Friday, December 19, 2008

Majel Barrett Roddenberry

Majel Barret Roddenberry died peacefully in her Bel Air home on December 18th 2008. Her roles in Star Trek introduced a confident "Number One" character in the pilot episode "The Cage" which was reinvented as the lovely Nurse Christine Chapel with a soft spot for Mr Spock later on.

In fact during an early scene in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, viewers are informed that she has now become Doctor Chapel, a role which she reprised briefly in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

She provided the regular voice of onboard computers in several Federation starships for Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and most of the Star Trek movies.

Majel was famous as the ships computer voice which she supplied for Federation starships but particularly the USS Enterprise 1701, living long and prospering in the reboot version of Star Trek 2009 movie.  J.J. Abrams film is dedicated to her as well as Gene.

She starred in most of the Star Trek movies and appeared in three Star Trek series.  ("Star Trek" (1966), "Star Trek - The Next Generation" (1987), "Star Trek - Deep Space Nine" (1993) playing the Betazoid Ambassodor Lwaxana Troi on Star Trek, The Next Generation including Deep Space Nine and was brilliant

Majel also made a point of attending a major Star Trek convention each year in an effort to inspire fans and keep the franchise alive. I will miss her and our journeys through the galaxy together. May she find eternal happiness with her husband Gene beyond the final frontier, going boldly where none of us have ever, gone before.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Star Trek Movie XI

Great Galactic Space. I had to set my shields to maximum to survive the rush of this movie trailer. Will Star Trek XI usher in new generation of Star Trek fans? "Emotions are alien to me - I am a scientist." Mr Spock has conned us into believing in the past but I'm confused. Is'nt the movie a kind of warp back in time? Young Spock must be going through one of his ancestral animal urges or you could just blame it on the weaker human half. Remember this line, when you're watching Spock lose his cool. "I will not allow you to lecture me." says the vulcan in a rage. Spock's raw emotions surface but so do Rachel Nichols in a scene with the corvette murderer, James Tiberius Kirk.

The new trailer is filled with plenty of action packed entertainment and a stylish USS Enterprise starship or is it the USS Kelvin? or whatever..... in an epic space battle which engages a Romulan Warbird. Captain Christopher Pike gives the order to "prepare to fire all weapons."

Those words remind me of favourite battle scenes because its the sort of command Picard would have used to alert his crew, now Kirk's style, we know is different. He does'nt ask questions or engage in too much diplomacy which can be used to prolong a crises and Captain James Tiberius Kirk hates double talk. "Buckle up." and slapping his crewmates on the back is more Kirk's style. Well lets just take it as a given, right? or is he the worst Captain in the Fleet, perhaps you hate the guy? Don't be shy now...

When the enemy is threatening the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701, Captain Kirk skips the formalities opting instead to maneuver "his" ship in for the kill. At the Captains command, Mr Checkov readies the phasers and photon torpedoes at full power. Kirk's cunning eyes spot the enemy ship's weakest moment and without hesitation the order to fire is given. "Mr Checkov lock weapons and fire!" I think Abrams included the cop chasing corvette scene to demonstrate Kirk's daredevil compulsion and nerves of steel in what are considered crucial characteristics of a noteworthy Starship Captain.

Romulans are unlike their stoic "Cousins" the vulcans and I'm fascinated to see how Leonard Nemoy's character "Spock" plays out in the film. Romulans are driven by their passions and its no coincidence Mr Spock and a bad ass Romulan "Nero" with blood ties are in the same movie. Given half a chance, Nero will blow the Enterprise out of the stars. But what about the time honoured traditions of the Federation, Starfleet General Orders/Regulations and the Prime Directive?

Wired has reported on the reaction to the four clips shown at the Los Angeles gathering. "It's safe to say that Abrams' Trek will be younger, brighter, busier and more frenetically paced than any previous incarnation," said the reviewer. "The performances are edgier and louder, but not better. The effects are spectacular and executed on a scale never attempted by any Trek film. And, while connected to Gene Roddenberry's creation, this film is deliberately and unquestionably built in its own universe, constructing its story on the idea that the original Star Trek time line has been destroyed and must be reconstructed as closely as possible."

Its a fair bet there will be less geekiness and more action drama scenes in this movie with spacebabe Zoe Saldana taking her top off and another spacebabe hitting it off with the new Captain Kirk, who told Eonline he did get his groove on with the "green" Rachel Nichols.

johnnyneo9 (2 days ago) Im not into Star Trek but this movie might change my mind....

NathanVernon (2 days ago) Agreed. might turn me into a trekkie. :P

Amatugold Reply same here

Inglis93 (2 days ago) OMFG EPIC.

AlbertGX (2 days ago) YES

thizzwutitizzz (2 days ago) im not a star trek fan but this movie somewhat appeals
to me. probably cuz "syler," simon pegg, and henry cho are in it. either way the movie looks good.

27.Murray Mon, Nov 17, 2008, 4:36 PM

Star Trek has always had a stigma of being geeky and misunderstood by many people. Hopefully, if this trailer is anything to go by, then we are finally looking at a Star Trek Film which has style, heaps of action and ass-kicking sci-fi entertainment in abundance and not just appealing to die hard fans such as me, but for the wider audience in general.Lets be eternally grateful that Star Trek has been given another
chance, a top director, an awesome cast, a huge budget and a sh*tload of Industrial
Light and Magic visual effects on top.

What kind of kid would tell a cop his full name? A kid who thinks he's destined for great things.

jbunn01 Stupid little kid just toasted an antique 280 year old Corvette. Punk a*sed kirk....

You're used to seeing a more mature Spock, who's suppressed his human side. This movie deals with a younger Spock, who has to battle his half-human emotions and half-Vulcan expectations.

Spock: "Quite correct, Mister Chekov. What is required now is a feat of
linguistic legerdomain and a degree of intrepidity, before the captain and Doctor McCoy freeze to death."

please i hope mccoy says
"hes dead jim"
"dammit jim im a doctor not a ...."

I wanna know why Spock's beating on Kirk.

Shut up Trekkies. I don't even like Star Trek and I see that movie is gonna be good.

Don't forget to put fuses in the consoles, too. Now instead of the console blowing up in your face, the fuse just goes poof. How many lives could have been saved with seatbelts and circuit breakers?

Live long and Prosper Trekkies, Aliens and Trekkers.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Science Fiction Internet Drama

I got an email from a guy called Rupert informing me of his new sci fi project on Kirill Fascinating is a word Science Officer Spock uses when unpredictable circumstances strike him with wonder and I have to admit the Vulcan is one of my favourite Star Trek characters.

Image Creator/Owner: Paramount Pictures or CBS Pictures.

You can image my interest when I learned of Stuart Patrick. He’s also a believer in logic, order and theory. He’s also a computer geek just like our pal Mr Spock! The main character in Kirill is deluded, misunderstood, paranoid and frightened. But frightened of what? The end of the world, killer cyborgs, or perhaps heartless orcs from outer space or maybe we should fear the No 1 rule on Kirill’s hit list hidden inside the box.

Scary spooks, secret messages. telepathic powers, tortured minds round off in an underground chamber of horrors.

"Who are you?" demands Kirill who had until now, remained hidden from the evil chaos sweeping the world above.

"Do not fear me,’ says the orc calmly. "My name is Olive. Each man hides a secret pain. I can read your thoughts. You carry a heavy burden. Share your pain with me and gain strength from the experience."

"Never, stay the hell away from me," cries Kirill reaching for his gun.

But the orc is persistent "Listen to me friend, I can set your mind free."

"I don’t believe you. You’re one of them aren't you?" yells Kirill frantically.

Olive holds out her hand in friendship smiling evilly. "Who do you think I am?"

Kirill follows a set of rules which have guaranteed his survival so far. The gravity of his situation is beginning to dawn on him, if this orc found him, it wouldn't be long before more demons and orcs discovered his secret den.

Olive laughs again clearly enjoying the prospects of a silver lining from her latest victim. "What you fear is the unknown....."

Where does Vivienne Villars fit into all of this?

View episodes 1 and 2 on Kirill Uncovered. Episode 3 is due out on Monday 10th November.

Live long and Prosper Trekkers and Orcs.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008



You gotta love Captain (Cadet)Kirk's officers in their bright new cheery uniforms. The only unharmonious uniform is Kirks who looks like a commando in his black shirt. These colours come from an era when Klingons and Humans had a healthy loathing for each other and dying became an everyday sacrifice especially if you were a security guard and your shirt was red. But life aboard the Starship Enterprise NCC 1701 continued accross the stars, stealing the hearts and minds of ordinary people everywhere, transforming them into fully fledged trekkies and trekkers right accross the Universe.

The movie images look superb and excited fans are beaming in from all over the universe just to get a look at them. The Star Trek Xi movie trailer airs with Quantum of Solace on the 14th November.

It looks like JJ Abrams and Paramount Pictures have gone all out to appeal to a wider audience with the new young crew of the USS Enterprise. I've always been a Star Trek fan, actually I'm proud to call myself a Trekkie. Star trek fan or non-Trekkie, Star Trek XI strikes me as being a bold movie with a cutting edge crew (in their ultra cool space-age underarmour classic uniforms) unafraid to seek out new lifeforms and execute what needs to be accomplished.

But we know it won't be that simple with the pointy eared evil Romulan "Nero" played by Eric Bana as the films villain. Alot will be riding on him to woo the audiences with a lightening face-off with Captain Kirk, similiar to performances given by Ricardo Montalban as Khan, Christopher Lloyd as Cmdr Kruge and Christopher Plummer as General Chang in Star Trek II, III, and VI.



Vulcans are famous for using pure logical reasoning which they've mastered to purge themselves of all emotions. Mr Spock in particular followed the teachings and philosophies of Surak: Logic and Emotional Control. However his ancestors were an extremely violent race of people who waged almost constant warfare with one another. Technological leaps in Vulcanian society pushed the species to near extinction. The teachings of Surak created a following which saved countless vulans lives and a sworn allegience to live their lives by Surak's ethical system based on logical principles. Its interesting to note that our New Mr Spock is looking very angry in this scrap with captain Kirk. For a green blooded Vulcan... So it must be his human half we're seeing!! Woo Hoo!!! Yesss!!!

I hope we see Doctor Mc Coy cheering Spock on and pulling his human strings cos' only Bones knows how to get a rise out of pointy ears tortured soul. It will be interesting to see this brand new cast responding to each other under pressure on the starship USS Enterprise and remember we have'nt seen them in action or their moves yet! Will their fresh personas radiate with enough magic to blow our minds? We've seen "Heroes" Zachary Quinto, the Brain eating Sylar who drains the life out of his poor victims on t.v.

You can't help but get a kick out of the sick monster because not all his victims are considerate and charming people. I hope the rest of the cast have star talent, Zachary Quinto aka Sylar has proven his evil a*s in Heroes, now hes a bona fide Movie Star. I hope he returns. You'll have to make up your own minds about Chris Pine as Kirk, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, John Cho as Sulu, Karl Urban as Dr Leonard McCoy, Zoe Saldana as Uhura and Simon Pegg as Scotty.

What have we got here? Why its Captain Kirk climbing out of an ice glacier bare handed and with no gloves! It looks like Kirk had to abandon the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 and this shot shows him hurriedly departing from his escape pod. Question is why did the captain leave the USS Enterprise and who won the scrap? Maybe Spock forced a mind meld on him but that would be an unethical act of a desperate man, would'nt it? However, Spock would no doubt, find my appraisal of his behaviour highly insulting and illogical.

Here we can see the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 bridge. I think it looks cool. It has a bright, streamlined airy feel to it too and illustrates that women are'nt allowed sit down on the job, just kidding!! actually her short skirt is mighty powerful on the eye and she has what appears to be joysticks or scanners on her center isle console. Kirk's chair is fantastic, I have to get one of those and the good doctor looks worried about something. Notice the shape of Kirk's chair and the armrests, it reminds me of the old command chair that William Shatner used to thump and shout down to Main Engineering on with James Doohan at the other end, ready with, "I'm giving her all she got, its becoming critical Captain, she can't take much more of this! I'm so excited about this movie, please Captain Kirk can I join your ship?

Live Long and Prosper Trekkies, Niners and Trekkers

Monday, October 06, 2008

Sad Day for Mr Spock and Aliens

Fourteen years ago EU officials in Brussels took it upon themselves to boldly go where no sovereign power had dared to go before. It was a media circus and apparently the bad guys were focusing their sights on our good pal Mr Spock. Let me explain. A plan was devised by the bureaucrats to class our Star Trek hero, Mr Spock as an Illegal Alien along with the other non human dolls manufactured in China which the wise guys slapped a quota of $81.7 million on. No travel restrictions were placed on the human dolls/ action figures. Action man was free to go. So was Batman and Robin. The red carpet was rolled out for Captain Kirk. No-one defies Kirk not unless you want to get into a scrap and besides the captain always carries a phaser.

The humanity of every action figure and doll was put on the line and scrutinised by the money men. In the end, the word came down. It was a sad day for Mr Spock and Aliens everywhere. Spock, Noddy, Big Ears and Teddy bears fell victim by order of the hard liners in Brussels. There was no appeal. Star Trek fans, Trekkies and trekkers were disappointed by the EU decision and warned governments they shouldn't be meddling in the affairs of the Final Frontier. The President of the Official Star Trek Fan Club in Colorado, Dan Madsen said "Custom officials ought to cut Spock some slack" because Amanda, Mr Spock's mother was after all human!! Spock is half human. Okay, so he's half Vulcan too and was born with pointy ears! When news reached the UK, the British customs office showed no regret about their wrongdoings towards Mr Spock. "We see no reason to change our interpretation," said their agent Dez Barrett-Denyer. "You don't find a human with ears that size."

Live Long and Prosper Trekkies and Trekkers!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

William Shatner's Get a Life!

Heres William Shatner re-enacting his 1986 Saturday Night Live evil Captain Kirk speech at a Star Trek convention, with the help of his co-star trekkies who did a brilliant job. This spoof comedy is fun to watch.  Shatner gets a huge round of applause at the fake convention when he eventually back tracks. It was really the evil Captain Kirk's fault.

"Alright before I answer any more questions theres something I want to say. Having received all your letters over the years, and I've spoken to many of you, and some of you have know... hundreds of miles to be here. I'd just want to say.......GET A LIFE! will you people?

I mean for crying out loud, its just a TV show! I mean look at you; Look at how you're dressed." (Shocked trekkies with horrified expressions on their faces look around the room to examine each others clothes)

"You've turned an enjoyable little job, I did as a lark for a few years, into a colossal waste of time. (Shatners pretending to be furious now) I mean how old are you people? What have you done with yourselves?

You!! Shatner shouts out, (pointing to a guy wearing glasses and really pointy vulcan ears) you must be almost 30, have you ever kissed a girl? (The trekkie guy doesn't answer and instead hangs his head in shame) I didn't think so!" says Shatner who's only just getting warmed up. "

"Theres a whole world out there! When I was your age, I didn't watch television, I lived! So move out of your parents' basements and get your own apartments and GROW THE HELL UP!! It's just a tv show dammit! It's just a tv show." declares shatner flabbergasted.

An innocent geeky guy wearing glasses and no spock ears in a yellow t shirt enquires from the front row. "Are you saying we should pay more attention to the movies?"

Shatners close to losing it now. "NO!!!! thats not what I'm saying at all!!! You guys are the lamest bunch that I've ever seen...... I mean I can't believe these people?....I mean, I really can't understand what I'm doing here." yells the mean Captain as he walks off the stage towards his manager at the sidelines.

In the convention audience I noticed a trekkie with his hands over his ears so he couldn't hear Shatners painful, blasphemous words. This spoof is absolutely priceless with the cheesy laughing in the background the whole time. 

A shoving match between Shatner and his manager ensues shortly after Bills ferocious facts of life speech with the trekkies/trekkers. After a serious row with his manager Bill realises he's screwed up big time with his fans. After a little confab Shatner returns to face his crestfallen trekkies.

"Of course that speech was a re-creation of the "Evil Captain Kirk", from uhhhh episode 37." Frozen like statues, Shatners beleaguered trekkies watch their hero with keen interest without saying a word. Shatners stammering now.

"The name...uhhhhhh"
(and his manager leans over and whispers the episode into the Shat's ear)
"The Enemy Within" which immediately restores Shatner's credibility with the trekkies/trekkers when they hear their Captain Kirk speaking their lingo. Shatners smiling now because his fans are responding with geekie laughter.
"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, so thankyou" he says joyfully, relieved. ".....and live long and prosper, so everybody set your phasers on stun, cos' this convention is ahead, Warp factor nine!"
"Horray, yay, yay, yay," cheer the trekkies.
"Alright, Warpfactor nine!" cheers Shatner as he exits.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers and Trekkies!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Brent Spiner's Dreamland.

Brent Spiner will be making an appearance at New York megastore J&R Music World on Wednesday, August 27th at 12:30pm. He will be signing copies of his CD "Dreamland".

On the cd Mark Hamil supplies his voice over narrative for several characters with Brent Spiner and Maude Maggart in Dreamlands production of stories and songs. John "Mac" McKinney is the musical director who found Spiner an epic challenge.

Dreamland started as an idea with Brent Spiner and Maud Maggart using the studio to record the album. Brent started working with the idea of dreams as a concept. He cracks gags during the interview which is typical of Spiner. "I can't believe my phone is actually working in here. Its the first time ever I get a signal."

In the youtube video we see them kidding around with John McKinney who had his work cut out for him and isn't shy about saying so! Judge for yourself, the cd is an awesome musical mix of dreams that springs to life.

"What am I thinking?" says Brent to John Mc Kinney (sitting beside him at the piano) and the guy replies "Why I'm in the shot?" Brents looks up and lets out a zany laugh. "That was it." Its fun watching these two together,  almost like watching a comedy gig.

So Brent's Dreamland concept grew. After two years, it was decided to make a fun cd for fans with a theme of songs and moving love story for everybody to enjoy. Trekkers, Trekkies, Parents and whole families too. Why even a mother on youtube remarked that her babies loved the sound of the cd when she played it to them.

"Give me Dreamland Curse You!"

When Brent appeared on Johathan Swartz show  a song "Looking at You" sung by Maud Maggart was played.

Her voice was "such a miraculous thing to hear." declares Star Trek's android.

" I was totally captivated by the sound of her voice and I thought this is like the most beautiful sound I've ever heard. I've got to have this young woman sing with me."

Maud sings "I remember you" with a mix of other musical notes on the cd.

I remember you,
Your the one that made my dreams come true,
A few kisses ago

I remember you-ooh
You're the one who made my dreams come true
A few kisses ago

I remember you-ooh
You're the one who said "I love you, too"
Yes, I do, didn't ya know?

I remember, too, a distant bell and stars that fell
Like the rain out of the blue-ooh-ooh-ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo

When my life is through
And the angels ask me to recall
The thrill of it all
Then I shall tell them I remember you-ooh

I remember, too, a distant bell and stars that fell
Just like the rain out of the blue-ooh-ooh-ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo

When my life is through
And the angels ask me to recall
The thrill of it all
Then I will tell them I remember, tell them I remember
Tell them I remember you

The sound guy said "Somebody used the phrase 'musical of the mind' and 'audio film' which I like" Its something strictly for your ears and imagination." Dreamland's has songs combined with a fascinating storyline which will place you in the heart of Dreamland. So prepare to embark on your adventure to a parallel universe in Dreamland, where you will encounter a fabric of reality where no earthie has ever gone before.

Live long and prosper Trekkers and Trekkies!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In Spock We Trust

The following paragraph from William Shatners autobiography Up Till Now refers to Gene Roddenberry as the chiseler. The Shat's Gene/Leonard quotes are one way of stirring the coals but then ask yourself is it really possible to dream this stuff up?

"He was a chiseler who wanted a cut of outside money his cast earned, demanded to be called ‘master,’ and prohibited poor Nimoy from using a company pencil."


I confess, this news does make for a spellbinding read. William Shatner was on Oprah Winfrey recently with his wife, Elizabeth. Up Till Now is packed with fascinating, cuting edge information, too real not to be true. My trek logic tells me that William Shatner would'nt publish material in his books that would jepordise his very good friendship with Leonard Nimoy and it is written really well, so enjoy, trekkers. Heres Leonard Nimoy's quoted conversation with Gene Roddenberry.

He looked at me and said, ‘The difference between your agent and me is that your agent can’t get you out of here at five o’clock on Friday and I can. And all it’ll cost you is twenty percent."
"Gene, I can’t do that to this agent,' I said. 'He got me the job."
"And then he said, and I will never forget his exact words, "Well, you’re just going to have to learn how to bow down and say master."

If it's true, well, Gene you old dog you, what a character. The master line is priceless. I love it and it just proves one thing. Gene Roddenberry had frailties like the rest of us earthlings.

I recounted Gene's bow down and call me master chat with Leonard Nimoy to a trekkie friend of mine and the guy burst out laughing. It is funny stuff to read. The sad part of this story is that, Leonard and Gene's conversation ended any semblance of a friendship between them. However we must'nt forget the fact that Gene Roddenberry insisted on keeping Mr Spock through both pilot episodes of the series when the Studio was uneasy about the character and said get rid of the "guy with the ears." Mr Spock endured the test of time and became a leading star of Star Trek TOS adored by his many vulcanophiles fans.

In spite of studio request to get rid of the "guy with the ears", Gene Roddenberry insisted on keeping the character through both pilot episodes of the series, and Spock became one of the most enduring symbols of Star Trek.

Live Long and Prosper Aliens and Trekkies!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Starfleet Communicator

Watch your trekkie mates faces crumple with despair when you take out your brand new Starfleet Communicator and do a "Beam me up Scotty" right in front of them. This little jewel can now be yours for $49.99, available at Amazon right now while stocks last. Not soon enough? If you need to indulge your trekkie cravings right now, then visit your online Roddenberry Star Trek Store and get a spinning moire electronic communicator upgrade for $159.95

This upgrade kit features authentic 2 sounds and 3 flashing lights (one green, one red, and one yellow). Once installed, this kit will make your Communicator come alive with the flip of the lid. The lid will actually activate the spinning moiré, sounds and lights just like on Star Trek!

Upon first activation the first longer tone will sound. Upon the second activation the second shorter chirp will sound. The 2 chirps will flip-flop back and forth on sequential activation. The kit comes with a drill bit, and a short follow along instruction manual that gives a step by step PICTURED instructions.

**With the proper skills, it is possible to install this kit into an already built prop. However, a brand new prop is always best. Batteries are not included with the kit.**

"Enterprise, this is Kirk." (Captain Kirk)
"Spock here, Captain." (Spock)
"Bridge here, Captain."
"Transporter room ready to beam up."
"Bridge, this is the captain." (Captain Kirk)
"Enterprise to Mr. Spock."
"Captain, shall I beam down an armed party?" (Spock, plays during call-back mode only)
"Scotty here, Captain." (Scotty)
Entertainment Earth exclusive bonus phrase! "Your signal is very weak; can you turn up your gain?" (Spock)

If I was telepathic, my powers of deduction would detect tortured trekkie minds crying out in despair right about now. So rather than incur your wrath, I shall come clean. Yes, there are cheaper Starfleet communicators. Are you sure you've got your trekkie outburst over with? Yes? Good. However, theres a glitch but its a little one considering the price reduction. Now check out Entertainment Earth You can thank me later. They have a similar Starfleet Communicator equipped with sound effects, clips from the classic Star Trek: The Original Series, lights, flip-open antenna, but I suspect no spinning moire, available for the spanking price $29.99.

Don't be caught on your next away mission without one of these handy lifesavers. Get set to beam yours up in September, 2010!

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Cruel Karu Calls Trekkies Braindead!!

Cruel Karu passed down a cruel sentence of damnation against all Trekkies and Trekkers in our galactic universe recently, it saddened me to think an earthling could be so bitter towards us. For his sake, I hope a Trekkie doesn't track him down and shoot the evil blasphemer with a phaser set at full stun, our people know how to deal with Trekkie treachery. Here are evil Karu's words, its blasphemy I say, just reading it crucifies my Trekkie feelings. Here are cruel Karu's words:

"This much for a load of fictional nonsense. just modern mythology thats all.
Trekkies are brain dead people, go get a life. Warp engines ?? Warp 10 ?? not in a Million years... Physics doesn't allow it you IDIOTS!!!"

Its clear the guy actually hates Trekkies, why he's even commenting on a Star Trek subject is beyond me. The good news is Trekkie Jonn, obviously a creature of pure logical reasoning has decided to educate Karu with the facts.

Karu said, "This much for a load of fictional nonsense. just modern mythology thats all. Trekkies are brain dead people, go get a life.
Warp engines ?? Warp 10 ?? not in a Million years... Physics doesn't allow it you IDIOTS!!!"

"Before you call anyone an idiot, please be kind enough to go back to your high school days and remember that while warp drive may be impossible according to Newtonian physics, it is merely improbable according to Einsteinium physics. Very big difference."

I like your style Jonn, real nice piece of logic. My advice to Karu is: get a phaser and sleep with it under your pillow. The Trekkies are coming to get you!

Live Long and Prosper Aliens and Trekkies

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Star Trek XI Movie Buzz

Edward Ott my blogger pal fused trekkie synergy into my brain cells recently which got me thinking. His question was straight to the point, "so any opinions on the new movie that they are making?" My answer to your question Edward is: I've watched enough Star Trek clips to know JJ Abrams believes in what he's doing. I was initially sceptical because he confessed to the Star Wars thing .

Comic Con 2007 broke the ice when Abrams admitted to being drawn to the dark side of the Force. Star Warsians and Trekkies live at opposite ends of the galactic rainbow so live and let live, we're all Science Fiction fans, especially when we meet at the conventions.

Abrams obviously wants to connect with fans, besides it creates a happy buzz about the whole Star Trek XI movie experience when showbiz people share stuff with us.

Heres a clip with Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy who star in the film.

In a statement of his J J Abrams says:

 "If there's something I'm dying to see, it's the brilliance and optimism of (Gene) Roddenberry's world brought back to the big screen," said Abrams. "Alex and Bob wrote an amazing script that embraces and respects Trek canon, but charts its own course. Our goal is to make a picture for everyone — life-long fans and the uninitiated. Needless to say, I am honoured and excited to be part of this next chapter of Star Trek."

"Star Trek XI" won't just be a film for trekkers. Bring along your whole family because according to the top brass it'll be a picture for everyone. Its a fair bet JJ will produce a a movie with the usual explosions, and attention to detail with the USS Enterprise 1701 commanded by Christopher Pike,

(Kirk's predecessor) aka Bruce Greenwood. The word is the USS Enterprise will be involved in a showdown or rescue mission of some kind, with an elder Spock attempting to change the timeline.

The villain "Nero" is played by Eric Bana. Its likely Nero travels to the past to create strife and upheaval for the crew of the USS Enterprise 1701. Spock discovers his plans and tries to to stop him, I guess some mind melding will be in order!

According to IMDB's cast its evident a missile launcher and vulcan bullies come into play, the word is one of the villians takes a pot shot at the USS Enterprise and she crash lands on a planet somewhere! Of course missile launchers have been used in past star trek movies to blow up stars and in Star Trek 3 the Genesis device was the ultimate "doomsday weapon" according to the evil klingon commander Kruge.

Trailers reveal the Enterprise is built from scratch at ground level but what if the USS Enterprise is only being repaired after a terrible crash? Here a list of the cast from IMDB to whet your appetites.

IMDB Star Trek XI Movie Cast

Chris Pine ... Kirk

Zachary Quinto ... Spock

Eric Bana ... Nero

Winona Ryder ... Amanda Grayson

Zoe Saldana ... Nyota Uhura

Karl Urban ... Leonard 'Bones' McCoy

Bruce Greenwood ... Christopher Pike

John Cho ... Hikaru Sulu

Leonard Nimoy ... Spock

Simon Pegg ... Scotty

Anton Yelchin ... Pavel Chekov

Greg Ellis ... Chief Engineer Olson

Paul McGillion ...

Other cast:

Faran Tahir ... Capt. Robau

Rachel Nichols ... Orion

Jennifer Morrison ... Winona Kirk

Diora Baird ... The Green Girl

Jimmy Bennett ... Young Kirk

Tyler Perry ... Starfleet Academy Chief

Ben Cross ... Sarek

Clifton Collins Jr. ... Ayel

Christopher Doohan ... Starfleet Officer

Brad William Henke ... Uncle Frank

Margot Farley ... Stenographer

Lucia Rijker ... Romulan CO

Pavel Lychnikoff ...

Jacob Kogan ... Adolescent Spock

Jessica Lauren Richmond ... Flirty Cadette

Chris Hemsworth ... George Kirk

Kelvin Yu ... Med Tech

David Jean Thomas ... Vulcan Elder

Sufe Bradshaw ... Jessica

William Morgan Sheppard ... Science Minister

Spencer Daniels ... George Samuel Kirk Junior

Lorenzo James Henrie ... Vulcan Bully #1

Darlena Tejeiro ... Flight Officer

Marlene Forte ... Chief Transporter

Sabrina Morris ... Ensign Slater

Elizabeth Ingalls ... Nurse

Colby Paul ... Vulcan Bully #2

Massi Furlan ... Missile Launcher

Michelle Parylak ... Enterprise Bridge Crew Member

Sonita Henry ... Doctor

James Cawley ...

Jeffery Quinn ... Vulcan

Jonathan Dixon ... Weapons Officer

Paul Townsend ... Security officer

Antonio Elias ... Officer Pitts

Kasia Kowalczyk ... Kelvin Alien #1

Douglas Tait ... Brian

Tony Guma ... Bartender

Alex Nevil ... Scanning Officer

Tiffany Collie ... Starfleet Cadet

Paul Sass ... Starfleet Administrator

James Jolly ... Enterprise Bridge Crew Member

Live Long and Prosper Aliens and Trekkies!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My God Jim, He's Dead!


My God He's Dead Jim.
Image Creator/Owner: Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

It looks like James Tiberius Kirk doesn't care about his fallen security guard but nothing could be further from the truth. I made up some dialogue to fit the photo, for a few laughs.

Dr McCoy: My God Jim, he's dead!!!

Captain Kirk: Ahhhh to heck with him Bones, we've got bigger problems to worry about like the "Eyes of Vaal" and besides. Theres plenty more where he came from.

Spock: I'm the tallest, it should have been me.

Yeoman: Captain, that poor man has a family, aren't we going to bury him?

Captain Kirk: Nahh. His body is just a useless empty shell, now come on people! We've got a mission to complete.

Chekov: Yes Captain.

Here's a classic example of one of the USS Enterprises Security guys in a red t-shirt whos been killed on the homeworld of Akuta's people, Gamma Trianguli VI in the classic episode "The Apple." In Star Trek TOS, the red t-shirt was simply bad luck! Security guards beaming down to planets wearing these jinxed uniforms were cursed, sometimes they never even made it back to the USS Enterprise.

Vaal is a ruling computerlike god shaped in the form of a cavernous mouth with fangs and red glowing eyes a sure sign hes getting angry. Kirk's landing party upsets the unnatural peaceful balance enjoyed on Gamma Trianguli and deciding to take matters into his own hands, Kirk breaks the prime directive! No surprise there. Akuta's people worship Vaal and feed him from the holy templelike altar. Vaal must be obeyed who in turn looks after the people on Gamma Trianguli VI. Kirk's crew soon learn some very strange facts about the planet and Vaal orders Akuta to take action!

Live Long and Prosper, Aliens and Trekkies!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Trekkie or Trekker?

I discovered a book recently called Star Trek Memories with a curiously entertaining summary written by Entertainment Weekly. At first I thought their judgement was in error because the term Trekologists was used to describe Star Trek fans, so I googled it and yes, its on the internet, along with trekster, trekkie and trekker. Gene Roddenberry, the shows creator has spoken about the fans much like a proud father would of his children which thankfully has shed much light on the subject. It should be noted earthlings are entitled to call themselves whatever they want.

Mr Spock on the other hand, would simply raise his eyebrow and and say "Fascinating" and failing that he'd say: Fascinating is a word I use for the unexpected. In this case, I should think "interesting" would suffice.
--Spock in 'The Squire of Gothos'

I believe Trekologists and trekster while entertaining are makey up words. Trekkie and trekker are the official terms for Star Trek fans just put "old age" and "modern" before them in that order and all will be revealed. Perhaps "old age trekkie" does sounds a bit mean but it wasn't my intention. So what is a trekkie?

Trekkies enjoying geeking out with other Star Trek fans because they are happy, logical creatures, extremely passionate about star trek. Quoting episodes comes quite naturally to them too. Trekkies can be can anyone from lawyer's to the guy who cuts grass for a living. Seeking out ways to satisfy our trek cravings is alleviated by visiting conventions and watching star trek on tv. In fact anything associated with trek like the Star Trek XI movie in 2009, the Star Trek Tours in America, Star Trek Roleplay games online etc gets us totally amped and augments the trekkie flames of passion burning in all of us. "Trekkers" on the other hand are the modern version of the Star Trek fan.

It goes without saying, that to even consider yourself a star trek fan you need to examine your own trekkie/trekker credentials.(I'm teasing you now.) Do you own your own personal phaser or communicator? Have you built any starship model ships? Can you list the best episodes, characters and technologies? How many books have you studied and which are the best ones? Who's the best captain? Theres a whole horde of star trek facts, several hundred trek episodes, trek memorabilia out there and I haven't even touched the tip of the iceberg. I am happy and proud to be called a "trekkie." Some trekkies such as James Cawley like to be called Star Trek Purists. If you can think of others, let the community know.

To get back to the trek synopsis, Let me explain first of all, that its a word for word writeup of William Shatner's Star Trek Memories with Chris Kreski. So far so good, until you read the end bit which gave me a bit of a chuckle. It starts like this....

The man who boldly went.....

William Shatner describes life on the set of a television show light-years ahead of its time in this collectable illustrated memoir. It's an in depth, insider's expose of the global cultural phenomenon known as Star Trek. Journey to the very beginning of the series, tour the set, hear members of the cast tell stories of how they came aboard the USS Enterprise, and so much more

Contains over 120 photographs and illustrations. And now for the best bit. Ready?

"This book should have Trekologists sifting through its pages for aeons to come" Entertainment Weekly

Live Long and Prosper, Aliens and Trekkers.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Across The Universe, Aliens and Trekkers!

Nina tagged me with this worthwhile cosmic cause which I couldn't resist. Its about an interplanetary call to aliens beings spanning 2.5 quadrillion miles away across the universe. I've been neglectful, this epic event took place on February 4th 2008 using Nasa technology which transmitted John Lennon's Beatles track "Across The Universe from our little planet. It still gives me great pleasure to tell you about this my trek readers.

We all have a soft spot for our alien friends but heres the scoop NASA's 45th anniversary of its Deep Space Network is in itself a truly momentous occasion.

The 40th aniversary of the song and the 50th anniversary of NASA. Trekkies fear not, John Lennon's song "Across The Universe" will have to transmit 431 light years away to reach the shining star Polaris. The songs journey involves 2.5 quadrillion miles across the galactic expanse spanning 431 lightspeed years. So you see a strong beam of light from the Polaris star will take 431 years to reach earth.

So if there are any bad guys out there in the Polaris Quadrant, hey listen up. Earths ready, we've got Captain Picard of the starship USS Enterprise within calling range, Captain Kirk, Spock and his Vulcan Logic, Five of starfleet's best engineers Scotty, Geordi, Bellana, Trip and Miles O'Brien. Lock and load phasers, quantum photon torpedoes ready.. The Federation fleet is armed and ready to send in the droids, omnipotent entities and its hungry tribble detectives.

Intergalactic travel for humans is probably hundreds of years away, but theres always the chance that earth will be discovered. Aliens! Despite our failings "Nothings going to change my world" at least we have made the effort in these enlightened days, to reach out in friendship to our interstellar alien neighbours. I hope our green friends enjoy the music.

Live Long and Prosper, Aliens and Trekkers!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Star Trek Phase II

James Cawley aka Captain James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise 1701 has positively boldly gone where no trekkie has gone before. Yes, our Internet Captain Kirk is a huge Trekker fan with specialist knowledge of Star Trek. Cawley's Internet production, Star Trek New Voyage's (phase II) resumes using the same Star Trek Original Series continuity. It picks up the thread where the USS Enterprise 1701 left off in 1969, with treasured Original Series actors and new talent adding cosmic greatness to satisfy our trek cravings. The internet universe has been alive with eager trekkers tuning in for more episodes ever since January 2004. Blood and Fire is a two part episode currently in post production with the completion date for Part I set for April 2008. There are several more episodes being written for the popular Star Trek Phase II show.

st new voyages

In 2264, Captain James T. Kirk began his first historic five-year mission as Captain of the Enterprise. Our TOS heroes Scotty, McCoy, Spock, Uhura, Nurse Chapel, Sulu and Chekov have entertained us with space battles and inspired us with fundamentally good human beliefs. Star Trek captains have always used reason over violence to negotiate with trigger happy villians, murderers and lunatics to prevent wars and loss of carbon life forms. Picard is a true master at negotiation. It does'nt always work though.

What impresses me the most about Starfleets officers is their tough resilient nature and interstellar survival skills. It takes rare gut instincts, theory, logic, training and experience to make a groovy starfleet captain. Their resolute minds of courage and firm belief in confronting and rooting out evil skins often leads to finding logical and scientific solutions. But its essential that starship captains can look beyond the empirical and see the bigger picture. As Captain, Kirk is responsible for all the lives and actions of his crew under his command.

When staring death in the face, it is vital that the captain's decisive mind make the best deduction and do it in a matter of seconds, leaving no stone unturned. Whole starsystems and thousands of lives have been saved by quick thinking and if that means "Mr sulu, set phasers to maximum intensity, Fire! Fire! Fire!" Then yes, we've seen the USS Enterprise neutralise many hostile enemy ships. Yesss! Make it so! Bye, Bye, Suckers!

Star Trek is great! People have discovered Star Trek's profound philosophy of peace with its postive interpretation of the future and they like it! After all who wants to live in a war torn universe with no hope for the future? Star Trek's sci fi characters have been our guides as we imagined warping with them to freaky new worlds on tv. They have been our protectors. They have invited us into their hearts and made us part of the trek family.

In fact, Kirk's crew became even more popular with star trek conventions, science fiction fanzines fan fictions, numerous books, memorabilia and multi million dollar movies following.

In April 2003 Star Trek New voyages was created by James Cawley and Jack Marshall. The first episode of the series was released in January 2004. In February 16th 2008, James Cawley announced that Star Trek "New Voyages" would be changing to the name Star Trek "Phase II to account for the period of time between the Original Series and Star Trek, The Motion Picture.

In Harms Way

We have been promised, my trek readers, by James Cawley himself that despite the shows name change, the show will remain focused on Star Treks original philosophy, wonderful starship designs, costume and set designs etc, and its fascinating characters. James Cawley describes himself as a purist, not a trekkie or trekker which is interesting in itself and as a self professed purist, he has produced Star Trek Phase II (New Voyages) with really classy sets, props, costumes and neat touches.

It looks like the Enterprise designs are detailed reproductions based on original blueprints. They're that good. James did'nt wan't to see the USS Enterprise 1701 or the show changed and its obvious Cawley's passion with his talented crew shining beside him speak volumes. Personally as a trekkie fan for over twenty years..." Captain the crew of the Enterprise are far exceeding the expectations of the many trekkers here on earth. These guys should feel really proud and I thankyou all. It looks like all James Cawley's hard work is now paying off with a lucky chance meeting at the Paramount Studios lot with J.J.Abrams. It actually led to the Phase II captain Kirk being offered a role in the Star Trek XI movie.

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Gene Roddenberry

In 1964, Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek concept was born aboard the starship USS Yorktown exploring the Final Frontier commanded by Robert April, the logical female commander "Number One," navigator Jose Tyler, Captains Yeoman J. M. Colt, an elderly Dr Philip Boyce who drank during duty calls with a half human, green blooded alien, Mr Spock from the red planet Vulcania. Star Trek was in its infancy with its creator Gene Roddenberry shopping his idea to several studios. MGM's mindset that Science Fiction as a genre would'nt have mass appeal to a 1960's audience proved to be an expensive mistake which paved the way for Desilu Studios who were impressed with Gene's "Wagon Train to the Stars" concept. Desilu gave him a three year deal to seek out new liforms on new civilisations. I wonder did he charm the corsetry off Lucille Ball? Sorry Readers, I'm being totally illogical now, forgive me. XD

Star Trek stood on its own merits and Gene soon began pitching to the Networks grabbing NBC's interest. Finally Star Trek's pilot episode "The cage," was under way. It must have felt like a huge milestone for them which included significant changes to the USS Yorktown which started with renaming it the USS Enterprise NCC 1701. Jeffrey hunter was cast as Captain Christopher Pike renaming Captain Robert April and Susan Oliver played the green Orion dancing woman "Vina" who dazzled us with her wonderful performances. The rest of the characters adhered to the original format and over nine days the pilot was shot at a cost of $630,000 making it the most expensive in Hollywood history. The only problem was this version of "The cage" was never aired because NBC said it was too "cerebral" What it needed was action and adventure and less geek.

It was recommended that Roddenberry get rid of the guy with the "ears" because his satanic appearance might upset viewers and the frosty No 1 had to go. To the delight of Trek fans today, I want to thank everyone including the NBC executives who didn't give up on the Star Trek dream. Even though it was unheard of NBC re-commissioned a second pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before," because they liked it at a cost of $330,000 with the rechristened crew of the starship Enterprise NCC-1701..

On Sept 8th 1966 the second pilot "Where No Man has Gone Before," aired with a spiffier Enterprise bridge crew and a new Captain. William Shatner was brought in as James T. Kirk to replace Jeffrey Hunter who chose not return as Captain Pike when NBC's decision to reject the first pilot of "The Cage" broke. Thank God the studio got rid of those dreadful silver s-scanners. They were horrendous and the Enterprise first pilot bridge was terribly drab with its grey color scheme but the idea behind it was to give consoles etc a metallic appearance similar to ocean liners and submarine battle bridges of the time. The viewscreen lost its curves and the bridge crew got new uniforms. Nyota Uhura played by Nichelle Nichols looks lovely in her mini skirt and was always ready with her hailing frequencies open.

You're wondering about the ears aren't you? Spock played by Leonard Nimoy was the only character from the first pilot to survive the editors cut to appear in the second! The pointy eared alien vulcan was saved which made total sence to female fans of the Star Trek TOS who found Mr Spock, "dreamy." How can you fault a character whose geek speak includes "Live Long and Prosper?"

Captain Christopher Pike gave up the big chair to the new captain of the USS Enterprise, Captain James T. Kirk.. Dr "Bones" McCoy aka DeForrest Kelley replaced Dr Piper aka Paul Fix who stood in for a while replacing the elderly Dr Philip Boyce aka John Hoyt in the first pilot. McCoy was famous for his westerns during the 60's and appeared with Leonard Nimoy as a drunken doctor in the episode of the "Virginian" and let him die. XD. Despite pressures of the 1960's George Takei was cast as a Japanese-Filipino Helm Officer playing Mr Sulu and a Russian Tactical Officer was played by Walter Koenig. This was quite a crew in the making and all NBC needed now was the Chief Engineer to fix the the USS Enterprise.

Thats when Jimmy Doohan stepped into the fold and read for the part in his many accents. Jimmy was so good he had executives rolling around on the floor in stitches and got the job straight away. "The writers of Star Trek found out that I read technical journals. And that's how they put the "science about ships" into Scotty's character. Scotty is ninety-nine percent James Doohan and one-percent accent." We see lovely Majel recast again in the character guise of Nurse Chapel as a bleached blond working in Sickbay and bringing Mr Spock soup as he re-couperates later on in the series. After Gene Roddenberry divorced his first wife of 27 years he marries again with Majel Barrett in a traditional Japanese Shinto ceremony on August 6, 1969 and later concieves a son Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry Jr.

Star Trek The Original Series aired for three seasons with relative success as s 79 tv episodic series and then in 1969 died a miserable death. The Tv networks, NBC figured they'd had a lucky escape but they were wrong. Worse again the Nielson electronic black box system had'nt a clue how many were watching the show because their search field parameters were way off base and so Nielson were wrong too. Star Trek simply refused to die because our heroes Captain James T. Kirk, Mr Spock, Dr McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Nurse Chapel, Sulu Chekov and the rest of the starship U.S.S. Enterprise 1701 blazed passionately in the hearts and minds of trek fans everywhere. Star Trek TOS was infectious and soon went into syndication, kept alive by loyal Trekkies, letter writing campaigns, Star Trek conventions and Gene Roddenberry's hopeful vision of the future.

Within a few short years Kirk's starship USS Enterprise had become legendary. Phrases from the show, include Dr McCoys famous emotional outbursts,"I'm a doctor not a bricklayer," "Do something, Spock!" "He's dead Jim."
and Mr Spock's
"Live Long and Prosper," "I am a Scientist doctor, emotions are alien to me."
followed by the good doctors retort "In a pigs eye!"

The budget restrictions ensured that the series was set almost entirely on the starship USS Enterprise 1701, which toured the galaxy fighting Klingons and blowing up Romulan ships with a smiling Captain Kirk extending his hand in peace to new alien home worlds. When the USS Enterprise got into trouble and committed temporal incursions, it was Kirk the lad giving the orders to break the Prime Directive. On a safer note Scotty The Chief Engineer, occasionally operated the transporter pad beaming people and crew up and down from planet surfaces. But it was McCoy who kicked up the biggest fuss when it was his turn to "beam down." He did'nt much care for having his atoms scattered over empty black space to a planet surface but the d-mn machine had to scramble them too and filter them through the Heisenberg Compensators. Scotty's beam cost nothing to film which was a masterstroke because landing a spaceship on a planet was time consuming and expensive.

Its interesting to note Captain Picard never took the personal risks that Kirk faced virtually every day. But Jean Luc did have the Crusher boy's nerdling experiments to contend with which kind of evened up the USS Enterprise-D likelihood of blowing up in space. By 1987 Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek had grown up and while Picard's high tech USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D is a far superior ship in every way, some viewers resisted the idea of families travelling in space with the Crusher boy saving Picard's Enterprise and her adult Crew despite this Star Trek TNG ended with a huge bang and the highest tv ratings in Star Trek history..

Live Long and Prosper Trekkies!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Star Trek Phaser Laser

Blu-ray Laser Phaser

Star Trek Phaser. The future and the past come together as we build a Blu Ray Laser Phaser. I picked up a playstation laser assembly for $45 bucks and a Star Trek classic phaser for $30 bucks. To get to the blu-ray diode, I removed the necessary screws from the laser assembly and carefully extracted the precious Blu-ray diode. After soldering two wires to the diode and installing it in an access laser housing. (

I set it aside and moved to the phaser. This was easy to disassemble by removing the light bulb and some screws. Now its time to install the blu-ray. After making some cuts, the laser housing fit perfectly in the phaser light bulb bracket. I also picked up a 150 own resistor 9 volt battery, 9 volt battery snap and a new switch that replaces the phaser trigger. After soldering the connections to the Blu Ray diode, 9 volt battery, the resistor and the new switch, it was time to assemble the phaser.

I had time to make a few more cuts just to get everything to fit right. The 9 volt battery fits snugly where the two double lays originally were. I ran all my wiring and closed the phaser up. Now its time to TEST the Blu Ray Laser Phaser. It glows a very cool violet colour, I've boldly gone where no-man has gone before as I think this is the first time ever a blue ray diode has been put in a Star Trek Classic Phaser.

Dr. Rings is an Ophthalmologist in the US Navy had this comment to make:

Yes, these DVD lasers are QUITE CAPABLE of rendering permanent retinal damage. There are DVD laser mods on the web, including this website, etc., that if performed and "just for fun" aimed at a person's eyes (even from hundreds of yards!) can render permanent and irreversible vision damage.

The Blu ray laser phaser is a cool Star Trek toy for the shelf and demonstrations only. But you've got to ask youself.....where's the fun if you can't play good guy, bad guy? Still feel like building one?

Live Long and Prosper, trekkies and troglodytes.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Star Trek Tour

Star Trek The Tour is the biggest assembly of sets ever constructed where trek fans can make contact, explore and capture the essence of Gene Roddenberry's much loved Star Trek television legacy.

The 50,000 square foot massive exhibition opened its doors on Friday Jan 18th 2008 which lasts for one month in Long Beach at the Queen Mary Dome, California. Trekkies are beaming in from all over the universe to experience this spectacular sci fi creation. The interactive tour is an absolute trek paradise for trek fans and the tour will be visiting forty cities across north america over the next five years. Tickets are available through and the Queen Mary Dome Box Office.

Image Creator/Owner: Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

The Star Trek Tour is open weekdays from 10am to 8pm and weekends 10am to 10pm Adults pay $30 weekdays and $35 at weekends. Ticketmaster has special packages.

The mystique appeal of Star Trek will influence cosmic thinking for eons to come with its array of large iconic Starfleet ships, including Kirk's legendary flagship herself, the USS Enterprise 1701-A which hangs overhead in the Rotunda. (where all trek minds begin their journey.)

Meticulous craftmanship has gone into numerous displays, information systems providing historic star trek content, shortmovie showpiece theater attraction starring Mr Crusher and Tuvoc (his captain) in a dramatic showdown against their Federation enemies. Shuttlecraft simulators, Main Engineering, Photo Opportunities, Visual Episodic adventures united with glorious musical themes to make you feel at home. Experience The Original Series Star Trek bridge and the Next Generation Bridge filled with display monitors, replica props, artristry, original costumes and even try out the captains chair for fun!

Heres a list of all the Star trek Tour sections:

Captain Jean-Luc Picard's Living Quarters
Dr. Beverly Crusher's Sickbay
The U.S.S Enterprise-D Transporter Room
The K Corridor.
11.THE SHUTTLECRAFT SIMULATORS!! Ride and go wild!! Weeee!!!
The Star Trek Tour just wouldn't be complete without Food and merchandise. Trek fans gotta to have a few goodies to go away with except I hope you like Klingon bloodwine and fresh Pipusclaw, Hehe...

Have fun trekkers!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Spock's Vulcan Logic

Who is Spock? Spock is the Star Trek character that became a legendary Science Fiction success. Lets look at the facts. We know Science Officer Spock, Starfleet service number was S179-276 SP, commands the USS Enterprise 1701 as second in command with Captain James T. Kirk as Captain.

Image Creator/Owner: Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

This green blooded "Vulcan" or "First Officer" of the Enterprise wasn't perfect but what he lacked in emotions he made up for in the smarts department. Spock came from mixed breeding, half vulcan, half human, a fact Dr McCoy never let him forget. Unlike the other characters in Star Trek, Spock was plagued by an internal conflict which was always struggling to assert itself over his cool philosophical posture and vulcan logic. But there were times (Amok Time) when Spock's emotions betrayed him and viewers got to see a glimmer of the Spock magic at work.

Who did Spock make these attestments of logic to and in what episodes?

1. "I've never understood the female capacity to avoid a direct answer to any question."

2. "You are an excellent starship commander but as a taxi driver you need alot to be desired."

3. (Medical men are trained in logic, Mr Spock.) "Really, doctor? I had no idea that you were trained. Watching you, I thought it was trial and error"

4. "They regard themselves as aliens in their own world, a condition with which I an somewhat familiar"

5. "Remember"

6. "An ancestor of mine maintained, that if you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

7. "I Have Been..and Always Shall Be Your Friend...Live Long and Prosper!!!"

8. "Quite simply, I examined the problem from all angles, and it was plainly hopeless. Logic informed me that under the circumstances, the only logical action would have to be one of desperation. Logical decision, logically arrived at."

9. "Emotional, isn't she?" -- Spock
"She has always been so." --
"Indeed. Why did you marry her?" -- Spock
"It seemed the logical thing to do at the time."

10. "Is there anyone on this ship, who even remotely, looks like Satan?" --
"I am not aware of anyone who fits that description, Captain" -- Spock
"No, Mr. Spock, I didn't think you would be" --

11. "Nowhere am I desperately needed as among a shipload of illogical humans.

Spock Answers

1. Spock to Leila. This side of Paradise.
2. Spock to Kirk. A Piece of the Action.
3. McCoy and Spock. Bread and Circuses.
4. Spock. The Way to Eden.
5. Spock to McCoy. Star Trek III.
6. Spock speaking to bridge crew aboard the USS Enterprise-A. The Undiscovered Country, Star Trek VI.
7. Spock to Kirk in Star Trek III.
8. Spock to Kirk. The Galileo Seven.
9. Spock to Sarek. Journey to Babel.
10. Kirk to Spock. The Apple.
11. Spock to McCoy. I, Mudd.

Image Creator/Owner: Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

Have fun, trekkers.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Spock - Fight to the Death.

Remember Kirk's and Spock's fight to the death in Amok Time? well I betcha you never thought Jim Carey aka "Cable Guy" was keen on Star Trek? Lets warp back in time. Science Officer Spock is experiencing a loss of emotional control caused by a build up of adrenaline in his body. In this Star Trek classic we see a crazy guy Spock but there is an underlying logic to his madness.

Questions: Who stepped in and injected Kirk to give the captain a fighting chance? What class of stimulant was it and what were the overall effects?

Image Creator/Owner: Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

Spock's in the gripping throes of Pon Farr and needs to go home to vulcan to mate. Dr. McCoy runs tests on the First Officer and tells Kirk that Spock is suffering from an imbalance of toxins that will kill him within a week, eight days max. Kirk's decision to head back to Spock's home world finally happens after much deliberation with crew members, Starfleet, and emotional upheaval for Spock.

It was Starfleet's intention to demonstrate a show of force to the Klingon Empire by sending their best Federation starships at the Altair VI border.

Dr McCoy discovers that Spock's body is being flooded with adrenaline. If the Enterprise doesn't reach Vulcan in eight days, Spock will die. So what did Starfleet say when Captain Kirk asked for authorisation?

"Forget it Kirk, he's just the half breed vulcan!!, Altair VI has top priority. Starfleet out."

At the recommendation of Dr McCoy, Kirk flatly disobeyed the chain of command and risked his starship command. In a bid to save First Officer Spock's life, the USS Enterprise 1701 diverts her course and proceeds to Vulcan in-order to find a cure for the vulchie's life threatening blood fever.

Amok Time shows us some very interesting character moments amidst a wonderful backdrop of Vulcan scenery in the Star Trek continuum. Spock meets his lovely Vulcan fiancee T'pring (pre arranged by the parents ever since their childhood by a meeting of minds.) T'pring only had plans for her secret Vulcan lover Stonn revealed after the battle.

Image Creator/Owner: Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

T'Pau is the High Priestess who presides over the wedding ceremony, with Kirk on standby as T'pring's champion who is forced to fight a duel to the death with his best friend!! This isn't just any ordinary wedding and I was surprised to notice Spock's parents absent.

I guess Spock's mom and dad didn't have the stomachs to watch their only son slaughter innocents on their precious ancestral grounds. Star Trek fans see Spock's home world "Vulcan" for the first time in this episode with the science officer's famous words "Live Long, T'Pau and Prosper" voiced for the first time. This is just cool classic Star Trek.

Kirk agrees to fight for T'pring but is mortified to discover, its a duel to the death. Spock and Kirk are evenly matched except for the thin Vulcan air which takes its toll on the captain. McCoy gives Kirk an injection to give him a fighting chance in the Vulcan atmosphere. The fight resumes and Spock strangles Kirk, dropping his captain's apparently lifeless body to the ground. Dr McCoy steps in and confirms Spock's worst nightmare. Kirk is dead. Shock sweeps over Mr Spock snapping him out of his Plak tow blood fever. T'pring's reason for invoking the challenge is because she wants to marry Stonn. The marriage is cancelled. Back on the starship Enterprise 1701 all is revealed by Dr McCoy who faked the captain's death with a neural paralyser. Of course, Spock displays a momentary lapse of emotional control with a big grin, when he sees the captain alive.

Jim Carey did a re-enactment of the "Amok Time" with Spock and Kirk's - fight to the death duel in his "Cable Guy" movie. It was brilliant. In the duel scene you'll see why this master of crazy comedy is just so funny with Chip and Kovac slugging it out in the arena. Jim Carey's improvised "Star Trek" crazed sound effects are totally hysterical. I love how Cable Guy carries on with humming the "Amok Time" lyric as he walks away from Kovac (Broderick), triumphant and with his hands held high.

"All right you want to play rough? Daddy can play rough."
Da-na, na, na, na, na, naaa, na-naa, na, na.
"Like when Spock had to play Kirk on Star Trek, best friends forced to do battle." - Cable Guy.
"Chip this isn't funny, will you stop it!!"
"The name is Spock, if we don't battle to the death, they will kill us both." - Cable Guy.
"This isn't Star Trek" screams Kovac.

Lol. that's what Kovac thinks, try telling the Cable Guy that.

Answers: Dr. McCoy saved Captain Kirk. He stepped in with his hypospray and injected Kirk with a triox compound telling Kirk it should help him breathe better. The stimulant was in fact a neural paralyser which faked Kirk's death and saved Spock's life.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!!

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