Sunday, October 29, 2006

Orion Slave Woman

Here is a shapely, seductive green skinned Orion Woman wearing a skimpy seductive costume. She's also wearing a golden sapphire necklace and bracelets, worn for the purpose of enhancing her appeal to a prospective suitor.

Orion Women were said to have the power and seductive charms to delight any male under their influence.

Image owner/creator: Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

In 23rd century humanoid females of this kind were a precious commodity and were marketed in disreputable parts of the galaxy. This trading suggests ownership and as a result of this some Orions were not treated with the respect they deserved.

In the episode "The Cage" (Star Trek) Vina appeared to Captain Christopher Pike as an illusionary youthful Orion Slave Woman in order to break his resolve.

Actress Majel Barret was painted green for the initial makeup trials of the Orion woman.

After the shoot took place and the film came back from the photolab there was no green skin. So, it was concluded, we'll just put on a darker green. The film came back and there still was no green skin. The make-up artists made her an even darker shade of green. When it came back, no green skin.

Image owner/creator: Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

Finally someone had the bright idea to ring up the photolab and say "You do know we want her Green and yet the film keeps coming back with pink skin!" It turned out the lab technicians were completely unaware of this and had been changing the skin from green to pink the whole time!

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies!

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