Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Search For Alien Lifeforms.

Remember Captain Picard from the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D? well he was the first space explorer to coin the phrase,

"Let's see whats out there, Engage."

Star Trek has done so much to energize humans with the prospect of a happy, hopeful future. Seeking out new lifeforms in deep space has won the hearts and minds of many science fiction fans since the dawn of time travel

But do you believe intelligent aliens from outer space really exist?

Professors of astronomy believe that wherever life sustaining, planetary conditions exist in the universe then the chances are good we will stumble upon an intelligent alien civilization.. We'd have to be pretty innocent to believe we're the only ones in the universe. Still, First Contact with an alien lifeform amidst billion of stars and planets is quite an undertaking. How springs to mind. Scientists figure its only a question of time when an E.T. signal will pop up on earths radio telescopes.

Finding an oxygenated M Class planet with gravity, a breathable atmosphere, water, supporting an intelligent alien civilization and orbiting a nearby star is a time consuming practise for the eyes on earth. Steven Spielberg contributions to Seti has helped researchers keep the cause alive. Stargazers and scientists are constantly trying to establish the naked truth about how our universe works. But what happens when we do get an E.T. signal? How will humanoids react to E.T. news? Earth has been our special place in the center of the galaxy for years.

Are you in favour of preserving lasting peace or are you a Klingon at heart? To die defending the Empire is the hope of every Klingon.... Which is your truth because its out there waiting second star to the right! Gordon Cooper is living proof we're not alone in the universe.

First Contact with intelligent alien life could infect the evolution of earths timeline. Its quite possible Alien first contact has already taken place...... but its never been officially acknowledged by the US Airforce until Colonel Gordon Cooper went public about his encounter with UFO crafts flying higher and faster than his fighter jet way back to 1951!

Starry Earthlings, the ones who knew this moment was coming will look up to the stars and nod knowingly at each other with that special glint in their eyes. The Aliens have landed. This is our time to make a real difference and establish lasting peace, lol . Who knows maybe UFO's aren't as crazy as it sounds.

QUESTION: Do you Recognize the voice in the youtube video?

HINT: 'Data something's got me!'

In reality wired has confirmed UFO's do exist in our space and time. Why are humans shaken up about this subject when even now 60 years later, we have empirical evidence proving technological visits from aliens visiting earth readily available on YouTube! How much of this is true? The Government always rejects such ideas as a waste of time and resources but perhaps that's just a PR campaign. So go on ask yourself, LOL....

Why would any Alien visitor in his or her right mind go to the trouble and fly an eye catching flashing spaceship into the terrestrial, confused airspace of our little world.? Think about it.... It just doesn't make sense because these aliens visitors are the smart ones. We're the ones still using rockets and jets.

Only in extreme emergencies, would a flying saucer risk landing to re-energize its plutonium reactor engines from a natural power source which is probably what happened at Edwards Airforce Base.

Still this doesn't explain America's secret spaceship circling high above the earths atmosphere either, which is so top secret that even the pentagon will not divulge its mission.

Sci-Fi Movies of the 20th century and Astounding Magazines featured bug eyed monsters flying in
astonishing space ship designs. Earthers of the period were captured by alien entities and beamed aboard flying saucers using superior transporter technology which instantly dematerialized, transmitted and reassembled human life form energy patterns. For centuries human minds and scantily clad women have been conquered, vanishing without a trace from their home planet earth, but just how far fetched is it?

Believe it or not french newspapers during the 19th century offered prizes to anyone salty and lionhearted enough to make contact with alien creatures from outer space. That's not all. It gets better. Mars was ruled out because it was concluded at the time,

" We know intelligent life exists on Mars."

150 years ago People were afraid of scientists were advertising earth's co-ordinates to extra-terrestrials who were deemed a significant enough threat to the bewildered bipeds on earth.

The graphic fiction of H.G. Wells "The War of the Worlds" only served to inflate the mounting panic at the time, people were actually worried about life on earth. When the story about invading Martians incinerating peacemakers with heat-rays hit the stands in 1898, what followed was interesting. The world held it breath and life continued. No rewards or bounty money made the slightest bit of difference. The capture of invading aliens died a quickly with public alarm abating thereafter. Apparently the Martians were just a storm in a teacup or were they?.... but I digress.

Prof. Frank Drake - Search for Extraterrestrial Life

It didn't stop scientists from cheerfully beaming radio signals up into the unexplored reaches of the galaxy on the quiet. While signals grow weaker and weaker the further distance traveled, its still possible for them to be intercepted in remote areas. In 1960 Dr Frank Drake, the founder of SETI made the first official attempt at contacting alien life using an 85 foot diameter dish antenna at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)in Green Bank, West Virginia. A three month observation of the stars, Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani in constellation Cetus was chosen by Drake, codenamed Project OZMA.

At one point an interstellar terrestrial signal caused some excitement but it turned out to be a false alarm. The stars being only 11 light years away (66 trillion miles away) meant it was easy to focus on. A light year is the distance light and a radio signal travels in one year, approx six million, million miles away. No other signals of advanced civilizations were detected on their first try but at least it produced encouraging results.

Dr Drakes experimental 85 foot radio telescope, was pointed at a potentially fertile section of interstellar space. Due to public fears about space and alien entities, project OZMA was conducted by scientists at the time with the utmost care and precision. These hardy, spirited researchers listened for three months and concluded, Are we all alone in the universe? It must have been thoroughly frustrating - but at least OZMA paved the way for systematic searches seeking out technological
alien manifestations in other star systems...

Alien civilisations have undoubtedly evolved very differently compared to the 'civilized' human beings infesting our little world. Alien survival, co-existence and methods of space travel will continue and depend upon years of research and brain boxes in the distant future.

Logic dictates extra terrestrials are not going to understand our native lingo either and a universal translator is definitely on the cards.

It is interesting to note, that ancient extra terrestrials have left their mark on our world, so where did they go? Evidence of Alien influence can be seen in Sacsayhuaman on a hilltop fortress outside on Cusco. Its like our alien friends stepped in and gave us the technology to build a great Inca city when melting these great big bolders perfectly together. The tools and knowledge have long since disappeared but isn't it fascinating not a single blade of grass or copper will slide between these awesome stones. Just look at how they fit together! Even pure logic fails to explain how this mysterious wall was constructed with such precision, except lets pretend theres a logical explanation. There has to be some way to explain this!

In 1972 it was decided to launch a different probe into the vast expanse of galactic space. This probe project was called Pioneer 10 and sent on its journey to Jupiter, to survey the planet after which time it travelled on to survey Saturn, the Milky Way Galaxy and bordering stars.

The PIONEER probe was built by
TRW Space & Technology Group under contract to NASA with an engraved gold plaque attached to the side. The plaque was designed by Carl Sagan and drawn by his wife Linda Salzman Sagan. The plaque translates the breakdown of the most common element in our universe. Hydrogen.

The coded message contains the position of our sun relative to 14 pulsars and the center of the Galaxy. It also outlines the planets in the Milkyway and their relative distances to each other including a woman and a man to the top right. The mans hand is raised in a goodwill gesture of greeting as Earth's way of saying,

"Hi there, from the people of Earth....Lets be friends."

Technology aboard Pioneer 10 enabled the probe to explore the outer regions of our solar system and study energy particles from our sun. Pioneer ll sent back amazing images of Saturn with them reporting on conditions in the asteroid belt and Jupiter space. If E.T's locate one of the Pioneer probes, first contact with Earth using its radio wavelength gizmos is entirely possible. Logically of course, LOL!

    Helium Vector Magnetometer (F)

    Plasma Analyzer (P/L)

    Charged Particle Instrument

    Cosmic Ray Telescope

    Geiger Tube Telescope

    Trapped Radiation Detector (P/L)

    Meteoroid Detector (ENC)(F)

    Asteroid-Meteoroid Experiment (ENC)(F)

    Ultraviolet Photometer

    Imaging Photopolarimeter (ENC) (P/L)

    Infrared Radiometer (F)
Maybe..... Aliens are smart but deciphering Pioneers technology and getting it to work will be a giant leap forward for Alien Interstellar Communications. Pioneer 11's last communication to our little blue ball of earthlings was in November 1995. In 2003 Pioneer 10 chirped goodbye too, one last time before disappearing forever more into the vast expanse of deep space.

In the summer months of 1977 a more responsive welcoming message was blasted off into the unknown aboard VOYAGERS twin space capsules, one and two from Cape Canaveral, Florida... Mars was the destination.

This time the sounds of earth were chosen with two Bachs, two Beethoven's, Mozart affixed to the craft as a perfect choice to delightfully weird aliens out upon its discovery, LOL.

The hope was, Martians would soon come to appreciate the good nature of people living on planet earth. Two video discs were placed aboard Voyager, cataloging the musical achievements of intelligent humans on 20th Century Earth with Nature, bird sounds, animal and peaceful greetings from many races recorded in 55 different tongues. Heaven help the Aliens!

There are now all kinds of eavesdropping Extraterrestrial Intelligence Organizations keeping an ear out in space. SETI (Searching For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is one of the first and oldest.

Steven Spielberg sponsored their "META" project with an 84 radio telescope designed to track special frequencies in hot areas of space. This project was devised by scientist Dr Carl Sagan. SETI started a major 7 year search in 1992 with advanced computer technology co-ordinating a world wide effort capable of monitoring 70,000 radio channels.

SETI'S Project PHOENIX examines millions of channels simultaneously. Computers scan for signals in space alerting Astronomers when intriguing interstellar radio signals appear. Sure beats some poor devil sitting down for hours, plugging in and waiting for something to chirp at the other end of a console.

At present, 21st century earth is currently not as advanced as The United Federation of Planets although, 300 years from now, our computers will successfully scan space for strange new lifeforms. We'll make direct contact with intelligent alien civilisations just like the USS Enterprises NCC 1701 did in Star Trek. You do believe me, right?

Radio signals and optical signals are our fastest known method of sending messages light years away in our century. Hopefully someday one of our extra-terrestrial friends will receive one of our "beamings" and knock on our door. 50 years later, SETI is still looking for E.T's who will one day, descend from the black skies upon Earth in one of their flying spaceships. Gordon Cooper has already seen these space vehicles which he describes candidly in the video.


Thanks for reading, Scan long and Prosper!

Friday, November 26, 2010

AMT Model Enterprise NCC 1701-A

Here she is the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A. As you can see for yourselves, she took one heck of a battering from the Klingons. It was touch and go there for a while with the warp nacelle pylons nearly losing their structural integrity, believe me. I know what it means when Captain Kirk yells "Red Alert!!! All hands man your Battle stations."

This detailed model enterprise 1701-A came equipped with sound effects and 12 light emitting diodes which required a steady hand to be sure.

The secondary hull which you see here, houses the bulk of the fibre optic cabling but despite there being a whole ton of wiring over flowing the plumbing of the ship, you may recall what Montgomery Scott said in Star Treks TOS episode of Naked Time.

"I cannot change the laws of physics! I've got to have thirty minutes."

and sure enough Worf's words of anguish...

"I am not a Merry man."

sprung to mind..... Yes, that was definitely me, so therefore, I applied Spock's vulcan logic.....

"Quite simply, I examined the problem from all angles, and it was plainly hopeless. Logic informed me that under the circumstances, the only logical action would have to be one of desperation. Logical decision, logically arrived at."

I marked out each wire clearly identifying its final destination. It wasn't easy looking into the beating heart of Scotty's poor bairns and trying to figure out how to spark life into the USS Enterprise or call it quits. It has to be stated, you need stick-ability to complete a WIP like this. Open starship surgery is never easy but my Dad, may his soul rest in peace, suggested using fiber glass for reinforcing the structural integrity of the ship which saved the entire operation!

 I used Dad's fiber glass idea to bond the warp pylons to the secondary hull. The trouble is fiberglass dries very fast, so I knew this was going to be a very precise operation. Commander Riker knew it too, when he was ordered to reconnect the USS Enterprise -D's Saucer module to the Stardrive section.

"Give the word Admiral!"

By Borgus Frat it worked! Ten years later this USS AMT Model Enterprise is still standing tall with a working power source linked to LED's, phaser fire and photon torpedoes sound effects still operating within normal parameters. This model ship is a tribute to Captain Kirk's heroic crew of the USS Enterprise 1701-A and my ol' man.

Live Long and Prosper.

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