Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wicked Weapons

W is for Wicked Weapons.

Fighting and warfare have been the subject of Science Fiction stories from almost the beginning of time itself, with writers out foxing themselves in creating new weapons for the future. The familiar and once ever present ray gun is but one of a class of weapons called energy weapons, that fire a beam or ray at various settings and deadliness.

My favorite is Star Trek's Type 2 classic hand held phaser of 2266. Its got three extremely powerful variable settings. The lowest stun setting will weaken moving targets and cause them to fall unconscious. The highest setting will disintegrate dense material, heat rocks, heat coffee, cut metal and vaporize humanoids! For safety phasers are normally set to stun. On top of the Type 2 hand held unit is a small type 1 phaser which snaps into place to complete the set. Some of these weapons are distinguished by the type of energy they use or sound they fire such as heat rays and laser guns. Star Wars fanboys and fangirls love the lightsaber which features a deadly buzzing sound and bright blade. Other weapons are noted for their effects, blasters, death rays, disintegrators and disruptors.

Now tell us what your favorite Science Fiction Ray Gun is? Its over to you, trekkers.


nutschell said...

i would have to say i looove light sabers.:D

Spacerguy said...

Good weapon Nutschell, but which one has the highest energy frequency: Star Trek phasers or light sabers?

Nick said...

Lightsabers gives both sides a fighting chance. Phasers, it's who ever draws first.

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