuit. A rift developed between Finney and Kirk with Benjamin's Starfleet career now tarnished and starship prospects blown out the airlock.

In 2285, Admiral James T. Kirk was charged with nine violations of Starfleet regulations after hijacking the USS Enterprise to rescue Mr Spock from the forbidden Genesis Planet. Still, Kirk's heroic rescue bid in saving Earth from the Cetacean Probe meant the Federation Council were extremely grateful. Admiral Kirk was found guilty of only one charge. That of disobeying a superior officer. He was subsequently demoted from the flag rank of Admiral back to the captaincy of his second beloved starship U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-A.

Lieutenant Tom Paris's violation of Captain Janeway's orders during the incident with the Moneans in 2375 leads to his demotion as Ensign, along with 30 days confinement in the brig of the U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656. Janeway is no stranger to demotion and its with a heavy heart that she must now demote Tom Paris from the rank of Lieutenant to Ensign. In 2376, Captain Janeway carries out a disciplinary exercise with the disgraced surviving Starfleet crew members of the U.S.S. Equinox NCC-72381, stripping away many of their rank and privileges, and expecting them to work under close supervision.

Captain Janeway is strong willed, and unyielding with her opponents but does she manage to blow you out of your seat with her charming personality?

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers and Trekkies.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

IClones Filmmaking Competition

Have you got the Sci-Fi Film makers bug? Is your tricorder switched onto maximum scanning intensity? Pesky space bugs... Because if your bursting with epic space adventure, you're in for a Sci-Fi treat. Warp ahead to Iclone's 2nd annual Filmmaking Competition and participate in Reallusion's Sci-Fi movie competition. With $10,000 hanging in the balance, I figure I've got you hooked but don't wait too long. Its obvious to me trek fan, that your universe will spiral out of control if you let this cosmic opportunity slip by. The deadline is July 7th 2010. All you've got to do is create a short Science Fiction film using IClone's movie software in tribute to a famous movie (Star Trek, Star Wars, Serenity, Battlestar Galactica etc) alternatively you could splice together media content from your favorite video games or gaming software incorporated with Iclone's state of the art graphics.

Sci-Fi enthusiasts with a appetite for directing Sci-Fi films should find Iclone's 101 film terms fascinating. These rules will enlighten fledgling filmmakers in the awesome art of directing and producing the winning Sci-Fi movie. The competition runs from April 14th - July 7th 2010 so get film making and grab the winning prize of $10,000. Entrants may submit up to three movies for award consideration. Participants qualifications and requirements can be obtained and submitted here
IClone4 has a crisp 3D user friendly interface with fascinating graphics and useful tutorials but most of all its fun!

Play long and Prosper, Trekkers and Starwarsians.

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Another Top SciFi List

Heres a topscifi list from Do you agree with the structure of this Sci Fi List? Somehow Star Wars always seems to pip Star Trek at the post. Great Space, now why is that..... I wonder?

Rank. Title. Director. Year.
1. Blade Runner Ridley Scott. 1982
2. Star Wars Trilogy IV-VI (1977-83)George Lucas, et al. 1977
3. The Matrix L & A Wachowski. 1999
4. Alien Ridley Scott. 1979
5. 2001: A Space OdysseyStanley Kubrick.1968
6. Aliens James Cameron. 1986
7. The Terminator James Cameron. 1984
8. Terminator 2 - Judgement DayJames Cameron. 1991
9. The Fifth Element Luc Besson. 1997
10. The Day the Earth Stood Still. Robert Wise. 1951
11. Twelve Monkeys. Terry Gilliam. 1995
12. Planet of the Apes. Franklin J Schaffner. 1968
13. Forbidden Planet. Fred M Wilcox. 1956
14. A Clockwork Orange. Stanley Kubrick. 1971
15. Back to the Future. Robert Zemeckis. 1985
16. Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Steven Spielberg. 1977
17. Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan. Nicholas Meyer. 1982
18. Jurassic Park. Steven Spielberg. 1993
19. Brazil. Terry Gilliam. 1985
20. Gattaca. Andrew Niccol. 1997
21. Star Wars I-III (1999-2005)George Lucas. 1999
22. E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial. Steven Spielberg. 1982
23. Dark City. Alex Proyas. 1998
24. Dune. David Lynch. 1984
25. Dr Strangelove. Stanley Kubrick. 1964
26. Predator. John McTiernan. 1987
27. Independence Day. Roland Emmerich. 1996
28. The Thing. John Carpenter. 1982
29. Stargate. Roland Emmerich. 1994
30. The Abyss. James Cameron. 1989
31. Contact. Robert Zemeckis. 1996
32. Total Recall. Paul Verhoeven. 1990
33. Metropolis. Fritz Lang. 1926
34. Minority Report. Steven Spielberg. 2002
35. The War of the Worlds. Byron Haskin. 1953
36. Donnie Darko. Richard Kelly. 2001
37. Mad Max. George Miller. 1979
38. The Time Machine. George Pal. 1960
39. Starship Troopers. Paul Verhoeven. 1997
40. V for Vendetta. James McTeigue. 2005
41. Star Trek: First Contact. Jonathan Frakes. 1996
42. Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Don Siegel. 1956
43. Logan's Run. Michael Anderson. 1976
44. Serenity. Joss Whedon. 2005
45. Men in Black. Barry Sonnenfeld. 1997
46. The Andromeda Strain. Robert Wise. 1970
47. X-Men. Bryan Singer. 2000
48. Galaxy Quest. Dean Parisot. 1999
49. The Road Warrior (vt Mad Max 2)George Miller. 1981
50. Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home. Leonard Nimoy. 1986
51. Soylent Green. Richard Fleischer.1973
52. Tron.Steven Lisberger. 1982
53. Akira.Katsuhiro Otomo. 1987
54. Solaris. Andrei Tarkovsky. 1972
55. Pitch Black. David Twohy. 2000
56. RoboCop. Paul Verhoeven. 1987
57. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Michel Gondry. 2004
58. A.I. - Artificial Intelligence. Steven Spielberg. 2001
59. Silent Running. Douglas Turnbull. 1971
60. The Thing (From Another World)Christian Nyby.1951
61. THX-1138. George Lucas. 1970
62. Spider-Man. Sam Raimi. 2002
63. Star Trek VI - Undiscovered Country. Nicholas Meyer. 1991
64. SupermanRichard Donner. 1978
65. Fahrenheit 451. Francois Truffaut. 1966
66. I, RobotAlex Proyas. 2004
67. Them! Gordon Douglas. 1954
68. Escape From New York. John Carpenter. 1981
69. The Incredibles. Brad Bird. 2004
70. The Omega Man. Boris Sagal. 1971
71. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Richard Fleischer. 1954
72. Westworld. Michael Crichton. 1973
73. Equilibrium. Kurt Wimmer. 2002
74. War of the Worlds. Steven Spielberg. 2005
75. The Fly. David Cronenberg. 1986
76. Night Of the Living Dead. George A Romero. 1968
77. Armageddon. Michael Bay. 1998
78. Starman. John Carpenter. 1984
79. The Truman Show. Peter Weir. 1998
80. Frankenstein. James Whale. 1931
81. The Incredible Shrinking Man. Jack Arnold. 1957
82. The X-Files. Rob Bowman1998
83. When Worlds Collide. Rudolph Mate. 1951
84. Children of Men. Alfonso Cuaron. 2006
85. Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Philip Kaufman. 1978
86. The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Jim Sharman. 1975
87. This Island Earth. Joseph Newman. 1955
88. Godzilla - King of the Monsters. Terry Morse. 1954
89. Young Frankenstein. Mel Brooks. 1974
90. Rollerball. Norman Jewison. 1975
91. Stalker. Andrei Tarkovsky. 1979
92. Quatermass & the PitRoy. Ward Baker. 1967
93. Dark Star. John Carpenter. 1974
94. Pi. Darren Aronofsky. 1998
95. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Garth Jennings. 2005
96. Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai. W D Richter. 1984
97. The Man Who Fell to Earth. Nicolas Roeg. 1976
98. Spaceballs. Mel Brooks. 1987
99. Batman. Tim Burton. 1989
100. Zardoz. John Boorman. 1974

Update: Isn't it nice some things just don't change?

Rank. Title. Director. Year.
1 1 Blade Runner Ridley Scott 1982
2 2 Star Wars Trilogy IV-VI (1977-83) George Lucas, et al 1977
3 3 The Matrix L & A Wachowski 1999
4 4 Alien Ridley Scott 1979
5 5 2001: A Space Odyssey Stanley Kubrick 1968
6 6 Aliens James Cameron 1986
7 7 The Terminator James Cameron 1984
8 8 The Fifth Element Luc Besson 1997
9 9 Terminator 2 - Judgement Day James Cameron 1991
10 10 Twelve Monkeys Terry Gilliam 1995
11 11 The Day the Earth Stood Still Robert Wise 1951
13 12 A Clockwork Orange Stanley Kubrick 1971
12 13 Forbidden Planet Fred M Wilcox 1956
14 14 Back to the Future Robert Zemeckis 1985
15 15 Planet of the Apes Franklin J Schaffner 1968
17 16 Close Encounters of the Third Kind Steven Spielberg 1977
16 17 Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan Nicholas Meyer 1982
19 18 Gattaca Andrew Niccol 1997
18 19 Jurassic Park Steven Spielberg 1993
20 20 Brazil Terry Gilliam 1985
21 21 Star Wars I-III (1999-2005) George Lucas 1999
22 22 Dark City Alex Proyas 1998
23 23 Dune David Lynch 1984
24 24 E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial Steven Spielberg 1982
26 25 Dr Strangelove Stanley Kubrick 1964
25 26 Predator John McTiernan 1987
27 27 The Thing John Carpenter 1982
28 28 Independence Day Roland Emmerich 1996
29 29 Stargate Roland Emmerich 1994
30 30 Total Recall Paul Verhoeven 1990
33 31 Serenity Joss Whedon 2005
31 32 Contact Robert Zemeckis 1996
32 33 The Abyss James Cameron 1989
35 34 Donnie Darko Richard Kelly 2001
36 35 V for Vendetta James McTeigue 2005
34 36 Minority Report Steven Spielberg 2002
38 37 Starship Troopers Paul Verhoeven 1997
37 38 Metropolis Fritz Lang 1926
39 39 The War of the Worlds Byron Haskin 1953
40 40 Mad Max George Miller 1979
41 41 The Time Machine George Pal 1960
43 42 Logan's Run Michael Anderson 1976
42 43 Star Trek: First Contact Jonathan Frakes 1996
44 44 Men in Black Barry Sonnenfeld 1997
45 45 The Andromeda Strain Robert Wise 1970
47 46 Galaxy Quest Dean Parisot 1999
46 47 X-Men Bryan Singer 2000
51 48 Pitch Black David Twohy 2000
49 49 Akira Katsuhiro Otomo 1987
48 50 Invasion of the Body Snatchers Don Siegel 1956
50 51 The Road Warrior (vt Mad Max 2) George Miller 1981
54 52 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Michel Gondry 2004
52 53 Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home Leonard Nimoy 1986
56 54 Tron Steven Lisberger 1982
58 55 A.I. - Artificial Intelligence Steven Spielberg 2001
53 56 Soylent Green Richard Fleischer 1973
55 57 Solaris Andrei Tarkovsky 1972
59 58 I, Robot Alex Proyas 2004
57 59 RoboCop Paul Verhoeven 1987
61 60 Children of Men Alfonso Cuaron 2006
60 61 Silent Running Douglas Turnbull 1971
63 62 THX-1138 George Lucas 1970
62 63 The Thing (From Another World) Christian Nyby 1951
64 64 Equilibrium Kurt Wimmer 2002
65 65 The Incredibles Brad Bird 2004
66 66 Spider-Man Sam Raimi 2002
67 67 Star Trek VI - Undiscovered Country Nicholas Meyer 1991
69 68 Escape From New York John Carpenter 1981
68 69 Fahrenheit 451 Francois Truffaut 1966
70 70 Superman Richard Donner 1978
73 71 The Truman Show Peter Weir 1998
71 72 War of the Worlds Steven Spielberg 2005
75 73 The Fly David Cronenberg 1986
80 74 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Garth Jennings 2005
76 75 Armageddon Michael Bay 1998
74 76 The Omega Man Boris Sagal 1971
72 77 Them! Gordon Douglas 1954
77 78 Westworld Michael Crichton 1973
79 79 Night Of the Living Dead George A Romero 1968
81 80 Young Frankenstein Mel Brooks 1974
78 81 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Richard Fleischer 1954
— 82 Avatar James Cameron 2009
97 83 Iron Man Jon Favreau 2008
85 84 The Rocky Horror Picture Show Jim Sharman 1975
83 85 Invasion of the Body Snatchers Philip Kaufman 1978
82 86 Frankenstein James Whale 1931
84 87 Starman John Carpenter 1984
86 88 The X-Files Rob Bowman 1998
95 89 Spaceballs Mel Brooks 1987
90 90 Godzilla - King of the Monsters Terry Morse 1954
91 91 This Island Earth Joseph Newman 1955
87 92 When Worlds Collide Rudolph Mate 1951
88 93 The Incredible Shrinking Man Jack Arnold 1957
94 94 Pi Darren Aronofsky 1998 85
89 95 Rollerball Norman Jewison 1975
— 96 District 9 Neill Blomkamp 2009
92 97 Stalker Andrei Tarkovsky 1979
93 98 Dark Star John Carpenter 1974
96 99 Quatermass & the Pit Roy Ward Baker 1967
99 100 Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai W D Richter
Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies and Trekkers!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What caused Sarek's and Spock's major disagreement?

What decision caused a rift between Spock and his father, Sarek, that lasted for 18 years?

1. In 2267 Spock's marriage ceremony was ruined owing to human weakness which severed his telepathic bond with T'Pring and granted a vulcan called Stonn the opportunity to steal his girlfriend away from him.

2. Spock joined his USS Enterprise NCC-1701 friends to communicate with V'Ger instead of accomplishing the Vulcan ritual of Kolinahr intended to purge all remaining emotions in the pursuit of pure logical reasoning.

3. In 2249 Spock chose to apply to Starfleet Academy instead of staying on his Vulcan home world to study at the Science Academy of higher learning. The Institute cast a slur on Mr Spock's half breed human heritage which insulted the green blooded Vulcan's feelings.

4. In 2363 Spock secretly traveled to Romulus on a personal mission to educate Romulans about the Romulan/Vulcan Unification. Spock's disappearance caused great consternation among Federation authorities about a defection.

5. Spock's father Sarek married at least three times. His first wife was a Vulcan princess with whom he had a son named Sybok. Next up was Spock's mother Amanda Grayson, a sweet Earthling woman whom Spock desperately tried to save from the dying planet Vulcan. He took Amanda's death badly and publicly opposed Sarek's position during the Cardassian Wars giving his father's third wife, Perrin reason to harbour resentment towards Spock. Spock left for Romulus during Sarek's Bendii Syndrome illness without even saying goodbye.

6. None of the above.

3. In 2249 Spock chose to apply to Starfleet Academy rather than remain on his Vulcan home world and study at the Science Academy of higher learning. The Institute cast a slur on Mr Spock's half breed human heritage which insulted the green blooded Vulcan's feelings.

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies and Trekkers.

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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Image Owner/Creater: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was released in 1982, directed by Nicholas Meyer with Kirk's original crew of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 defending the friendly flag of the U.F.O.P. once again. Khan is considered one of the best loved movies spawned from Star Trek's original series "Space Seed" episode. This killer sequel engages Admiral James T. Kirk (played by William Shatner) in a head on collision with his bitter adversary Khan Noonien Singh (played by Ricardo Montalban) who escapes from Ceti Alpha V's captivity, hellbent on seeking revenge upon Kirk. Khan's master plan hinges on using the *Genesis device as a diversionary tactic, so he can lure the U.S.S. Enterprise out into the open and blow her to bits to avenge the deaths for 20 of his people and his beloved wife.

Meanwhile on Earth's Presido of San Francisco at Starfleet Academy, Captain Spock is testing his cadets with the Enterprise-class Mark IV simulator. (Yes, the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 is a Constitution Class.) The Kobayashi Maru Challenge frequently wreaks havoc with students however it prepares them for the burdens of starship command.

Its nice to see the senior USS Enterprise crew back at their stations standing by Mr Spock, whose vulcan logic weeds out the wannabes from the Starfleet elite who will eventually be entrusted to captain a starship without supervision. A new generation of cadets including Spock's protege Lieutenant Saavik have to learn to conquer their fears. To sit in the captain's chair following in the Admiral's footsteps is no easy feat. Starfleet has demanding standards with only one commander having ever beaten the dreaded "no win scenario" Kobayashi Maru Test. .

Image Owner/Creater: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

While Kirk is inspecting his new ship of eager cadets, an emergency distress call comes in to the USS Enterprise 1701 to investigate strange orders received by the science team on Space station, Regula One. The Head Scientist, Carol Marcus (played by Bibi Besch) rejects instructions from Commander Chekov to beam all equipment and materials relating to Project Genesis onboard the U.S.S. Reliant. She sends a priority message to Admiral Kirk which Khan gleefully intercepts and jams. Mr Spock relinquishes command of the Enterprise to Kirk, so the crew can investigate whos scheming to steal the Genesis Torpedo from Regula One's science team. Khan successfully cuts off the USS Enterprise's transmission forcing a violent showdown between Federation battle cruisers in a bloody battle of wits within the mysterious Mutara Nebula.

*Launched from orbit, the Genesis torpedo is designed to restructure entire planets and create new life in favour of its new matrix. In the wrong hands the torpedo has the technology to obliterate M-class worlds and all surrounding life within minutes.

Image Owner/Creater: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

While orbiting Ceti Alpha V on the science starship USS Reliant, Commander Chekov's long range scans discover a planet apparently devoid of life. However his dynoscanner readings detect a minor energy flux from the planet surface. Further investigation is necessary in order for the Genesis experiment to proceed. The Reliant's survey missions provide fresh data for the Regula geeks so they can run scientific simulation tests. Ceti Alpha V was a major breakthrough for Carol Marcus and her Science team because it meant they finally had a planet from which to launch the Genesis device thus theoretically creating new life. But Regulas technological marvel isn't exactly all its cracked up to be! Saavik is unimpressed when she finds out why the torpedoes designer, David Marcus cheated by adding protomatter deep within its beating heart!

Chekov and Captain Terrel beam down to the planet surface of Ceti Alpha V to investigate and discover very faint traces of life. The planet looks deserted and completely barren from the aftershock of an awful disaster. A sand blizzard is stirring up but Commander Chekov ploughs on and discovers Botany Bay's cargo carriers in the dunes. Once inside closer inspection reveals carefully arranged living quarters. Chekov recognises the derelict as the SS Botany Bay and the gravity of the situation suddenly becomes clear.

Image Owner/Creater: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

A masked man mysteriously appears with his warriors preventing Chekov and Captain Terrel from escaping. He blocks their path with good reason. The man and his followers were marooned on Ceti's sand heap by Captain James Tiberius Kirk 15 years ago. The mask is slowly peeled back to reveal a weather beaten face with cruel eyes striking terror into Chekov and Terrel's hearts. Chekov's eyes freeze upon the master criminal standing before him as they are held captive by the strongmen in Khan's gang.

Khan is startled by the recognition and examines Chekov and Terrel.

"I don't know you, but you!! I never forget a face. Mister Chekov, isn't it?"

"I never thought to see your face again."
Chekov has a go at Khan and calls him a murderer.

"This is Ceti Alpha V!" yells Khan to Chekov in a frenzied fit of rage however after calming down, the exhiled prince of millions decides to explain.

"Ceti Alpha VI exploded six months after we were left here. The shock wave shifted the orbit of this planet and everything was laid in waste. Admiral Kirk never bothered to check on our progress. It was only the fact of my genetically engineered intellect that allowed us to survive..."

Image Owner/Creater: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

The planets indigenous ceti eels have become Khan's "Pets" which were responsible for killing his wife. The ex-prince of millions swears revenge on Kirk and captures the USS Reliant with the help of his mind controlling little friends using Chekov and Captain Terrel who are now under his control. The Reliant's crew has been replaced by Khan's warriors who have sworn an oath to serve and die at his command. At the helm is Joachim, Khan's lieutenant. He is the brightest of Khan's group. Terrell sits in the First Officer's chair, Chekov at the Comm Console. Their behaviour seems normal except for the subtle hesitation, symptoms from the Ceti eels controlling their minds slowly driving them towards inevitable madness.

Captain Spock yields command of the USS Enterprise to the Admiral, after all the vulchie has no ego to bruise and Kirk knows it. The Enterprise heads to Regula One at warp speed. En route, Kirk briefs McCoy and Spock about the Genesis Torpedoes powerful technology capable of transforming entire planets from lifeless rocks to habitable planets within minutes. Spock logically points out,

Image Owner/Creater: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

"It has always been easier to destroy than to create." The vulchies calmness about life and death sends Dr McCoy spinning off the deep end.

"Not anymore! Now we can do both at the same time. According to myth, the Earth was created in six days. Now watch out! Here comes Genesis, we'll do it for you in six minutes."

"Really, Dr McCoy. You must learn to govern your passions, they will become your undoing." replies Spock sweetly.

As the Enterprise approaches the silent USS Reliant, the admiral's crew become living shooting targets for Khan's merry men. Khan is preparing to deliver the final killing blow to his old friend Admiral James T. Kirk. His tortured mind exhibits an insane camaraderie that makes me smile every time he expresses his warm sentiments towards Admiral Kirk. Khan enjoys harking on about the good old days. He's been savouring his moment of victory for 15 years and hails the USS Enterprise 1701 with the good news that he's going to swing round and blow them to bits. For a space terrorist, Khan demonstrates an awesome sense of fair play but his procastination is his achilles heel which gives the USS Enterprise a fighting chance to strike back.

Image Owner/Creater: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

Kirk and Spock input the Reliant's prefix code 16309 into the USS Enterprise's tactical station to order Reliant to lower her shields. I love this bit. Yessss! Woo Hoo! blow that sucker to bits!!! It actually works because Khan did'nt change the code combination. Significant damage is inflicted upon Reliant's photon controls and warp drive causing a temporary stalemate in the middle of Khan's little war.
Warlord Khan is furious and struggles back to his feet yelling, Fire! Fire! But its too late. The Reliant was badly hammered with debris and wiring strewn all over Terrell's bridge after Spock's and Kirk's nifty trick. Lieutenant Joachim points out that the USS Enterprise isn't going anywhere forcing the Reliant to retreat. The Admiral's ship has taken a heavy beating. Kirk withdraws the Enterprise from battle so the crew can make best speed to Regula One's Research labs.

Kirk's landing party discovers murdered bodies swinging from Regula Ones beams, however in stark contrast to Starfleet operating procedure the transporters have beamed something into the heart of a nearby apparently lifeless, asteroid. Khan's men have left a visible trail of destruction strewn all over the Genesis station. The Regula Scientists are no-where to be seen except for a handful of dead technicians who suffered unspeakable deaths at the cruel hands of Khan. Kirk's landing party follow the trail of death and discover Captain Terrel and Chekov.

Image Owner/Creater: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

Kirk hesitates but finally decides. "Lets go"
Dr Leonard McCoy takes serious issue with transporters scrambling his molecules and scattering them half way throughout the universe, so he can be forgiven for asking:

"Go? Where are we going?"
Kirk points to the console, "Where they went." Kirk walks onto the transporter pad as Saavik works the console with the beam down co-ordinates still intact in the main energizers. The others join Kirk.

Bones is not a happy man. "But what if they went -- noo-where?"

Kirk "Then this will be your big chance to get away from it all."

David Marcus runs into his father Admiral James T. Kirk in the Genesis cave where the "doomsday" device is stored. A fight ensues with David brandishing a knife at Kirk with Carol Marcus consequently spilling the beans. Father and son stare at each other with shocked disbelief turning them to stone. Bones, Jedda and Chekov turn to look at Carol, wondering. Terrel very casually takes the phaser from Jedda.

Image Owner/Creater: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

Theres another surprise in store when Chekov and Terrell shock Kirk with news about Khan. The ex-prince of millions been listening in all along and now knows the exact co-ordinates of the Genesis device. Like a good soldier Captain Terrell obeys the princes orders but Khan wants more.

"Captain... We're waiting. What's the delay?" queries Khan.

Terrell is severely conflicted by his loyalty to Starfleet, while his mind battles for control opposing the juvenile ceti creature and suggestions from Khan to kill Admiral Kirk.

"All is well, sir. You have the coordinates to beam up Genesis..."
Khan is persistent. "First things first, Captain, KILL Admiral Kirk."

Only Kirk and Bones have sneaking suspicions on their faces. David is stunned with shocked disbelief and makes a wild lunge at Terrel who accidently phasers Jedda into stardust. Chekov is close to a seizure. Its obvious to everyone, Captain Terrel is fighting conflicting mental signals.

"Excellency... it is difficult. I try to obey, but...."

Khan's voice echoes around the Genesis cave. "KILL HIM."

Image Owner/Creater: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

As though tearing off a leach, Terrell grabs at the wrist recorder and flings it to the ground. A shock wave of screeching ceti eels rings through Terrell's head. He recovers, trembling, realising that he can no longer take orders from a denebian slime devil. Chekov is shaking badly. Terrell turns his phaser away from Admiral Kirk while Chekov's hands are frozen in time pointing his phaser at the good guys. Khan hasn't given up on Terrell.

"Kill him, Terrel. Now!"

Then, shockingly: Terrell turns his phaser on himself resisting Khan. Terrell goes out in agonising style, vaporising himself into oblivion. The Ceti eel crawls out of Chekov's ear. It has grown quite large. Chekov breaks free from the creatures hypnotic control, and once again Khan has failed to kill Kirk. Kirk grabs Terrels wrist communicator from the floor.

"Khan, you bloodsucker, they're finished! You'll have to do your own dirty work now. Do you hear me? Do you?"

" Kirk! Kirk, you are still alive..... my old friend..."

In the Rocky Cavern the transporter beam locks on to the Genesis torpedo and its arming control box. As Kirk and the others watch, horrified, Khan beams up the materials. David tries to reach the torpedo, but Saavik holds him fast with Khan leaving the Enterprise party stranded forever, buried alive!


Carol Marcus shows Kirk the Genesis Cave, an Edenic environment created in the heart of a previously dead world and proof Genesis works. Kirk reveals to Saavik the conclusion of the Genesis no-win scenario. He picks up his communicator.
"Spock, this is Kirk. It's two hours. Are you ready?"

"Spock here. Right on schedule, Admiral. Just give us your coordinates and we'll beam you aboard."
Kirk cheats death again by tricking Khan whose two dimensional intellect serves only to play into the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 hands. Shes not as heavily damaged as Khan was led to believe. Mr Spock lied! They return to the ship and lure Khan into the nearby Mutara Nebula. Kirk has to outsmart Khan because the Enterprise has lost its warp power. The Reliant is eventually crippled after a game of cat and mouse and everyone but Khan is killed.

Image Owner/Creater: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

Rather than surrender, Khan activates the Genesis Device to take out his opponents who are close by and without warp drive. The wounded Enterprise can't escape in time from the Genesis countdown which delights Khan in his dying moments. Spock hurries to the USS Enterprise's engine room, and enters a high radiation area after depositing his "Katra" in Dr McCoys mind. It's fascinating to observe how the vulcan's "emotional outburst" succeeded in restoring warp power to the Enterprise engines, whereas Spock's logic was powerless to convince Dr McCoy. So the sly vulcan slips the good doctor with a vulcan neck pinch giving him a major headache. Tragedy strikes when our beloved Spock receives a lethal dose of radiation and dies. Mr Spock gave his life to save his ship and crewmates from the Genesis death wave with the movie ending with a funeral service for the heroic Vulcan. This was a real tear jerking moment for trek fans, watching Admiral Kirk and Spock saying goodbye hit hard at the very core of Trekkie defences!.... "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one."

Image Owner/Creater: Paramount Pictures and/or CBS Studios.

Many fans consider this movie to be "real" Trek, accurate in areas of characterization, and involving a people-oriented plot which was one of the things that made Trek work, demands for Spock's return in a third movie "The Search for Spock."(1984) were made worldwide. More Star Trek movies followed with Leonard Nimoy right up to Star Trek XI.You can wipe away the tears now. XD.

Guest stars include some famous names: Bibi Besch, Merritt Butrick, Paul Winfield, Kirstie Alley, Ricardo Montalban, and Ike Eisenmann. John Winston reprises his role from the Original series as Lieutenant Kyle (Transporter Chief), and Teresa Victor, Harve Bennett was the fi!m's executive producer as well as the writer (with Jack B. Sowards}. James Horner scored the film and Lucasfilm`s Industrial Light and Magic team directed the special effects.

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers and Trekkies!

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