Monday, February 08, 2016

Star Trek Beyond - Rockstar Music Tracks

Jeffrey Scott's - Battle of the Bands regales Rockstar Aficionados all the time - so having found a Science Fiction angle, I wanted to join in the "Battle of the Bands" fun.

Star Trek Beyond's teaser trailer is exploring new territory. (Alas forget Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner) Question: Is the Beastie Boy's "Sabotage" track punchy enough to shake up the entire galactic Federation of Lifeforms?

We need Star Trek as a NO1 box office smash hit but Beyond has to win over the hearts of fans first. The truth is emotional reactions are running quite high. You may remember the first time Kirk played "Sabotage" in 2009 as he drove his stepdads red corvette over a cliff.

Its time to choose 1 out of 3 songs you'd like to hear in Star Trek Beyond.

1. Sabotage by Beastie Boys

2. It's My Life by Bon Jovi

3. Womanizer by Britney Spears

Which of these 3 music tracks  is your favorite  for Star Trek Beyond?

Let us know your "song of choice" in the comments below.

Rock Long and Prosper - Rockstars, Trekstars and Blogstars!

Monday, February 01, 2016

Galaxy Quest - Meme Bloghop

Christine Rains, C. Lee McKenzie and Tara Tyler are hosting a Winter Bloghop which I spotted over at the Its all good fun. The idea is to shake off the seasons blues by posting a fun MEME on whatever cosmically takes your fancy. All you have to do is select a favorite image (You've probably guessed that I love Science Fiction.) Now warp over to, upload - type in your words/quotes and publish!

I found an amusing snap from Galaxy Quest with "Sir Alexander Dane" (Alan Rickman) chatting with co-star Gwen deMarco (Sigourney Weaver) over the phone. (He's alone in his apartment, STILL wearing his latex Alien Scalp on his head.) Gwen is upset because their supreme commander "Captain Jason Nesmith" freaked out bigstyle with a fan.

Laugh Long and Prosper.

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