Wednesday, October 24, 2018

To Boldly Discover Star Trek

Are Fans Rejecting Star Trek Discovery?

So with Netflix footing the bill for the entire season 1 of Star Trek Discovery. The question remains. Is the new show a financial success?

As predicted by the licensees the ship and costume designs and overall deviation from Star Trek Canon has caused a backlash in the fan community.

Discovery toys aren't readily available in stores except online...hmmm its a different story. Amazon is a good place to search. You can find a Sonequa Martin-Green STAR TREK DISCOVERY Autographed photo for $65... so if you've got the bucks to blow.. shes waiting for you!

But lets get serious for a second, the new changes have caused an unmistakable rupture in the space time continuum between borderline fans who dislike ST Discovery and fans who love it.

So which side are you on? Do you love the new Star Trek Discovery Costumes? or prefer the older kelvin timeline....... Kirk, Picard, Janeway, Seven of Nine perhaps or maybe McFarlane Fox toys? hehe CBS must be loving this. What about the JJ abramsverse Star Trek movies?

In some sense Star Trek Discovery was to Star Trek Fans what Star Wars the last Jedi would become later to Star Wars fans. Which timeline are you casting your vote in favor of?  Hey maybe you loved Star Trek Into darkness..............

Live Long and prosper.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Captain Kirk's Memorrable Kisses

Captain James T Kirk has enjoyed romantic entanglements with the galaxies most beautiful women. Some were flirtatious, and others were dangerous birds but none could match the deadly speed and true love of the Starship USS Enterprise NCC 1701. I find it fascinating to take stock of historys glories, join me on our quest down memory lane... where are they today?

Edith Keeler played by Joan Collins. Kirk and Edith kissed when he saved her from falling down a stairs and breaking her neck. History had to be restored to prevent the Nazi's winning WW2. Edith Keeler had to die. In reality Joan is 85 still kicking and starring in American Horror Story. 2018

Lieutenant Uhura played by Nichelle Nichols. Captured by Platonians and forced to entertain, Kirk and Uhura's kiss was watched by millions for being
the first of real world significance. Today Nichelle is 85 is involved in many productions from White Orchid 2018, American Nightmares 2018, Unbelievable, Noahs Room, Drones, Clones and Pheromones. Wowsers!

Lenore Karidian played by Barbara Anderson. Kirk romanced Lenore hoping to find out the truth about the suspected criminal Kodos. It turns out Lenore is killing her lovers who suspect too much making their "kiss" near fatal. Today at 72 her photos don't do her justice. Despite the faded golden hair her mind is sharp and she has a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Marlena Moreau played by Barbara Luna starred in Mirror with the Evil Captain Kirk. She was seductive and wanted to share power but threatened to leave. Kirk changed her mind with a kiss melting her resolve. Today Barbara, Luna to her friends is 79, looks a million and lives in NY. Her most recent work in 2016 was the Sandra West Diaries.

Yeoman Rand played by Grace Lee Whitney was foxy sultry hottie in her day. A fan favorite who sadly died in 2015. There was a moment on the starship Enterprise when a savage duplicate Kirk forced himself on Rand. All down to a transporter accident. Whitney lived to age 85 after appearing in 8 classic episodes and several Star Trek movies. She featured in Star Trek Voyager and was loved at conventions.

Areel Shaw was played by Joan Marshal died at age 61. She married 5 times and was Barbara Striesland's secretary. In Star Treks Court Martial she was the only woman to wear a full uniform dress for the duration of the episode. Turns out as prosecuting officer she couldn't resist trying the defendant with a kiss before gunslinging him.

Shahna played by Angelique Pettyjohn died from cervical cancer in 1992. She was 48 and a stunner. She starred in Star Treks Gamsters of Triskelion as green haired thrall whom kirk kissed, said goodbye leaving her to watch the lights in the sky.

Andrea played by Sherry Jackson (76) was a real stunning android.  Seizing the moment and the android, Kirk plants a sloppy wet kiss right onto her sweet pretty smacker. Poor Andrea, I bet her that move overloaded her logical android programming. I couldn't help but laugh when she says "No, not programmed for you." Jacksons last gig was Strike force in 1982. Since age 11 the camera loved her but acting roles faded in the 80's.

James T. Kirk had many conquests and one had the most amazing smile. Dr Helen Noel (Dagger of the Mind) played by Marianna Hill. Its too bad they didn't make her a regular cast member because she was smoking hot and perfect.

She is known for High Plains Drifter, The Godfather PII, Star Trek TOS and the Outer Limits. M Hills last movie was a comedy titled Chief Zabu 2016.

Hope you enjoyed our trek down the stars, live long and prosper.

Which Sci-Fi Spacebabe is your favorite?

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Worf and Jadzia

Terry Farrell is big at Star Trek conventions. Here she is giving a Q&A for the fans at Supercon 2018. She first appeared as Jadzia Dax in a DS9 episode "Dax" accused of murder. Fans know by now "Jadzia" character is two different species. So heres the thing, see....


Theres this large worm lurking within beautiful Jadzia the host. So what is it? Well trekkers, to be blunt Jadzia's 300 year old beastie has a name.....Its called Dax, lol. So lets see now... The Dax symbiont brain entity had previous deep ties with Klingon culture, so when Klingon Worf came along (remember him?) a Klingon wedding on Deep Space 9 kinda happened. Jadzia and Worf were married.

 So who got the better deal? You decide! but we're talking about Jadzia the spacebabe with several doctorates and degrees in exobiology, zoology, astrophysics, and Xenoarchaeology - duh what?) You don't have to understand the how it all happened exactly...... just let Jadzia - do all the talking and Worf can consider himself one lucky Klingon.

He must have been trilled, Jadzia was, wouldn't you agree?  tell me what you think.

Live long and Prosper


Monday, October 01, 2018


Guess who said “Need a flashback guy?????” adding “Just saying … I’ve got previous experience and will work for autographs.”

Younger versions of Captain Jean Luc Picard have been portrayed by three other actors or maybe four...
1. David Tristan Birkin played Picard at age 12 (“Rascals,” plus he played Picard’s nephew RenĂ© in “Family”),
2. Marcus Nash portrayed Ensign Jean-Luc Picard (“Tapestry”), and
3. Tom Hardy played a young Picard clone and was shown as a photo of Picard from the Academy (Star Trek: Nemesis).
Of course, Patrick Stewart just played his younger self in ST TNG “Tapestry,” through the magic of Q.
4. James McAvoy played Professor X in the ninth installment of the Xmen movie series (2016) He shaved his head to look like SirPatStew

so do we .... "Need a flashback guy??????"  1, 2, 3 or 4?

Live long and Prosper
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