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Monday, September 21, 2020


Hey Trekkers, Spacerguy here. During Star Treks 55 year history, fans love to get the latest variety of trek merchandise officially sanctioned by Paramount and CBS Studios. From TV and Movies, books, games, apps, uniforms to action figures - even at a Las Vegas attraction. 

Companies will try everything under the asteroid van allen belt (minus - getting zapped by alien radiation, haha) to create new and different collectibles. So what your favorite sci-fi toy?

Remember these?   😧   😁

Did you get the newest, coolest trendiest Star Trek toys? 

1. Thanks to Mattel, now we've got Uhura, Kirk and Spock and a limited edition Orion woman.

2. Star Trek cookbook written by Neelix - Ethan Philips

3. Marshmallow Dispenser - Spock used this toy in Star Trek V - made by Kraft


4. Star Trek Metal Detector (friendly forum) used to find lost phasers when scanners are malfunctioning.

5. USS Enterprise NCC 1701 Pizza Cutters. Future generations will debate on which starship cuts pizza best... the original or the Enterprise NCC 1701-D. Think Geek created these cutters in both starship styles.

Isn't she a beauty?

6. AMT Star Trek USS Enterprise with lights and Sound Effects. (I made one of these beauties and they still sell them on Amazon!!! These toys are decades old and in mint condition, lol)

Did you see Brent Spiner wrecking Sheldens Wesley Crusher doll on Big Bang? 😁

So which Star Trek toy is your favorite? . 

Don't be shy, tell us how many trekkie toys you have. 

If its not listed here tell us what it is.  

What are your favorite Star Trek APPS?

Live Long and Prosper, my trekker friends

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