Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Name a Drink that does not have the letter E

Heres one I found on Facebook which is good but then what self respecting trekkie doesn't like to get totally wasted once and a while?

Maybe you're into Star Trek, Rugby, Coors or cars but whatever your religion lets get the ball rolling (yes, I know I'm ripping off someone elses coor idea, :)

So being a Star Trek Nerd heres what I posted to Old Photos Dublin...

Name a Drink that does not have the letter "E" in it!

Saurian Brandy

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Anton Yelchin - Happy Birthday

Hello world and Friends, trekkers and trekkies. Its been two years since Anton Yelchin died on Sunday 19t June 2016. You'll remember he played Pavel Chekov, the USS Enterprise's navigator.

 "I can do zat" he yells while rushing down to the USS Enterprise's transporter to perform his miracle beam up trick (STID.) What a fun moment, I laughed because I have to admit, he was such a champion with that Russian voice and a hard act to follow.

Heres a happy snapshot of friends Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Karl Urban and Anton Yelchin with Zachary Quinto looking on I believe. I can't see Chris Pine. Anyway, here they are captured in a happy moment with Anton as Star Trek's cast hanging out together.


Zoe Saldana sums this moment up best.

Happy birthday Anton- in our hearts forever.

Monday, March 05, 2018

Star Trek Discovery Going Badly or Boldly?

1 Star Trek: The Original Series
2 Star Trek: The animated Series
3 Star Trek: The Next Generation
4 Star Trek: Voyager
5 Star Trek: DS9
6 Star Trek: Enterprise
7 Star Trek: Discovery

Heres a list of deep space, high tech, Star Trek TV shows, warping through space with our fab trek crews high fiving space monsters, I mean to see our heroes battling chaos in the galaxy is an absolute buzz but lets get serious. I won't take long. I promise. At least 7 of these battle cruisers were commissioned on Earth with Starfleet picking up the tab since the Federations charter in 2161. Impressive aren't they?

 So lets do some historic starship searching. Trekkers recognise creators Matt Jefferies and Andrew Probert seen here with the show's founding creator Gene Roddenberry....

 but let's not forget Bryan Fuller who some say went completely mad after co-creating Star Trek Discovery, poor chap. Oh well, nevermind, The USS Enterprise represented true hope, vast technology, and service to humankind.... which leads me to one last thing. Awards.

and here they are...

1 Emmy Award
2 Hugo Awards
3 Saturn Award
4 TV Land Awards
5 Television Critics Association Awards
6 Writers Guild of America
7 Oscars
8 Golden Globes

Star Trek has won many awards over the years because so much is right about it. Star Trek is such a cool catchy brand too with a neat ring to it. In fact I love Star Trek and wowsers now we have Star Trek Discovery.

So now heres the greatest battle of them all. Star Trek vs Discovery. Deciding which one has one has won the most Awards is just a click away, unless you already know.

How do you think Star Trek Discovery did at the Golden Globes? Going Badly or Boldly?

Live long and Prosper

Monday, February 26, 2018

Star Trek TNG - Q WHO

Stardate 42761.3
 Original Airdate:
 Writers: Maurice Hurley.
 Director: Rob Bowman.
 Season 2, Episode 41

 Star Trek TNG "Q Who" reveals a deadly encounter with the flagship USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D which tucks tail and bolts. Unlike Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) crew I hear you cry, hehe. Not so in this scenario and heres why. The Omipitent Q Entity (John DeLancie) appears before Picard, abducting him in a shuttle heist. So now, the good captain is held captive but Q has good reasons. He wants to join the Enterprise-D crew!!! Picard is sceptical at first because we know Q has varying disregard for humans but heres the thing. Picard listens to Q!

 Apparently the Enterprise-D tormentor and has been banished from the Q Continuum and wants Picard on his side! Now Guinan is horrified but who cares about her, you might think? Well we'd be wrong. Guinan is 200 years old and has excellent imp instincts,lol. Okay so I'm exaggerating. But when Picard rejects Q's proposal what happens? Q throw's the Enterprise-D 7000 light years into uncharted space with just a flake of his powers, two years away from Federation territory at maximum warp. Can humans handle all that exists in this sector of the galaxy?


 Turns out Guinan fears were right, advising Picard to "turn back now!" It isn't long before we discover System J25 has planets churned up like a Borg graveyard. Guinan knew these half humanoid robotic Borg would cubes attack and thats when one appears.... Harmless at first. Until a borg beams aboard Picard's flagship. In gleefull delight Q exclaims "He's just a scout, the first of many. He's here to analyse your technology. He may attempt to gain control of the ship. I wouldn't let him." So Now Picard is alarmed "Stop!..... Mr Worf!

 Watching the Enterprise-D getting carved up and get a "bloody nose" was exciting stuff in 1987. The presence of Q and the loss of 18 crew, fans loved watching the mighty Flagship USS Enterprise NCC 1701 retreating away at 9.65 from the scary Borg? Were you one of them? Q grovelling to Picard and vice versa, who begged better, lol? The Alien antagonists in the Borg cube was clever because it was enough to hook us. Guinans chat with Picard soon makes him realise.....

Our Borg buddies will be coming. The GAME isnt over....Oh No...

Live long and Prosper!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Happy Birthday Jeri Ryan

Happy Birthday Jeri Ryan who's 50th today! Born 22nd February 1968, here she is reaching out to our Star Trek hive minds, reading our thoughts. Can't you feel her presence? So wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

 I set out and discovered Husband Chef Christophe Eme  and Jeri on the web,  don't they look happy together?

Live Long and Prosper.

Monday, February 19, 2018


In episode 121, THE ARSENAL OF FREEDOM, The USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D is following the trail which leads to a technologically advanced civilized world Minos, devoid of any human lifeforms except for two chatty holograms.

 So when the Enterprise away team beam down, Riker is greeted by a facsimile of his friend Paul Rice in the jungle who is in fact..... one of the planets deadly weapon systems


 Meanwhile killer drones swoop in for the kill and attack.  QUESTION: Why is sophisticated technical equipment still functioning on a planet devoid of life? We soon learn from the proud Echo Pappa Series 607 Salesman!

 Crusher is hurt by her fall into the Cavern and heres a machine still analysing Riker, Data and Tasha for humanoid target practise so it can construct stronger deadlier weapons! Now that only happens in Star Trek!

Why the doctor and Captain beam down is a mystery, after plunging 50 feet into a Cavern Beverly struggles for her life while Laforge is in starship command and this offers him a huge challenge, as the planet soon begins attacking the ship as well.

 Basically it's a tale of survival as well as of growth for Laforge. Very simple, very direct and yet very enjoyable. Worth watching. SO whose side were you rooting for? -  1. the USS Enterprise-D "beam down" awayteam or 2. the Minos search and destroy drones?

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Party Celebrities

What do Danai Gurira Simon Pegg and Freddie Highmore all have in common on this day?
Danai Gurira




Its their birthday.

1978, 1970 and 1992 gives you the idea when these birds hatched out of their eggs. Can you guess their ages? Which actor played Montgomery "Scotty" in Star Trek in 2009?

Marvel Studios Black Panther is all set to become a smash hit at the week end but which hatchling is making it so? Now our sci-fi trio have caught our attention which one of these party celebs get top slot on IMDB for being N01?

Live Long and Prosper.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Star Trek Pals Leonard and William

Here's a cool interview with Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner. So Enjoy the laughs! Heck even John Wayne, the "Duke" gets a mention. Weren't these sci-fi maestro's just the best?



 The reason Star Trek has endured is because Leonard has this thing... (chuckle) 1.55 Its the stories (talk about me) the characters, the uniqueness of Mr Spock. Its the relationship of Mr Spock (hes finally got it right) and Kirk. The relationship that the three of us had the compadres, the family, the levels of meaning of the show, the uniqueness of Science Fiction at that time. It was all that and many other things but the curious thing is no-one really knows, so anything you say is as valid as anything we could say because if we knew what it was? we'd do it again! and again!

Friendship is a precious thing until...(record scratch) Why these good friends stopped trekking out is anybody's guess....

Live Long and Prosper

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Star Trek TNG's 53rd episode "Booby Trap " is where Chief Engineer Geordi does his best to get it on with Christy on the holodeck.

 He spends several hours perfecting the ideal love-nest holodeck programme only for it to end without even scoring a kiss. - Why does Geordie have such lousy luck with women on the holodeck?

 We find out later when the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D gets caught in an energy radiation trap. Curiously, a Promellian battle cruiser emerges unscathed and Picard is impressed but all is not what it seems. The battle cruiser is a relic left over from a war years ago.

Later daft begger Geordi, activates another hologram. Low and behold, the original designer of the Enterprise-D engines Dr Leah Brahms (Susan Gibney) springs up. After speaking to her, the guy figures, ouch, freezer woman, I've got to make a few technical adjustments to her original programming.

 Ah-ha So, with the wizardry of the Federation's flagship Enterprise, Geordie adds a few personal touches of his own to make" Leah the hologram" more receptive to his needs. Not bad huh? you sly devil Geordi, haha!!!

Of course the tweaks are all in the engineer's line of duty whos only trying to save the Enterprise from fatal exposure to space radiation. Isn't it sweet when your a Chief Engineer? Whatever happened to the rules and ethics pertaining to courting ladies on the holodeck? - but hey, Leah isn't complaining!

 Live a lot.... Get semi naked at the nightclubs or you haven't lived! LOL wheres the harm in having some fun, eh?


Live Long and Prosper!

Friday, January 26, 2018


What is one of The Greatest Moments In Science Fiction? 

Well Trekkers, I figure Christopher Nolan's 170 minute movie Interstellar (starring Matthew McConaughey, Ellen Burstyn, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain) does a stand up job boldly going where no father and daughter has trekked before taking us through the curvature of time and space. Here we have a humanist determined to save humanity but will he succeed?

Its a beautiful feature with a fascinating storyline taking the viewer through the thrilling greatness of our solar system. I know I was excited were you? Which areas of Earth do you believe have been visited by Aliens?  Yes, Aliens are in Interstellar.

So who were the Aliens really, aren't you curious?     

Live Long and Prosper.                                  

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Star Trek Discovery - The Wolf Inside

CBS have released Star Trek Discovery's 11th episode - The Wolf Inside.

 It turns out Burnham and Tyler locate a bunch of rebels.... but to spell it out

Aliens are a diverse bunch. Its not every day you run into Andorians, Vulcans, and Klingons!

Among them is Sarek, who mind-melds with Burnham, to confirm she isn't the real mirror captain?

Its a sweet trick, Vulcan Mind melds.... c'os Sarek timing is neat...  Meanwhile the planet is being heavily bombarded, at least some things never change in Star Trek.

 CBS spared no expense this time round. What do you think of Star Trek Discovery's bridge set designs? Are you enjoying Discovery's new trek through the stars or do you prefer the older ones?

Live Long and Prosper

Monday, January 08, 2018


Happy 2018, Trekkers! Here is a Best Sci-Fi TV Series list of all Time from Total Nerd at Do you agree with the configuration of this Sci Fi List?

At No 1, The Expanse rules the Galaxy over Star Trek: The Original Series trailing at No 6. Great space, thanks to SyFy, FX, CBS, Netflix and the CW, new Sci Fi shows premiere every year..... yet popular Science Fiction series like Star Trek Discovery (on Netflix tonight) continue to grow fan bases.

 Netflix has also contributed to the science fiction genre with their original series Stranger Things, which was met with rave reviews. You just can't get away from all this hyperspace and warpspeed. Can you? Curiously Star Trek Discovery is languishing in this Sci-Fi list.... but your geek will fix that now, won't it!

All you have to do is vote!  So make it so!

Nerd long and Prosper.
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