Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bring Back Captain Kirk!

Bring Back Captain Kirk 2 has an awesome mix of dynamic characters
who fight the great cause of saving the Federation. The United
Federation of 150 planets now face a warring doomslayer. Who will
save them? Will they succeed?

This fun video has exciting imagery and special effects with a story to tell that'll make your mouth water. Guaranteed to boost your trekker spirits, BringBackKirk2 runs for 9mins and 15 secs. The movie is about to start. Enjoy the thrill!

Join the Campaign to Bring Back Captain Kirk

James T. Kirk hero worship burns in the blood of Star Trek Fans. The fans follow their stars. William's Star is alive and Burning Bright waiting for Paramount to say Allright!

Live Long and Prosper.


Edward Ott said...

that was great i love star trek. i heard a rumor that they are making a ne w star trek film which is supposed to have a young kirk and spock. something like how they first met.

Colm said...

While I have great respect for Shatner and Nimoy's founding contribution to Star Trek, I hope that Paramount uses some creativity to re-create the series, perhaps in the manner of Batman Begins. Sometimes you have to go back before the start to begin again. And by all means, give us flawed characters with Achilles' heels.

However there are challenges! While technology on the one hand enables more impressive special effects, our appreciation of technology makes today's generation sceptical of Star Trek. There is a funny cartoon that shows a collection of characters from Blake's Seven (though they could equally well be Trek characters) on Earth and one asks "why don't our communicators have cameras and play mp3s?"

Science fiction has not even begun to figure out how to use the possibilities that we are now inventing: technology miniaturisation and nanotechnology.

If Star Trek comes back in some form, I hope they learn from other series and try to build longer interweaving story arcs, not simply episodic space soap opera (enjoyable and all as that is/was).

Spacerguy said...

Thanks Edward. The Star Trek XI movie will explore Kirk and Spock during their Starfleet Academy years. What hasn't been figured out yet, is where to put William Shatner in the movie. And Spock is still alive so no problem there.

Spacerguy said...

Ìf I'm to use a Star Trek comparison, Earthlings had sought the challenge to occupy themselves during the latter half of the 21st century, using means other than television entertainment. This might account for the absence of mp3's and cameras in communicators.

Imagine being in space in a real Federation Starship, what a buzz! Even looking out the ships window at your own planet would have you in the clouds for a week. The exploration of the universe, finding civilisations and meeting new carbon lifeforms was such a mind blowing experience that certain entertainment mediums paled in significance.

Television, this form of mass media entertainment was popular on Earth in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. By the year 2040, it had fallen from popularity. Except for Star Trek, haha I guess we'll have to wait 33 years to find out for sure!

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