Friday, September 14, 2012

Walter Koenig's Star in Hollywood

Legendary Star Trek actor Walter Koenig finally got his reward last Monday for playing Chekov aboard the USS Enterprise NCC 1701.

Looking back on series now, Koenig is the last cast member from classic trek to earn his spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame two days after Star Trek's 46th anniversary.

In the original TV show our navigator steers the ship through thick and thin but hes probably best remembered for his quirky pronunciations. In Star Trek IV Chekov's Russian accent provides good comic relief in a scene when he asks for the location of Nuclear Wessels and is epic in Star Trek 2009.

His wife Judy Levitt, daughter Danielle, fellow co-stars Leonard Nimoy (Spock) George Takei (Sulu) and a radient Nichelle Nichols (80) (Uhura) joined Walter at Tinsel Towns sidewalk for the star-unveiling celebration.

“This is something that you hope and wish for, dream about, but something you never expect to really happen, 'It's a joyous occasion and I am deeply honoured.'said Walter after allot of people inundated the Walk of Fame Committee so they decided last year that he would receive a star.

Who's your favorite Star Trek or science fiction character? Do you think Nichelle Nichols takes a beauty potion for staying so young and beautiful?

Trek long and Prosper, Trekinators.


  1. About time he got a star!
    Picard is my favorite and my wife likes Worf.

  2. Good for Koenig. Took them long enough. Gotta be Spock and Data.

  3. Picard got the best lines, Alex. Live now. Make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again and Worf is so practical in battle, LOL. Live now. LOL If winning is not important, then Commander, why keep score?

    Finally its Koenig's time now. I think his funniest performances is in Star Trek IV Star Trek the Voyage Home.

    It makes you wonder why they waited so long Edward but I guess thats Hollywood.

  4. I had no idea he was bold! But in hindsight I guess it does explain his hair. It's funny, too, because he had that Monkees wig as a signature from the very start on Star Trek.

  5. And by "bold," I mean bald. Because other pictures from the ceremony revealed that.

  6. Tony, I guess Koenig's baldness came in real handy which suited the studio and Roddenberry's plans for a Beatles or a Monkees type character, whom we now know and enjoy as Chekov.

    Course Heading Keptin?

  7. Took them long enough! Congrats to him!


  8. This is a cool site. I was looking for something on Trek Madone in my search but like Star Trek!

  9. It a special moment for him Nutschell, marking 50 years.

  10. Thanks Mike, that makes two of us!

  11. Great that he finally got the well-deserved star. Makes me want to watch some Star Trek.

  12. Its cool seeing Walter Koenig getting his special place in history.


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