Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Star Trek Illogical Mania

William Shatner's latest tip off at the 2011 Calgary Comic Expo settles it. It looks like our trek hero won't be appearing in Star Trek 2. Sob, sniff... I feel like bursting into tears.

"I've become an acquaintance of J.J. Abrams. What a talented guy and he never mentioned, "Get yourself ready, you're going to be in the next movie,"... So, no."

Oh well, you can count on one thing. The new Star Trek movie will have lots of futuristic features hard core trekkies will get a kick out of.... like blood thirsty Romulans, flying Robocops, Redmatter and the usual shenanigans involving scantily clad babes.

Time warping into Shatner's past, lets have a peek at the big break which made him and his co-stars into Superstars, thrilling fans across the universe. Behold Star Trek The Original Series show created by Gene Roddenberry.

"It was all luck," said Mr Shatner. "I look back upon it as the miracle that changed my life."

Star Trek's "Trek Trio" became an instant hit with the fans. The pilot originally starred Jeffrey Hunter, who was crucified by the critics for his wooden portrayal of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 starship Captain. Shatner was hired as the new Starship leader, Captain James T. Kirk. His light hearted, action-man approach gave Leonard Nimoy (the pointy eared vulcan Science Officer) all the edge he needed to play the logical, wise cracking Mr Spock. Dr Leonard "Bones" McCoy was the Chief Medical Officer whose skill at at poking holes in Mr Spock's powerful feats of logic always brought him down a peg.

"In a pigs eye!" stirs McCoy, hoping for the usual emotional outburst from Spock's human half.
"That is a human emotion." replies Spock cleverly.
"You bet your pointed ears, it is! comes the warm human reply from Bones.

There have been times, though, when William Shatner's Kirk persona saved his neck just in the nick of time.. Once, scheduled to film an early morning desert scene, Shatner donned his Captain's uniform at home and drove his automobile at warp speed to make the set for the 4am deadline.

"I didn't think there would be any other traffic," he says "There was. A police car with flashing lights pulled me over."

When asked where he was going, Shatner replied "To My spaceship." The police officer sighed and sent him on his way. "Not without telling me to "Live Long and Prosper."

Star Trek's classic crew, Spock, Scotty, Uhura, Dr McCoy, Sulu, Chekov, Nurse Chapel and Rand love hopping across galaxies aboard the battle-cruiser (hehe) USS Enterprise NCC 1701. Seeking out new life and encountering strange civilizations beamed unbelievable monsters and scantily clad babes onto tv screens every Friday night, lasting for three wonderful, glorious years. Despite getting cancelled Star Trek hasn't faded. Its successful TV transmissions established a deep rooted philosophy within its dedicated loyal following.

Star Trek illogical mania spread throughout the stars by infecting and assimilating viewers into the trekology collective. Across the Terran system, Star Trek the Original Series erupted with imperfect technicolor sets packaged up and sold into syndication. The Final Frontier dream burst into life and found audiences everywhere with Kirk fighting monsters and doomsday machines with his bare hands and wits. At the early age of 14 my eyes discovered a whole new universe of science, technology, exploration and Klingons fighting the Federations. I was hooked.

I love how the Enterprise sets "move" with the shakey camera effects. The actors throwing themselves around the Enterprise Bridge is a sure fire sign that the ships shields are under bombardment and weakening from enemy alien attack!!!

Which Chief Engineer said? "Captain! She's packing quite a wallop. Shields weakening!!!

Live Long and Prosper, trekkers.

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