Friday, November 10, 2006

Men In Black Mystery

Albert K. Bender was a flying saucer enthusiast and director of the International Flying saucer Bureau. The I.F.S.B. was his brainstorm and one man show. Albert trusted his gut instincts about earths visitors violating the boundaries of our little world. He published his discoveries through his "Space Review" news publication of the I.F.S.B. whose reports inspired aficionados to take a keen interest in the planetary invasion of the Flying Saucers.

The Saucer buzz was immediately accepted by locals in the community. It was the latest, thrilling, craze of the 1950's. In 1953, Albert Bender was ready to break with a new discovery which would have exposed the truth about the flying saucer phenomenon. Except something stopped him.

The men in black appeared. Three sinister humans dressed in black suits with hats communicated with Albert Bender. Albert learned from the men in black that a highly advanced civilization was responsible for the latest U.F.O. crisis... If word got out about an invasion, panic would spread fear right across the globe. The uninvited visitors told Bender the entire facts relating to the recent flying saucer sensations. But there was a price. Bender had to give his trust and solemn oath never to reveal the secrets about Flying Saucers to anyone.

Other sightings of the MIB have been recorded throughout history. Robert Richardson was paid a visit by the MIB. They drove a 1953 Cadillac. When the car licence number plate was checked out, it drew a complete blank.Who were the MIB? Were they secret government agents? extraterrestrials from outer space? Theres still a matrix of mystery concerning the MIB whose influence has silenced and altered the lives of many on planet earth. Still, we know where they got the title for the movies from.

Albert Bender and Men In Black Mystery

Live Long and Prosper! Trekkers.


James Pailly said...

I love conspiracy theories. Some of them, like the Flat Earth Society, can be very entertaining. But the Men in Black seem to have a grain of truth to them. I'm not saying the whole flying saucer thing is real, but I do believe there are powerful government agencies covering up something. Maybe aliens, maybe not.

Whatever the truth is, the MIB certainly do make for some interesting stories. I took the liberty of adding them to a short story I wrote about Roswell called "99 White Balloons."

Spacerguy said...

Awesome stuff James. Your next stop should be Colonel Gordon Cooper. He claims to have seen flying saucers high in the sky flying faster and higher beyond the reach of his jet.

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