Friday, October 20, 2006

Gorn Lizard and his Friend

Originally uploaded by gingervitis.
In this photograph the Gorn Lizzard almost looks alive. Look at all those sharp smiling teeth. Gorn seems amused by whats going on or maybe hes just waiting. One false move by the human and we might just see Mr lizzard licking his lips. Our green friend definately has something in store for this trusting, unsuspecting, Sci-Fi Fan. In this photo the Earthling seems to be having fun with the Reptilian Creature. Where do you think it was taken?
Image originally uploaded by gingervitis


Green Salad said...

I'd guess at the Las Vegas Star Trek Hilton?

Spacerguy said...

Yup, You got it in one! Its the ultimate Star Trek Experience. The place has everything from Quarks Bar to Picards Bridge. Its on my to do list.

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