Thursday, September 13, 2007

Star Trek XI Movie Logic

Captain Kirk doesn't believe in the no win scenario, so he rigged the Kobayashi Maru Test and beat the Klingons!! Woo Hoo. Go Kirk, Go Kirk!! You're the Best. Now trekker hopes depend on a Star Wars fan making Star Trek history!!! and without our superhero William Shatner. Geeze.... Hmmmm. I wonder, will J.J. Abrams pass his Kobayashi Maru test? Only Trekkie's can decide. Take my sidebar Kirk Test now! Sci fi viewers know only too well that Spock, McCoy and Kirk were special.

Bill Shatner told Trek fans at Comic Con and Shatnervision that he's not in the latest Star Trek movie. Sob, sniff. The Sci Fi universe is awash with traumatized Trekkies everywhere, even I'm all watery eyed too. At least Bill put us out of our misery.

Spocks warmblooded, illogical and emotional old friend Jim Kirk, has been snuffed out of Star Trek XI! (MORE LIKE NEVER WRITTEN IN) It gets better. J.J. Abrams explains his reasons in a vulchy statement at trekmovie on William Shatner and the new Kirk casting. J.J. actually confesses his dark side sins in his statement so I'm thinking - hey heres a dude that worshipped Darth Vader. - O.K. but what about Kirk 's U.S.S. Enterprise and its captain?

Shatner fans across the globe know Bill is a funny guy who has delighted Star Trek millions with his wit, charm and intelligence, all things that make great science fiction. You'll be glad to know Bill may be doing a series of "Negotiator" commercials which are entertaining.

Here is Bill's comic role in his Priceline "The Negotiator" commercial. Its bound to cheer up Star Trek fans still reeling from Mr J.J. Abrams Vulchy logic and it proves the old maestro still has the movie magic provided he doesn't get too bogged down with the Vulcan shockwaves rattling Trekkies across the globe right now. I think J.J. Abrams has been hanging out with those green blooded, inhuman, pointy eared Vulchies too much!!

Live long and Prosper Trekkers!

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