Monday, December 03, 2007

Gowron's Reign

In Star Trek's Sins of the Father Robert O' Reilly a.k.a. Gowron plays one of the most influential sci fi warriors of all time. I'd like to say science fiction heroes, but Klingon history has recorded Gowron's miscreant deeds, nevertheless this rascal is still one of my trek favourites. Captain Picard's choice for the Chancellor of Qo'noS (pronounced Kronos) stood in Gowron's favour who was a great believer in politics and honour. The other contender for the leadership, Duras the traitor, got snuffed out by d'akturak (iceman) Worf for killing K'Ehleyr, which was hardly surprising. But it was a shocking surprise when the Klingon High Commander K'mpec took ill from poisoned Veridem Six. bloodwine.

Victory was within Gowron's reach and the Empire was his there for the taking! No-body was going to stand in way except for the human Picard, observing Klingon tradition. A "no contest" fight on his hands was a sure win for Gowron but Picard had to stall for time in order to discover which one of the contenders murdered K'mpec! That left one little P'atk problem to be resolved but until the winner was declared by Captain Picard, Duras and Gowron would never rest easy with a treacherous murderer on the loose.

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K'mpec's successor maintained his grip on power by undermining potential political opponents like Martok (he was Gowron's Military Defence Advisor) and challengers to his leadership like Toral but.. General Martok's rise to fame with the adoration of the Klingon people came as a rude awakening to Gowron. Gowron expressed his reasoning in a fiery, confrontational manner but it was his ruthless military tactics that finally became his undoing..

Despite Martok's glorious war campaigns, Gowron sought to assert his leadership with severe battle strategies against the Dominion with Martok as the fall guy. The loss of Klingon lives was dear but Gowron was beyond caring. The taste of power was sweet and the stakes were high. The Klingon Empire was expanding everywhere and Klingons were expendable.... But so what? Klingons consider it an honour to die in battle. "Better to die on your feet than live on your knees"

The Klingon chancellor's dishonourable actions called for an explosive challenge from General Martok which passed to Worf also of the House of Martok. General Martok refused to engage in combat with his Ruler, Gowron, Leader of the High Council and Chancellor of the Klingon Empire. Worf saw differently and in 2375, the flash of the bat'leth blades ensued. Worf silenced Gowron for good which ended his territorial reign in the quadrant and saw Martok installed as Chancellor Of the Klingon Empire.

"Hail Martok, leader of the Empire! Leader of destiny." -- Worf

Live Long and Prosper, trekkies, niners and trekkers.


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