Sunday, January 22, 2012

Star Trek TNG Blu Ray

2012 is an exciting time trek fans because its our Star Trek's TNG 25th anniversary. So grab your communicators and spread the word. has confirmed each of the 178 episodes spanning The Next Generation's seven seasons will be transferred to true high-definition 1080p for release in the Blu-ray format, starting with season 1 in 2012.

After the successful remastered release of Star Trek TOS in 2006, Star Trek's TNG Blu-Ray HD release is finally materializing with a taste of trek to come. Its like the bugs have been wiped off the windscreen making this trek the first time for fans to boldly experience.... 'The Next Level' with its 4 sample Blu Ray episodes.

Encounter at Farpoint Part 1 and 2.
Sins of the Father and
The Inner Light. has posted 40 BLU-RAY screenshots of TNG series in HD. Apparently Trekkie requests for Star Trek THE NEXT GENERATION sent Paramount on a new mission. To seek out and explore TNG camera negatives, transferring the originals from lower resolution video, visual effects and sound to HD Blu-Ray. Trekkies naturally want to experience the 'higher frontier' so Paramount/CBS listened and are making it so! Amazon and will be fully stock and loaded by 31st January 2012.

The good news is Trekcore and Collider have also confirmed that all 178 episodes of TNG will be transferred to true high-definition 1080p for release in blu-ray format in season sets starting with season one 'later in 2012'. You'll find the whole story here but don't forget Spacerguy, remember I'm doing this for you guys.

The Next Level features four episodes: Encounter at Farpoint's two parter with the heroic USS Enterprise-D crew battling the odds led by Captain Picard resisting the omnipotent Q entity. (Everyone knows Q is nuts.) Whoever said resistance is futile?

'You will now answer to the charge of being a grievously savage race!' Picard toughs it out.'Grievously savage could mean anything, I will answer only specific charges'

 Sins of the Father is the Emmy winner for outstanding Art Direction with Warrior Worf ready for pay back, however this episode begins with Klingon Commander Kurn participating in the 'Starfleet Exchange Programme.' It isn't long before the Enterprise crew are seriously peeved off with the guy. On the Klingon homeworld Worf challenges his fathers enemy with this episode marking a turning point for the Klingon.

'I am a Klingon, if you doubt it, a demonstration can be arranged.'

'I am Worf, son of Mogh. I have come to challenge the lies that have been spoken of my father.'

Inner light is a popular Star Trek favourite and Hugo Award winner for the best dramatic presentation. Chief Medical Officer Beverly Crusher rushes to a stricken Captain Picard who wakes up and experiences a whole new life spanning nearly 40 years. A woman, Elaine tells him shes his wife! Five whole years pass and Picard has to come to terms with the fact that hes just Kamin the Iron Weaver.

'I just don't know the risk of shutting down the beam.' Commander Riker wants answers fast. 'I'm not willing to let this thing keep drilling into him.'

I bet you're eager to discover what our TNG trek heroes look like on blu-ray HD dvd? Well then its high time for a trekkie splurge, isn't it?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sounds cool! Hope they plan to do the same with DS9.

Spacerguy said...

TNG Blu-Ray is a dream come true for trek fans. Star Trek DS9 (Blu-Ray), will need alot of Niner requests to reach Paramounts radar. I hope Niners come forward and identify their needs to Paramount/CBS but will they?

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