Saturday, July 31, 2021


Star Trek has an exciting new character to whet our appetites about, Picards trusty new dog and his name we all know is Number One! Fun considering William T Riker (Johnathan Frakes) starship USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D was Captain Picards sidekick too! So now Picard's New Number 1 is everywhere, posters and trailers. Heres Patrick Stewarts interview about his pitbull and what it means to Star Trek Picard.

“I wanted a dog because I have, only in the last four years, renewed my acquaintance with dogs. I had a dog, a border collie, when I was little and nothing since then. I thought all we need to do is to have a dog at Picard's side. And that, without any dialogue or any dramatic reference, will say a lot about this man, that he now has a dog always at his side,” Stewart said of the creative decision behind giving Picard a four-legged friend.

Star Trek: Picard

NO 1   sits  by  PICARD waiting for orders.


He continued. “And then the question was what kind of dog? Well, I am obsessed with pitbulls. What a dog, and how ill used they have been, appalling used. In England they're a banned breed. I adopted my first pit bull and we already were excited about the thought of taking her back to England, and we couldn't do it. They won't be let in the country. I even talked to the British Embassy in Washington about it and they said,  ‘There's nothing we can do.` I'm now part of a campaign working in the UK to get this legislation changed because they are the most sensitive, the most loving, the most giving, the most affectionate creatures that you could ever possibly hope to meet.”

It seems that Stewart represents the best of us both on and off the screen. Pitbulls have a history of being mistreated, so Stewart is doing the right thing in standing up for them against unfair stereotypes and giving them a platform like Star Trek: Picard. We think Picard would be proud. 

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