Tuesday, January 30, 2007

3D Enterprise NCC 1701-A Wallpaper

Here is a mind warping, stunning, 3 dimensional image of the U.S.S. Enterprise-A in interstellar space cruising the deep core systems near the neutral zone within the Federation boundaries of outerspace.... Captain James T. Kirk commanding..

3D Picture Of The Week

This wallpaper image of the Enterprise-A is so hyper cosmic, I felt compelled to share this discovery with you. Enjoy Star Trek Sci Fi Blog's starship voyages warping through the plane of intergalactic space. This 3D image represents a legendary starship called Enterprise which has become an outstanding symbol and success story for all fully fledged Star Trek fans on earth.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkies.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Kirk's Klingon Encounters

Kirk has always been deeply suspicious of Klingons. In 2267 aboard the K7 Deep Space Station, Korax the klingon called Kirk "an overbearing Tin Plated Dictator with delusions of Godhood and a Denibian Slime Devil." (Tribble Trouble) The klingon slagged off the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 which Mr Scott found unforgivable! (Scotty's Deep Space K-7 Shoreleave.) Chekov was outraged but Mr Scott ordered him to hold his ground, explaining that "everyones entitled to an opinion" so Chekov grudgingly sat down. The Klingon was undetered. "I didn't mean to say that the Enterprise should be hauling garbage; I meant to say that it should be hauled away *as* garbage." All hell breaks loose aboard K7 with Scotty throwing the first punch.

In 2267 the planet Organia becomes a Klingon military occupation. Kirk and Spock are trapped on the planet. They go undercover. The military Klingon Commander Korr and self declared Governor of Organia does not take prisioners but instead has many of the troublemakers snuffed out as a warning.

Image Copyright Belongs to Paramount
Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

Khan Noonien Singh was a human augment from the throwbacks of earth's eugenics wars. He was the ruling prince on earth worshipped by a quarter of the population between 1992 and 1996. Now defeated and exhiled the ex-prince of millions retreated with his 84 loyal subjects aboard the safety of the U.S.S. Botany Bay to escape earths orbit and recover from his war wounds. Kirk's Enterprise had the misfortune of coming to Khan's salvation. The discovery of the Botany Bay was picked up by the U.S.S. Enterprises sensors who beamed aboard to investigate this ancient sleeper ship. Year later, Khan still regarded Kirk as "his old friend" even though his cold calculating assassination attempt failed in his plot to take over the Enterprise.

"KIRK! Kirk you're still alive, my old friend..." affection is heard in the Princes voice.
"Still OLD FRIEND! You've managed to kill just about everyone else, but like a poor marksman, you keep missing the target." responded a badly shaken Kirk, clearly enraged.

Image Copyrights Belong To Paramount
Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

In 2285 Captain James Tiberius Kirk prepared for fierce combat with the Klingon Commander Kruge superbly played by Christopher Llyod on the planet Genesis. (Commander Kruge Is a Dynamic, Powerthirsty, Merciless Klingon Warrior)Kruge did'nt care how he got his weapon of ultimate power. Killing Kirks son David and fighting Kirk was just bad timing.

This Klingon Kruge guy just happens to be a hot tempered, merciless klingon not to be trifled with. Except Kirk's done just that by blowing Kruge's USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A Invasion-force to bits, a class act as Kirk's crew beamed off the ship. Captain Kirk's experiences with brutal savage Klingons stretch far beyond Organia and the Genesis Planet.

General Chang, a likeable, sneaky Klingon brilliantly played by Christopher Plummer tried to blow Kirk and the Enterprise NCC 1701-A's crew to smithereens using a cloaked bird of prey.
"O come now Kirk, you do prefer it this way. In space all warriors are cold warriors." At least General Chang had a sense of humor.

Last but not least, our own special little Klingon Geiger Counters were hard at work in the Trouble with Tribbles Star Trek episode. The chance to observe these special furry little critters emitting purring sounds had a strangly relaxing effect on me and the tribbles kept the Klingons from turning wicked evil on K7. Here is some of the best home viewing with Kirk's encounters with Klingons.

Trouble With Tribbles (TOS)
Errand of Mercy. (TOS)
The Wrath of Khan. (TOS)
The Search for Spock (TOS)
The Undiscovered Country. (TOS)

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers. Enjoy Your Star Trekking!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Milkyway Star Wonders

A. Schallers brilliant artistic image of stars in our Milky Way blaze at different colours and temperatures. The red ones are the Supergiants which have a maturity of only a few million years because they burn their hydrogen fuel quickly. Cool stars like red Supergiants have temperatures ranging around 2000'c and less. Red Supergiants are the brightest, largest stars with low density and diameters measuring from 10 to 1000 times that of earths sun. Hot stars have temperatures from 30,000'c upwards. There are exceptions however like NGC 2440 Nucleus with its temperature being measured at 200,000'c

"Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech"

A stars brightness depends on its distance from earth. A dim star closer to our planet may appear brighter than a distant brighter star. Large stars have a mass 1.4 times that of earth's sun giving off more light than smaller hotter stars when they become red supergiants. The yellow stars in A. schaller's image would measure around 5500'c which is the temperature of our earths's sun. Blue stars have a temperature of approximately 30,000'c Young hot stars tend to be blue while cooler stars are red or orange. The NASA Spitzer Space Telescope can detect faint sources of heat unhindered by intergalactic dust using infrared technology.

"Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech" (Spitzer Telescope)

The hottest and most active objects give off ultraviolet energy. Telescopes in space such as Hubble, Spitzer, and Astro 2 are locating and recording stars and galaxies. Voyager has sent back interstellar images to earth on its interplanetary travels. Observations are made using infrared and radio wavelengths. Ultra violet light, xrays and gamma rays are beyond the blue end of the visual spectrum. In our Galaxy it is estimated that there are 200 billion stars although only about 6000 of these are visible with the naked eye from Earth!

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers. Keep on Star Trekking!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Geordi La Forge's Visor

Geordi La Forge is Chief of Engineering aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D. In the 24th century technological leaps in medical science allowed humanoids to pursue challenging careers in Starfleet ordinarily off limits to them because of their inability to see. This brilliant technology was introduced to us in the first season of Star Trek's TNG as Geordi's Visor which gave him the magic gift of sight.

The acronym Visor stands for Visual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement. To see Geordi needs to wear his visor accross his eyes and visits Dr Beverly Crusher in Sickbay for regular maintenance checkups. He sees humans in a spectrum of blurry after images which give off energy which are easily recognised and set apart from solid inert matter like buildings or even Mr Data who has no energy signature. Geordi visits the good doctor when his visor is causing him extreme pain unlike the persistant visor pain which Geordi is used to. The visor permits enhanced sight using a subspace pulse field operating system which allows vision using infrared and radio waves.

Star Trek TNG The Enemy

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television

Star Trek Generations

Stranded on Galorndon Core buffeted by severe electromagnetic storms, Geordi used his visor linked with tricorder technology aided with the help of Romulan Centurion Bochra. Together they located Wesley Crusher's neutrino beam so the U.S.S. Enterprise-D could beam up from the planet's surface.

In the movie, Star Trek Generations, Geordi's Visor is taken away and altered by the mad El Aurian physicist Soran. Mr La Forge is returned to the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D after a brief captivity. Using Geordi's Visor as a transmitter, Soran has enabled the visor to transmit visual data via a camera between the Enterprises-D and a cloaked klingon bird of prey nearby which later pulverises the Federation flagship after discovering its shield modulation frequency of 257.4. I simply could'nt believe it. Commander Riker just let the Enterprise get wrecked! I don't think Picard will put in charge again in a hurry. Captain James T. Kirk would have fired him out the airlock for such oafishness!

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers and Trekkies! Keep on Star Trekking!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Geordi La Forge's Warp Core

Geordi's warpcore is the main source of power on board the Enterprise NCC 1701-D. The ship can travel faster than light speeds. The warp reactor generates "warp plasma" which once turned into high energy, its direct feed to the warp drive propels the ship.

The propulsion systems (warp nacelles and impulse engines) make interplanetary travel possible. Starship primary and secondary systems of importance include life support, transporters, deflector shields, starship sensors, tractor beam, structural and inertial systems, force fields, phasers and photon torpedo tubes, warp core reactor, EPS Power Relay systems, Impulse Engines, Warp Nacelles to name a few..

Image Copyrights Belong To Paramount Pictures
or CBS Paramount Television

Geordi La Forge is the Chief Engineer of Captain Picard's Enterprise, also responsible for the smooth functioning of main engineering and saving the ship when Picard messes up. When the Enterprise is in trouble Picard or Commander Riker shouts out "Red Alert" Its panic stations, alerting the ships computer and crew to activate the ships defensive systems via command voice authorization communicated shipwide from the ship's bridge.

The klaxon siren is belting away and its "all hands man your battle stations" Crewman you can forget about that extra hours sleep, wakey, wakey! Geordi La Forge, Chief Engineer of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D is the only "miracle worker" whom Picard relys on in times of urgency. Geordi's the Enterprise's "engineer smartguy" and last hope, brainy enough to save the ship! Forget about Wesley, he's too green.

"Mr La Forge I need more power to the shields" or
"Geordi get us out of here, warp 9"
Geordi's constantly telling the captain what the ship can and cannot do.
"Captain, we can do it. We can modify the transporters" - Geordi
"Excellent!"- Picard.
"It will take 15 years and a research team of a hundred." - Geordi
"Mister La Forge, I believe we will postpone it" - Picard.

One of The Federation's greatest engineer's "Call me Scotty." advised Geordi when he was aboard the Enterprise.
"You mind a little advice. Starfleet captains are like children. They want everything right now and they want it their way, But the secret is to give them only what they need, not what they want!"


The Electro Plasma System also known as EPS power relays is a network of relay systems that evenly distributes power supply for all devices and systems on board federation starships or facilities like Deep Space Nine. The main feed for the EPS power distribution network comes from three main areas of the ship: The warp drive, impulse drive and in an emergency the fusion auxiliary generators.
Image Copyrights Belong to Paramount
Pictures Or CBS Paramount Television.

"The Warp Core is a thing of beauty ain't it?" For Geordi La Forge, its only natural that as Chief of Engineering, the Enterprises-D "miracle worker" would take pride in his engines. The energy output from the warpcore is 1,000,000 times more than the standard fusion engines used by the impulse propulsion system. The warp core goes by many names. Geordi has used most of them in Star Trek The Next Generation: Warp reactor and matter/antimatter reaction assembly and warp core even warpcore reactor. The warp core has four sub systems.

At the top of the warp reactor is the matter reactant injector which has direct feeds to the storage tanks above housing deuterium. Deuterium is the raw fuel, in an isotope of hydrogen, in a supercooled slush form. The deuterium flows down through a control conduit to the matter reactant injector.

At the end of the warp core, the anti reactant injector is located. The reactant injectors are vital for warp power. Once offline with the Enterprise taking a hammering, power to the nacelles is lost. Captain Picard is very unhappy when this happens. I wonder who he blames in his report to Starfleet Command.

The matter and anti-matter is passed through the magnetic constriction segment, where the internal magnetic constrictor coils compress and align it to meet the exact centre of the warp core chamber.

Its at this point that the matter and anti matter mix. The deuterium goes through a high energy conversion process. Handling the antimatter requires care otherwise once anti-matter touches matter, its Kaaa boom!

Image Copyrights Belong To Paramount
Pictures or CBS Paramount Television

The plasma streams generated inside the Matter/Anti-matter Reaction Chamber are split in two and travel to the power transfer conduits responsible for even distribution of converted "Warp Plasma" energy to the port and starboard warp nacelles.

Essentially its the magnetic field that keeps the matter/anti-matter coming into contact with the rest of the ship. When the magnetic field weakens or theres a failure in the matter/anti-matter reaction chamber, its only a question of time before a warp core breach blows the ship to smithereens unless a solution can be found fast.

Geordi Scopes out the Warp Reactor with his visor to determine how bad, bad is. If it's hopeless the warp reactor is ejected and the blast doors are brought down. In Star Trek Generations the Warp Core ejection system was offline and everyone was evacuated to the saucer section. The blast from the USS Enterprises-D secondary hull blew the Primary ships saucer section off course which crash landed and got wrecked!

Commander Riker destroyed the Enterprise, looks like he couldn't handle the big chair. The guy just ruined the Flagship of the Federation, our beloved Enterprise and slammed it into a planet. I couldn't believe it! At the very least Riker should have got some starship retraining. Captain James T. Kirk would have fired him!

The dilithium housing chamber is the beating heart of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D and is maintained by the officer on watch, usually Geordi. Routine checks and diagnostics are carried out by engineers on main engineering systems every day. The dilithium crystal powers the Enterprise from within the heart of the dilithium housing/chamber.

Its also known as the dilithium crystal articulation frame. The crystal itself allows the matter/anti-matter to be tuned and controlled without causing a reaction and blowing the chamber, not to mention the ship to bits.

The crystal is matter after all but according to Federation science, dilithium crystals are the only known material to power Starship warpcores safely. Thanks to Chief Engineers like Montgomery Scott, Geordi La Forge, Bellana Tores and Trip (I think he was still in training personally. haha) we can all sleep soundly in our bunk beds!

Live Long and Prosper! Keep on Star Trekking!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 Laughs

Seven of Nine always has a flair for the dramatic. In this Star Trek Parody written for laughs by Betty Ragan, Voyagers crew are acting very strangely.

Janeway won't make that one little sacrifice to get her crew home. Hand over her coffee to some alien guys, even with her senior staff begging her! Lets make a note of this in our Star Trekking Logs and isn't Seven a sweet little ripper in this photo!

Voyager Parody

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers. Enjoy the Intergalactic Star Trekking Blog!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Blake 7 and his "Liberator" Crew

Blake 7 isn't your ordinary sci-fi show. Sure, its a low budget BBC production but it has its fun moments intertwined with some very unique characters. The oppressive Earth Federation in Blake 7 aren't peaceful like Star Trek's United Federation of Planets but instead their tyrannical government specialise in mass brainwashing, torture techniques with a lust for crushing the Freedom Fighter rebellion. Blake is the brainwashed guy whose Freedom movement challenges the Federation and incurs their wrath. To begin with, Blakes ill equipped supporters are no match for the Federation and face mortal danger. The Federation is powerful and snuffs out Blake's family along with the first freedom movement he joined.

Bad news this Earth Federation. Worse again, good guy Blake becomes an outlaw after escaping the evil clutches of the Earth Federation which brainwashed him in an effort to control him. Along with prisoner champions of his own stripe, Blake gets lucky a second time round as a freedom fighter, star trekking the galaxy with his super cool alien ship.

With the help of an alien ship "Liberator" and Blake as the Leader, his merry band of intergalactic "bandits" have one primary goal. Bring the mighty Federation to its knees. However, Blake's crew of crooks, killers and smugglers suffer casualties along the way and remain high priorities on the Federation's extermination list.

Families go through pain over the loss of their loved ones, but Blake's crew are expendable losses sacrificed for the good of the cause... His crackerjack outlaws knew what they were getting into. This was going to be a dirty fight but at least now they could fight back! Blake himself is a worthy leader, dedicated to the cause with burning hatred towards his former captors which becomes his obsession. Snuffing out lives is a mere inconvenience for Blake who creates a major disruption for the Earth's oppressive Federation of Planets.

But what does this make Blake? Intergalactic Terror or Good Guy bandit...? You can judge for yourselves. The shows atmosphere is a tad dark however which makes it interesting. It doesn't show an entirely hopeful future. Lets hear it Trekkers, Aawwww..... Instead you've got sinister states, spooky guards and the heroes fighting amongst themselves in the name of freedom and personal wealth.

Blake7 Interstellar Trek

Can you really blame them? How would you feel if you were wanted on the Federation's top 50 list? And you can't seek asylum within the protection of their Earth Federation either because they'll torture you for information.

Poor devils. The show has its flaws and so do the characters, thats what makes it interesting. It even has a meek apologetic computer with a severe inferiority complex called Slave but that's another post!

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers! Keep on Star Trekking.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Star Trek Picard Personality Results

You are Jean-Luc Picard

A lover of Shakespeare and other fine literature. You have a decisive mind and a firm hand in dealing with others.

Captain Picard has given Spacerguy and his Star Trekking Blog his 100% approval Rating! Even with a daft jig on his head Picard can keep a straight face!

Picard's U.S.S. Enterprise E leaving orbit.

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Here are Spacerguys results.

You are Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Jean-Luc Picard
James T. Kirk (Captain)
An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
Will Riker
Leonard McCoy (Bones)
Mr. Scott
Geordi LaForge
Mr. Sulu
Beverly Crusher
Deanna Troi

Click Here To Take The Star Trek Personality Test

Go on, you know you want too, hehe. Its fun!

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers! Enjoy your Star Trekking Test!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Edo Star Trek Lovers

Remember Star Trek's TNG episode "Justice" the Enterprise-D beam down to a planet in the Rubicun solar system in 2364 inhabited by an open and friendly race of people called the Edo. Two scantily clad Edo leaders Rivan (female) and Liator (male) welcome Riker, Deanna, Worf, Tasha Yar and Wesley to their home planet with the traditional Ego greeting.

Image Copyrights Belongs to
Paramount Pictures or
CBS Paramount Television

"Health happiness, pleasant day to you."

Everyone is about to get acquainted when Rivan rejoices upon seeing Commander Riker.
"You did return as promised" she sweetly embraces Riker wrapping her body against his. He murmurs gratification in return. Next Rivan sets her sights on Worf and declares openly.

Image Copyright Belongs to
Paramount Pictures or
CBS Paramount Television

Rivan Edo Leader

"And I welcome this huge one, Oh Yes" ( I burst out laughing at this) and melts into Worfs big Klingon arms. Warrior Worf looks over to Commander Riker, whos expecting a reaction from Worf who says "Nice Planet!"

Nice Planet!??!!! What Worf ? He's got a babe swooning all over him and all the daft beggar says is "nice planet." Riker was unimpressed. Next it's Wesley's turn and he's brick'in it. Being only a smart kid with no love life experience was a major drag for the whizkid of the Enterprise. Rivan enquired of Wes.

Image Copyright Belongs to
Paramount Pictures or
CBS Paramount Television

"But you are a young one, I do not know your custom regarding love."

Wesleys really sweating it by now and looks to his crewmates for guidance. ( Wil Wheaton does a great job acting confused and melted by his overwhelming superbabe experience.)
" I guess whatever it is you do"

Wesley is encouraged to play with other Edo children after everyone jogs to the council chambers. The Edo lifestyle is devoted towards the pursuit of happiness, socialization and lovemaking! Geordi La Forge and Tasha yar summed up the Edo Civilization best to captain Picard after the first visit to Rubicun III.

Image Copyright Belongs to
Paramount Pictures or
CBS Paramount Television
Memory Alpha

"They're wild in some ways, actually puritanical in others, neat as pins, ultra lawful and make love at the drop of a hat" - La Forge
"Any Hat" added Tasha with a knowing look on her face, then fell suddenly quiet.
This episode is packed with people stimulating themselves and having fun. laughter can be heard in the background too. You can see some of the actors mischievous sides onscreen. Worf's black comedy is hilarious.

Everybody is enjoying themselves until Wesley ruins everything, but he wasn't to know about the restricted zones and the punishment of death. Its a shame really, if only the Enterprise wiseguy had taken his discipline, then the happy buzz on Rubican III would have continued. However when Wesley's eyes widen in fear, we see his natural instincts for self preservation kicking in, the little guy utters

"He was going to kill me commander Riker?" I couldn't help but feel sorry for the critter.

In Star Trek's " Justice" TNG season one, stardate 41255, male and female Edo can be seen everywhere, wandering around in scantily dressed clothing. Shorts and tunics are the theme. Rivan's role as informal leader allows her to wear a white strapped bikini linked to split shorts like other Edo females. Blond hair and tanned athletic bodies are commonplace also.

Image Copyright Belongs to
Paramount Pictures or
CBS Paramount Television


In one scene Commander Riker is actually walking through a garden filled with Edo playing games, talking and making out all over the place! It's the good life! eh Worf? Worf however is not concerned with pleasure because he is a Klingon Warrior! So Commander Riker had some fun with him and teased him further.

Image Copyright Belongs to
Paramount Pictures or
CBS Paramount Television

"Even Klingons require love now and again." - Riker
"For what we (Klingons) would consider love, I would need a Klingon Women, But with the females available to me sir, Earth Females, I must restrain myself too much, they are quite fragile sir!"

Live Long and Prosper Trekkies!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Star Trek XI Movie Newsflash

William Shatner aka Captain James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise 1701 has revealed to Sci Fi Wire news about the 11th Star Trek movie. J.J. Abrams creator of lost and movie director of the next Trek Feature Film has met with W. Shatner.

It has emerged that rumours about the early years of captain James T. Kirk and Spock are confirmed. Spock's and Kirks academy years will be explored by J.J. Abrams. The Enterprises 1701(Constitution Class) Legendary Captain is quoted as saying to Sci Fi Wire " Yes, we know the story is based on young Kirk"

Image Copyright Belongs To Paramount Pictures
or CBS Paramount Television

"and they told me they would like me to be part of their film, but they have yet to write the role"
So the wheels are in motion and J.J. Abrams being a Star Trek fan himself, will doubtless waste no time in finding out, where to place William Shatner's role in the movie along with Spock who incidentally is still alive on Vulcan. So no problem there.

"Its a very complex, technical problem of how to write the character in, and I'm not sure how they will solve it" admits W. Shatner to Sci Fi Wire.

Speaking as a Star Trek fan myself, I have every confidence they will.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bring Back Captain Kirk!

Bring Back Captain Kirk 2 has an awesome mix of dynamic characters
who fight the great cause of saving the Federation. The United
Federation of 150 planets now face a warring doomslayer. Who will
save them? Will they succeed?

This fun video has exciting imagery and special effects with a story to tell that'll make your mouth water. Guaranteed to boost your trekker spirits, BringBackKirk2 runs for 9mins and 15 secs. The movie is about to start. Enjoy the thrill!

Join the Campaign to Bring Back Captain Kirk

James T. Kirk hero worship burns in the blood of Star Trek Fans. The fans follow their stars. William's Star is alive and Burning Bright waiting for Paramount to say Allright!

Live Long and Prosper.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Worf's Scary Beast

Captain Picard is a great for talking his way out of trouble but do you consider him a man of action? Remember First Contact(2063) in Dixon Hill's, chapter 13 holodeck programme with "Nicky the Nose," Lily Sloane and the Borg? Jean Luc Picard sure put on a good show by killing some borg. Despite all his diplomacy, tough talk, and we come in peace, Picard proved he had what it takes to blaze off rifle rounds and make them pay! He dug out the microchip too, remember? Still, I betcha he was quaking behind that gun. Look at those eyes!

Image Copyright Belongs to
Paramount Pictures or CBS
Paramount Television.
Memory Alpha
First Contact.

Thompson Submachine Gun

Lt Worf of the USS Enterprise NCC1701-D on the other hand is a real tough guy. He drinks prune juice, is tolerant of humans, honour bound to Klingon tradition, easily aggravated by Datas dumb questions and loves engaging worthy opponents and clubbing them raw with his bat'leth which means sword of honour. Warrior Worf is the perfect starfleet Klingon Warrior at the best and worst of times.

Image Copyright Belongs to
Paramount Pictures or CBS
Paramount Television.
Memory Alpha
Star Trek TNG

But what happens when you take away the weapons, technology and the shields? O my God! What was that? In Star Trek's Genesis the Enterprise crew are indeed acting very oddly but don't panic. Remember Mr Worf, when the klingon was having a bad day? It comes as a shock at first. Doesn't Worf look ferocious with spikey teeth and a venomous growth sac on his neck? Note the prickly armour bursting out of his uniform which only serves to augment his fierceness.

It has to be stated for the record, Worf is the angriest, scarest dude in all of Star Trek history. Look at the prickly thorns on his head. But why did this happen? Blame Barclay the hypochondriac!!!Warrior Worf de-evolved into a regressive creature when Dr Beverly crushers vaccine for Barclay accidently activated everyones introns throughout the ship affecting everyone. In other words she screwed up. Eventually all the lives of the Enterprise crew are threatened and Worf goes in search of his mate. On his journey he deprives Ensign Dern of his life while prowling about the bridge. Worf's appetite for Deanna sent a wave of fear throughout the ship.

Image Copyright Belongs To
Paramount Pictures or CBS
Paramount Television.

Worf transformed into an armoured merciless terror after the Enterprises-D hypochondriac, Lt. Reginald Barclay complained of being sick with a devastating illness. So Barclay goes to sickbay and starts a chain of events which affects the entire crew on an evolutionary scale. Riker and Troi remind me of zombies when they can no longer make command decisions or think straight.

Starfleet Medical Database

The ship's Doctor, Dr Beverly Crusher treats Reginald barclay for a mild case of the Urodelean flu with a synthetic T-cell. Beverly later turns into a spiderlike creature. It spreads throughout the ship in the form of a virus, activating the crew's dormant introns and infecting everyone. Troi turns into amphibian and Riker becomes an apeman.

Everyone has changed except Mr Data and Captain Picard who luckily departed on a shuttlecraft to retrieve a stray torpedo. When Mr Worf's upgraded weapons system failed someone had to fetch them back much to klingon's embarrassment. Worf was definitely having a bad day.

Picard and Data return to the ship after retrieving the klingon's torpedo. To their utter disbelief they make shocking discoveries. The crew have devolved. The Enterprise NCC 1701-D is adrift with onboard systems in standby or emergency status. 'Worf-beast' is desperately ripping through the ship trying to seek out his mate, whom he believes is Deanna Troi.

Image Copyright Belongs To
Paramount Pictures or CBS
Paramount Television.

Poor Ensign Dern hadn't a hope against the strength of an armoured merciless creature in no mood for diplomacy. It soon become clear to Data and Captain Picard that the entire crew are affected. Growling, roaring and animal noises can be heard throughout Picard's ship. The Enterprise-D sounds like a zoo!

What happened to Captain Picards nerves of steel when 'Worf Beast' came out of shadows pounding on sickbays doors?

"What was that?" - Picard
In his calm and logical android fashion Data enlightens Picard as to whats behind sickbay's doors. Of course Data has nothing to fear being devoid of emotions however but the news update only alarms Captain Picard further.

"He sound terribly angry" Panics a frantic Captain Picard, whom we all admire for his strength of will and determination but the guy is clearly on edge. He backs away from sickbay's doors which 'Worf-beast' is hammering and pounding forcibily in an attempt to get in and say "Hi Deanna, Aren't you glad to see me babe?'
Image Copyright Belongs To
Paramount Pictures or CBS
Paramount Television.

Genesis Episode

What happened to Picard's battle strategics which he fearlessly deployed against the Borg in First Contact using rifles, expendable Enterprise Crew members and the Enterprise-E technology? I think its because the captain knew this 'Worf beast' could pulverize anyone within the safety of his flagship enterprise and that terrified him. The USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D is supposed to be a fortress but instead on their return Picard discovers the ship adrift in space with no forcefields to hide behind. Time is running out.

On stardate 47653.2 (2370) in Star Trek's TNG "Genesis" (7th season) Picard fights off bestial Mr Worf whose bad temper and intense dislike for doors gives Mr Data a chance to find a cure.

'Worf beast' gave our brave captain the worst shock of his life turning him into a scaredy cat. (Patrick Stewart was brilliant.) My guess is the captain wasn't the only one gripped by total fear. I remember squirming in my seat the first time Genesis aired on TV. I have to admit to being shook up by the creature hunting the captain down the dark corridors of the Enterprise. Gates Mc Fadden did a brilliant job directing.

Humans are supposed to be terrified of the dark and all things that go bump in the night. Its only natural. But when we see our hero, the great Jean Luc Picard, Captain of the Federations Flagship Enterprise running for his life...... lets just agree, Picard isn't supposed to be afraid of Worf. Thats just plain wrong. Shame on Picard, He's not meant to be human!

Image Copyright Belongs To
Paramount Pictures or CBS
Paramount Television
Memory Alpha
First Contact
Nicky The Nose

Essentially the captain is luring the 'Worf beast' away from sickbay using Deanna's Troi's pheromones, so Data can continue to develop a retrovirus.

Data finds nurse Alyssa Ogawa and uses her amniotic fluid as a template to develop a retrovirus which he releases into the ships environment. The harmful T-cell virus is neutralized and the crew returns to normal. Picard won't have to go swinging through the ship looking for breakfast now.

Image Copyright Belongs To
Paramount Pictures or CBS
Paramount Television.

In the Final scene between 'Worf beast' and a cornered shaking, terrified Captain Picard, we see an angry monster, so unlike Worf, thundering and roaring down a crawl way towards a helpless unhappy soul.

Its looking bad for Picard now wheres Q his saviour, I wonder? Surprise! Picards got two conduit cables and its goodnight, sleeptight for the Worf creature thundering towards him.

"Mr Worf lets hope that when you wake up you're a new man" - Picard.

Live long and prosper, trekkies.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Leonard Nimoy's Memories Part 4

Sure the guy is standing with his hands in his pockets in the part 3 video. Don't judge the book by it's cover or let the 1983 attire puzzle you. He's the same dude! Our friend Mr Spock!

Leonard Nimoy aka Mr spock is the coolest alien in the universe and he's donned the starfleet uniform on national tv, on his own spaceship Enterprise NCC-1701 with Kirk, Scotty, McCoy, Uhura, Checkov and Sulu. So there! scoff not! Theres sweet Star Trek stuff to be had from these playback vids. Godbless Mr Spock! and Leonard Nimoy of course. He's the real dude.

Watch Spock

"There is of course a catch that I'm sure all Star Trek fans have realised. In science fiction is death the final chapter of life or just the beginning of another story" Leonard Nimoy.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Leonard Nimoy's Memories Part 3

The Vulcan Live Long and Prosper Greeting origins are revealed by Leonard Nimoy in this Trek video and the effects controlling his emotions had on him.

Imagine being Spock, a struggling emotionless half vulcan for 12 hours a day, 5 days a week! during the filming of Star Trek. "controlling your emotions can have some strange effects on you" tells our vulcan friend in the video. How did he do it? Watch this ultimate experience.

Watch Spock

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Leonard Nimoy's Memories Part 2

Leonard Nimoy talks about his favourite episodes in this 1983 vintage video." The Enemy from Within (episode no 5, season 1) was our version of the Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde story. So we had two Kirks on board (the U.S.S. Enterprise) now. One evil and one good. Now the writer had intended that Spock would sneak up behind the evil Kirk and hit him over the head with the butt of his phaser. (Leonard voiced concern about this to his director.) There has to be a more sophisticated way of rendering a victim unconscious."

Leonard Nimoy Part2

"Spock did go to the Vulcan Institute of Technology and he studied human anatomy very carefully". Com'on. It's the 23'rd century here, not the dark ages ( as i'm sure Dr. McCoy would have put it!) "Vulcans do have the special ability to project a certain special energy from their fingertips which when properly applied to human pressure points on the neck and the shoulders the human will be rendered unconscious. The director said lets try it. "

Bill Shatner knew what Leonard Nimoy had in mind. "When I came up behind Bill and put my hand on his neck and shoulder, he really sold it. It was his reaction that makes you believe it really works! So in this scene watch Bill." Leonard enlightens the none too wise Star Trekker with Star Trek moments in time that even today are fresh and interesting to watch. Star Trek will never go out of fashion! Part 2 of 4. Watch and enjoy.

Leonard Nimoy's Memories

"The "TV" Network told Gene to get rid of the guy with the ears!...insisting that neither could the audience identify with an extraterrestrial character. Gene battled this but was finally forced into a compromise. He felt the show badly needed the character Spock."

Leonard Nimoy's Memories

"A new pilot was written. Mr Spock was number ones replacement as second in command as well as having some of the woman's computer minds qualities, vulcan, unemotionalism and logic came into being. And that's when William Shatner came onboard as the new captain of the ship and we've been friends ever since then."

"Bill shatners broader acting style created a new chemistry between the Captain and Spock...City on the edge of Forever is a classic greek tragedy, a man trapped by faith in circumstances from which there is no escape."

These excerpts are only a glimmer into Star Trek's beginnings which Leonard Nimoy reveals, quite openly in this video. This is part 1 of 4. Its vintage Star Trek going back to 1983, so sit back and enjoy!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Star Trek Emblem, Logo, Icon.

Spacerguy has uncovered during his research a cool Official Seal Generator. Everybody loves free stuff right? The Says it generator created my StarTrekSpace.Blogspot.com Emblem for me free! I figured all the Sci-Fi fans, Trekkies or is it trekkers too would want one, so have fun creating your Official Seal for your website!

Official Seal visitors will have a choice from entering their own text, choosing from 15 borders, (mine is yellow). You can also select from 13 windows of varied emblems. The Star Trek window has 13 emblems (mine is red) and theres 12 other windows.

When you've got all that done, think about the background colour scheme in your website. Visitors have a good selection of colours for their newly created emblem. A black border on a black background will disappear!

The Says It website manufactures seals in badges and labels, presumably for a price. Another reason this Seal Generator is pretty cool is because it advertises your website for free!

P.S. Let me know what you think of my new StarTrekSpace.Blogspot Emblem. Its easy to comment. Good, Bad, or Okay. Spill the beans.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! Christmas is full of surprises with happy people going to the cinema or having the relatives over for dinner. Watching Star Trek episodes is a great way to relax and usher in the New Year. It relieves all those tensions and stresses at this time of year. What better way to spend New Years!

New Voyages

Over at my friends house, Colm told me about Star Trek New Voyages. It's a fast paced, intelligent, witty show based on the original series with modern sets and crew.

Its also fun and engaging. Captain Kirk has a lack of respect for admirals and a gay nephew, pretty wild huh? I guess trek's definitely breaking New Frontiers! These episodes are still in production made by the fans for the fans with the approval of CBS.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers! Enjoy Your Star Trekking.
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