Monday, December 14, 2020


 Merry Christmas Trekkers, I pray everyone is staying safe. Heres my review of Star Trek TNG "Loud as a Whisper" which has a unique form of communication. The Federation is called upon yet again to solve a bitter planetary conflict.

Wesley, Riker, Picard, Troi, Data, Worf, Tasha Yar.

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Rivas Chorus

Desperate for salvation planet Solaris V only inhabitants are unable to overpower the freedom fighters. Over the centuries - The gun is no longer fun! Yes, Warring factions call the shots literally determining the rule of law with firepower decide we can't go on murdering each other... Enough!


 Peace is in the air - when the flagship of the United Federation of Planets arrives with renowned deaf mediator Riva....only an unhappy rebel filled with rage is waiting to deliver the kiss of death.

Love, Peace, Intellect

 Riva (and his telepathic chorus of three) beam down from the safety of USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D to "speak" eloquently via hand signals conveying Riva's thoughts. 

"Riva!" (Lets get outta here)

 Unfortunately the civil war ceasefire between the two sides was a shotgun marriage. All it took was one Giant Step Forward leaving Riva's fateful communicators - Scholar, Passion and Harmony, true peace keepers disintegrated layer by layer right before our eyes, wisped away by hate gone forever. 

Solaris V Soldiers
Riva! We need You!

Some say the effect of the laser weapon is fascinating 1989 Star Trek TV! 

Riker grabbed Riva out of the line of fire. The faction lieutenants delivered swift retaliation execution for the trio meaningless "chorus murders" 

Voiceless, feeling alone, deserted, Riva's telepathic friends were not coming back.

Would you return to rebuild the "bridge" between two antagonists filled with loathing and revenge?

Does this type of  1989 CGI shock you?... 

How do you suppose did Riva mediate without his telepaths? any ideas?


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