Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fastest Time Naming all Star Trek movies

Heres a fun Star Trek record set by a supreme being which should light up the geek side of your brain! I'd like to give a huge thanks to My trekkie friend, Colm for discovering the Fastest Star Trek Movie World Record and sending it to me! The video clearly demonstrates mack naming all the Star Trek movies in faster than warp speed. Thats right! Elder spits them off in 10.5 seconds and gets them right, now thats pretty darn extraterrestrial! The dudes a space legend!!! LOL. Have a listen for yourselves. So what does Elder say at the end of the challenge? 'Nerdiest Thing Ever, thank you.

Hes quite obviously pleased with himself but isn't it interesting Mack doesn't say trekkie or trekker? Oh well, you can't have everything, maybe its time for the saurian brandy. The real question is can your Sci-Fi fierceness beat Mack Elder's Fastest Time Naming All Star Trek Movies In Chronological Order?

Theres no denying the uber sci-fi geek lurking within everyone of us, for it too must know. Next time you're hanging with some trek buddies be ready with your stopwatch and ask the question: How fast can you name all the Star Trek/Star Wars movies in chronological order?


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  2. He also set: "Fastest Time To Name All Star Trek TV Episodes In Broadcast Order"


  3. Most impressive. I took about two minutes. The fastest tv episodes is more impressive since its longer though.

  4. I grew up on star trek and it seems impossible to me that a person can not know what it is. My parents watched the next generation religiously and I was always there. Even trek fans that I meet don't know who Q is. How can anyone who is a fan not know that!?
    I have a web-series that is pretty cool. It's a time travel show with some cool characters.

    Check it out

  5. I agree Maurice. Now it takes a few brain cells to list off TNG episodes in chronological order, lol. I've put up a video of this guy who knows all the classic star trek episodes - he sets the record by stating them in their correct order. What a feat!


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