Saturday, November 18, 2006

Space Doctor Game.

Venture into the entertaining parameters of our universe on a 150 day mars mission with Space Doctor. Earthlings get to see mysteries in space and on other planets, all of which is filmed out of this world, maybe even by the astronauts themselves!

Watch the crew of the spaceship Pegasus working in space as the mission progresses towards mars. It's a fun way to learn about lengthy deep space missions, the effects on the crew, solars flares and radiation, and treatments used to keep the astronauts optimistic and well.

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At the start you will see NASA's Space Shuttle lifting off whereby you as the Space Doctor and the rest of the three astronauts will rendezvous with the Pegasus to live for the next 30 months. This will be your new home.

The game uses real video and real human images which give it a more thrilling appeal. The object of the game is to get your crew safely to mars. Illnesses and health issues will plague the crew. It is your duty as ships doctor to enjoy yourself and treat the crew keeping two alive to win.

Space Doctor keeps the doctor informed about the astronauts health status and mission status, volunteering information about the current video footage of the Pegasus crew, the spaceship, crew activities, crew quarters, experiments aboard the Pegasus, satelites in space and more which all makes for an exhilerating experience.

Mission Alerts will take you, the Space Doctor by complete surprise. This is an emergency situation. No communication will be possible with mission control. Oh no! This is a time when making medical decisions to save life and limb will involve relying on your gut instincts alone. I hope you feel up for the task. Have fun playing around with the game. Enjoy!

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!

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