Monday, January 31, 2022


Hi Trekkers, Star Trek TNG episode "The price" is hosting a bunch of dignitaries aboard the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D. Its interesting to discover who has their eyes on the Barzan wormhole. Smooth talking Betazoid negotiator Rals shenanigans with Deanna Troi's was just sheer co-incidence right? I don't think so. I mean it can't be easy being the Enterprise-D counsellor. 

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So with the Barzans gathered and the greedy Ferengis around who slings his hook into Deanna? Ral. His plan (being an empath himself) was to sway the bidders emotions like he was doing with Deanna. 

Meanwhile Geordi La Forge and Data  find out the "wormhole shortcut" joining the Gamma Quadrant and the delta Quadrant together isn't so stable. Would have been real neat too. A cool 200 light years shaved off starship spaceflight if the wormhole hadn't been rife with subatomic fluctuations. Yup, it was a dud. Only the Ferengi found out too late! 

 Something very strange is happening to this wormhole


Friday, December 24, 2021

William Shatner Friend and Defender of Earth Boldly goes where no Blue Orgin has gone Before

Merry Christmas Trekkers and to usher in 2022 heres some Bezos and Shatner Blue Origin fanfare with their rocket shooting off into space. You'll remember the legendary captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise 1701 from Star Trek the Classic Series? Well here he is....

These are our friends, our defenders and our protectors of the United Federation of Earth. Well, good as - apparently William Shatner has gone up into Space big time Trekkers for real, (only Joan Collins is not in agreement! )😁 one to beam up Scotty! 

Without hope what have we got?  I'm going up into Space, How many people can say that? Jeff Bezos Concept to make living and pollution a thing of the past.

“I’m so filled with emotion about what just happened,” the screen legend said. “It’s extraordinary. I hope I never recover from this. I hope I can maintain what I feel now.”

What do you think? Are you for or against Space exploration?

Merry Christmas Trekkers!

Monday, November 29, 2021


 Heres a question fans of Star Trek Picard are asking. 

Does Q appear in Star Trek Picard?

To recap trekkers we know In Star Trek: Picard's season 1 finale, Picard did indeed perish from his disease after he helped save the galaxy. But Dr. Altan Soong (Brent Spiner) and Dr. Agnes Jurati (Alison Pill) successfully transferred Picard's mind into the Golem, granting the retired Starfleet Admiral a new lease on life.


Heres a youtube scoop - Q creates an alternate timeline for Season 2!Yup! It kinda brings back 'ol Star Trek  memories of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D and First Contact sniff. Oh well. Season two will premiere in February 2022 

On the 18th Jul Johnathan Frakes confirmed:

I just finished directing a couple of episodes of Star Trek: Picard. I can confirm that one of our old crew, the omnipotent Q, played by John de Lancie, is in fact in both of the episodes that I direct.

Is there a season 3 of Star Trek: Picard?

So now Picard's crew are time traveling to repair the fabric of time, lo and behold Q (John DeLancie) has lots of surprises for Picards fledglings. We see a Dictator Picard!!!! Why??? So what hope is there for Earth? What does the Federation represent with a Picard Totalitarian regime in power? 

Will the fabric of time shatter if the two Picards meet? or is this something else? The Borg Queen also makes an amazing appearance and in order to save the future, wait for it 😁 Picards crew enlist her help!!!  So whats going on?

All is not the same in trekiverse, times are a changing!!!! What is Q up to?  

   Marina Sirtis, who plays Counselor Troi, and J. Frakes were briefly in Picards last season. Brent Spiner, who played Data, is back in another role. Seven of Nine and Picard never met in TNG continuity but in Star Trek Picard Jeri Ryan reprises her role and joins a lot of dots. 

Do you think the Federations moral compass has gone completely mad, assasins out for blood, is not very diplomatic or, "we come in peace" friendly, is it?

Live Long and Picard Trekkers

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