Monday, December 03, 2012

Star Trek Into Darkness Official Poster

I've been over to Trekmovie to catch the latest scoop on Star Trek Into Darkness and we're still clueless about Star Trek's villain. Trek fans say the guy standing on the pile of ashes looking out towards the ruined city could be Gary Mitchel or Garth of Izar but definitely not Khan! Hey what if the bad guy's Finnegan or Trelane or Gary Seven? So what have we got then?

We've got Star Trek's Into Darkness title leading the way into darker territory. A synopsis from last week, a sweet release of Paramount's official poster depicting a war torn world with a rather unstarfleet caped dude searching for something apparently.

Theres little doubt that this is a cool poster. With Star Trek Into darkness trekkers are bracing themselves for the unexpected and outrageous with J.J. Abrams directing. What will raise the stakes and make the drama more intense?

Star Trek Into Darkness Posters

Pehaps we'll see a high speed chase with plenty of explosive action. We'll need something to stir up emotions in the crew so it wouldn't be Abrams without a few more planets imploding and scotty yelling, 'but Captain I'm giving it all shes got!' LOL.

There'll be the usual hanky panky, The best in USS Enterprise crew hand to hand combat, a crew hot on the tracks of one scarey, destructive, explosive villain who leaves nothing but assassination and carnage behind. It'll be the best hour of sci-fi fun you've ever had! At least thats what fans are secretly hoping for.

Now everyone knows space is a dangerous place and when you give chase after a villain you might just die horribly but.. It takes a special kind of nutter to go out into space and have a crack on purpose. Of course I'm talking about Captain James Kirk. Do you think Benedict Cumberbatch has got what it takes to make Nero look like Mr nice guy?

Destroy long and prosper, Trekkers and Trekkies.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Poster is cool!
I think there was more pressure on the first movie. It had to please old fans and attract new, which it did. I think since this is coming from the same caliber of quality that Abrams creates, it should be just as good if not better. Certainly darker!

L.G. Keltner said...

I'm really excited now! May 17th can't come fast enough!

Tony Laplume said...

Totally different kind of Star Trek poster!

Maurice Mitchell said...

Correcting typos. Dang phone. I find it interesting how different this poster is from the usual Trek poster. No characters, just mood. Very exciting. My vote is for Gary Mitchell.

Spacerguy said...

Time for playing fair and square is well and truly over for the Federation. Imagine a evasive doomsday weapon going off and decimating the entire core of Earth's defense fleet. But who and why? I can't wait either guys.

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