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Voyager I and II's Interstellar Journey

Mans thirst for knowledge of the outer planets, interstellar space bodies and our galaxy led to the approval of Voyager Mission in 1972.

The Voyagers probes I and II are nearly identical and were overseen by the engineers at the Jet Propulsion Labratory (JPL). Launched using Titan/Centaur rockets in August and September of 1977 these satelites are really big with 65,000 individual parts.

The satelites are able to generate their own electrical powered energy from the natural radioactive decay of plutonium into electricty to power the satelites instruments, computers, radio and other craft systems.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

How Satelites Work from Satelite to Ground

The Voyager spacecraft will discontinue around 2020 because its Radioisotopes will cease. Sad really because these machines are Earth's first spectacular interstellar explorers.

Voyagers Grand Tour Of Space

Above is Voyager 1's actual farewell view of the earth and its moon. This was relayed to earths ball of beings in a single frame on september 1977 as it continued on its journey into the vast expanse of space.

Image credit: NASA/ JPL-Caltech.

Voyager Specifications

Voyager Mission Satelites.

High Gain Antenna.
Wide Angle Camera.
Narrow Angle Camera.
Plasma Detector.
Cosmic Ray Detector.
Housing Electronics Bus.
Ultraviolet Spectrometer.
Infrared Spectrometer and Radiometer.
Low Energy Charged Particle Detector.
High Field Magnetometer.
Low Field Magnetometer.
Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator.
Planetary Radio Astronomy and Plasma Ware Antenna

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Voyager Finds Three Surprises

Spock goes on an adventure of his own. Spacesuited he leaves the Enterprise NCC 1701-A and investigates the unknown chambers of Vger. Inside the Vger vessel he finds to his amazement a world of the mechanical and organic beings. Llia is one of the organics stored as a perfect 3D electrical energy pattern.

" Jim, Vgers programming is incomplete. Vger is cold, barren. This simple feeling - not possible."
"Vger's asking questions, is this all that I am, is there nothing more?" - Spock

The poor machine was longing for human company all along.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!

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