Sunday, April 22, 2012

T is for T'Kon Empire

T is for T'kon Empire. In Star Trek TNG episode of 'The Last Outpost,' Commander Data gives a little talk to his to his Enterprise-D buddies. Captain Picard explains hes never heard the word T'Kon before. Data turns on a holographic projection covered with extinct alien looking T'Kon language.

Apparently, the T'Kon Empire ruled the galaxy 600,000 years ago. According to legend, these planets were outposts of that empire, explains Data. So far so good, until the operations manager picks up one of the toys left behind by one of the kids. Gottcha!!! Its hilarious watching super- android Data struggling to free himself when his forefingers get STUCK TOGETHER!

Data. What are you doing?

Apologies, Captain. I seem to have reached an odd functional impass. I am, ah... Stuck.

Then get unstuck and continue your briefing.

Yes, sir. That is what I am trying to do... But the solution eludes me.

GEORDI (laughs)
My hero.


Tony Laplume, Scouring Monk said...

It's a shame that the T'Kon Empire's legacy is so pathetic. But the Chinese finger trap is hilarious.

Maurice Mitchell said...

It figures Data would get stuck by a children's toy. LOL That's why they call it a finger trap though.
- Maurice Mitchell
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Spacerguy said...

Data's logic is usually quite compelling but in this case.... yeah his innocence still hooks you.

teganwilson said...

I watched this one last night :D

Tegan Wilson

Daniel Hirsch said...

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