Saturday, August 04, 2012

Robotic Lifeform

A sentient robot would be a really marvelous feat of engineering, wouldn't it? Imagine having your very own robotic slave to love! You could say goodbye to homework and hoovering around the house forever! Mowing the lawn too would become a thing of the past. Today's impressive robots have computer brains to analyse planets, assemble cars and hoover carpets. What kind of redeeming robotic qualities would you build into an A.I. if your starship crash landed on a deserted planet?

1. Would you build a kind, superior or mean robot? (I beg you to reconsider if you choose the mean machine! Lol!)
2. Would your robot be the friendly type and keep you company into the night?
3. Would your robot be able to learn, play and enjoy itself in its time off?
4. Would your robot be designed to emulate human feelings or have real ones?
5. Would your robot ever disobey your orders, or be completely fail safe with an on off switch?
6. Would your robot be specifically programmed to answer questions with an exhaustive computer memory salvaged from your starship?
7. Would your robot ever complain and say, 'Hey dude, Time Out!'? Hehe...
8. Could your robot ever re-program itself to become more human?
9. Would your robot obey the three laws of Robotics?
10. Would your robot have the strength of 10 men or one?
11. Would you construct a tough emotionless waterproof robot or build a friendly human A.I. that short circuits when it gets wet.
12. Is the kindness and warmth of your robots character more important than its pure intellect?

(You can choose a combination for your answers and add your own)

Dream long and prosper, trekinators.


Tony Laplume said...

My robot would be pretty much like Data.

Spacerguy said...

Great choice Tony. Fearless and superior Data always tried to emulate humanity but it always seemed to exceed the scope of his programming, until he got his emotion chip!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

My robot would be friendly but protective of me, good company and able to enjoy himself, he would obey the Ten Commandments, and he would come with an option to switch him off if he went too far.

Spacerguy said...

Good one Alex, hehe. A robot that obeys the 10 Commandments would be really special. It is likely someday he will ask who Mom and Dad are.

Maurice Mitchell said...

The robot from Bicentennial Man would be my first choice. Kind, loving, artistic and endearing. Not a great movie, but a great robot.

Spacerguy said...

When Isaac Asimov wrote this wonderful story giving the robot Andrew Martin, raw emotions and self determination, I was hooked Maurice. Despite the book being dimensions ahead of the movie, the robots humanity will reach out and touch your heart.

nutschell said...

I'd love a robot like R2D2--well, except I'd modify it to sound a little like chewbacca :)

Spacerguy said...

R2D2's friendliness and bravery makes him so lovable as a droid doesn't it Nutschell?

He overrides security computers and repairs his companion C-3PO on their misadventures without beeping too much. Knowing Kenny Baker was inside makes R2D2 a real joy to watch.

L.G. Keltner said...

I have an award for you. Should you choose to accept it, you may pick it up here:

Spacerguy said...

Thanks L.G. for the Liebster Award! Its been such an amazing journey trekinating about robotics, star trek and all things science fiction great and small. Seeing you guys enjoying the trekology buzz makes it all worthwhile.

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