Saturday, May 21, 2016

New Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2

Star Trek Beyond trailer 2 has finally arrived. Hooray, its here! Looking back over recent memory bank records, my findings clearly indicate, Star Trek Beyond is behind Star Trek Into Darkness by at least two months but whos counting? Were you counting down the days, hungering for the next trailer?

 It isn't uncommon you know, its easy to get lost in the vastness of space, theres only yourself, your ship, your crew - States the High Command of the Federation. 

Fear of death is what keeps us alive says Dr McCoy. So what happens when the Federation flagship, USS Enterprise NCC 1701 is boarded by unknown "Swarm" Aliens? Whats F.B.I Agent (Chuka Ekweogwu) going to do? Unless something is done fast, Captain Kirk's crew is going to have big problems! So whats the next move???

 Swarm Long and prosper, trekkers.

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