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Doomsday Machine (CGI) Special Effects.

Star Trek's "Doomsday Machine" has everything. A crazy commodore out for revenge, a hungry planet killer on the rampage posing a definite threat to the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 not to mention action packed, nail biting drama and a mystery to be solved. What happened to the USS Constellation NCC 1017?  Enhanced with Computer Generated Images the "Planet Doomsday Weapon" is the main star attraction of this episode thrilling fans with fierce antiproton attacks on two federation starships.

The reason becomes clear. Decker and Kirk interfere with its heavy appetite for nearby planets, inhabitants included! Judge for yourself the C.G.I. effects taking place within the timeline of the Enterprise crew and the Constellation. For you pleaure I've included new and old Star Trek screenshots!

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These images have been remastered with wizard special effects. Its obvious the USS Constellation has taken one hell of a beating.

CGI effects radiate detailed damage on Matt Decker's starship Constellation from the mysterious, scary doomsday machine. The hull is completely exposed to the cold atmospheric conditions of outer- space. Spacerguy has uncovered that trekkie reactions are mixed. Doomsday CGI Photos

Some people love the whole idea while others don't. One guy thought the Constellation looked awesome but the planet killer looked cartoonish. Trekkers just don't know yet. Its a wait and see. Star has remastered images of "The Doomsday Machine" and its obvious CBS have been working hard to give this their best. I'm really excited about this. Don't count on streaking stars, bubble shields, or different fly-by shots though.

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Star trek's "Doomsday Machine" is a great all time favourite because Commodore Matt Decker just wouldn't give up his vendetta on the space monster that devoured countless planets and also turned his ship into a useless hulk. The gigantic doomsday weapon has a hull of solid neutronium resistant to phaser attack.

Photons were useless also. Deckers transporters were knocked out. It left his Constitution class starship U.S.S. Constellation NCC-1017 crippled while it consumed Matt's crew on the third planet. Decker of course wouldn't admit to defeat. Once aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise he relieved Spock from command and began his crazed attack on the hungry space killer all over again!

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"They say there's no devil, Jim but there it is. Right out of hell! I saw it!" Matt Decker
"Where's your crew?" Kirk
"On the third planet" Matt Decker
"There is no third planet!" Kirk
"Don't you think I know that? There was, but not anymore" cries Decker

Trektoday Doomsday Article

The Commodore is held in the Doomsday Monster's spell. Deckers guilt over the loss of his crew has nearly driven him over the edge. He can still hear them screaming for help in his head. So he sets a counter attack point blank range. Kirk's Enterprise gets nearer and nearer to the maw of the spooky space demon. Phasers Fire!! Fire!! Fire!!! Spock warns Matt Decker that the Enterprise cannot hold out for much longer...

Humans mattered little to the planet killer. The annilation of planets in the L-374 system is evidence of that. The machine was some kind of weapon miles long used in an ancient war between two warring planets now long extinct.

The Constellation found it slicing up a planet for an afternoon snack. There was no stopping it.

Spock's Enterprise analysis of the Constellation's captain logs detail what happened during Decker's battles clearly illustrating that "Doomsday" is some kind of interstellar robot which came from outside the Galaxy. It took a battle of wits, bravery, sacrafice, hardwork, and expertise not to mention one hellulva cosmic explosion to shortcircuit this beastie. Enjoy.

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Live Long and Prosper Trekkers! Enjoy Your Star Trekking.


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