Friday, October 28, 2016


Bryan Fuller bids farewell to Star Trek Discovery as the Lead writer and creative trek mastermind. He stays on as Executive Producer while moving on to other projects. Lately trek's fledgling Discovery series has been making headlines with Alex Kurtzman and  Bryan Fuller. They wrote Star Trek Into DarknessStar Trek 2009, DS9 and Voyager a while ago kicking them up with the super mythological, and psychological extraordinaire.

The sticking point for trek's producers appears to exist in Star Trek TOS. Writers keep drawing upon the magnetic nature of its classic lifeforms, amazing story arcs and strange unknowns.

 Meanwhile a conflict of interest has arisen with Fuller organizing his time between Trek, American Gods and Amazing Stories which means one had to go.

So now Star Trek fan Bryan Fuller is stepping aside to juggle his duties. The plan is to clear a path for new ideas giving Star Trek Discovery's lifeforms breathing room to traverse the galaxy, analyze strange unknowns and wow the fans.

It clear CBS welcomed a kindred spirit to explore and develop the continuity of Star Trek's timeline. The word at Variety is Fuller, teased out new revelations to the fan community at Comic Con. Mythological diversity, using a LGBT character, the welcome delight of aliens,  and also what greatness a leading woman would take, clearly on the table.

What we're doing is not necessarily new in Star Trek but we get to embrace it in a modern way that Star Trek has not indulged in much in the past.

Over the last few days fans are finding out now Bryan Fuller is stepping away as the showrunner for the new CBS Star Trek Discovery show.  So whats happened?

Show business trekkies!

The day to day running of Star Trek Discovery leaves Fullers lieutenants - Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts taking over the show. Writer director Akiva Goldman is also expected to join "Discovery" in a top creative role. Supporting Berg and Harberts. Filming will begin next month with a 2017 premiere date - pushed back to May.

Heres what we know about Star Trek Discovery so far:

1. The series is 10 years before Star Trek the Original Series.

2. Mysterious  history will emerge.

3. A fascinating amount of aliens will boldy go where no alien has gone before in Star Trek's universe.

4. The lead character is not going to be a male captain. Qualities will include: a neurosis, sense of humor and shes female.

5. "Its not on Earth and its not on a planet."

6. New young blood ready to shoot first and ask questions later - all based on TOS iconic characters of course. Robots get the thumbs up. Don't you just love Robots?

7. No Romulan War, No Kobayashi Maru, maybe some Section 31 and an iteration of Amanda Grayson's storyline, (Spock's Mother) into the show.

8. Lee Pace as has agreed to play a Vulcan.

9. Seven characters will play key figures in the show.

10. Graphic scenes, profanity is still being weighed up owing to the wider audience CBS ALL Access will be able to reach.

11. Star Trek Discovery is planned to premiere in the US in January 2017

12. Discovery will be on Netflix by the end of 2017.

13. Robots are cool.

14. The rank of the lead character is a Lieutenant Commander and her name is No 1 ?

15. No Captain?!

Will you be watching Star Trek Discovery on CBS or Netflix? Who do you want to be Discoveries Lead Writer? Who are you rooting for? Man, Alien or Woman? What kind of leader are you hoping for? Captain, Alien, Robot or Android? Is Star Trek trying to be too politically correct?

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yes, that is the least interesting thing about him.
Be curious to see what they do with the show and if they keep it pure.

SpacerGuy said...

"Its not on Earth and its not on a planet" says a lot. We'll know more once CBS makes up its mind how much (if any) graphic scenery and profanity is deemed suitable for todays adult and younger audience.

Susan Kane said...

I am seriously challenged and confused here. Maybe it is my migraine, or, it is whirling possibilities.

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

I'm looking forward to Star Trek Discovery. Hopefully I won't have to wait too long for it to get to Australia.

SpacerGuy said...

Casting is nearly complete except for the leading role. It seems no-ones got the job yet.

James Pailly said...

Really, they haven't cast the leading role yet? They're cutting it close with that casting decision.

The Armchair Squid said...

Can't wait! Trek has been off of TV for too long.

Trek advancing diversity has been central to the mission from the beginning. Glad to see it continue.

Always great to see Lee Pace involved in anything. The Pie Maker...

Tony Laplume said...

I'm not worried about Fuller stepping away. He's helped set things up. From past experience, that can make all the difference right there.

Jeffrey Scott said...

I hope they don't stray too far from the formula that makes Star Trek awesome. Not sure when I'll be able to see it. Still considering if paying to stream a TV channel is worth it. I don't have Netflix either. So which universe will this be set? The original original series or the newer Trek movie universe.

I wish it was not set 10 years in the past. I would like to move forward with the Trek franchise, not backwards. If that makes sense.

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