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Spock - Fight to the Death.

Remember Kirk's and Spock's fight to the death in Amok Time? well I betcha you never thought Jim Carey aka "Cable Guy" was keen on Star Trek? Lets warp back in time. Science Officer Spock is experiencing a loss of emotional control caused by a build up of adrenaline in his body. In this Star Trek classic we see a crazy guy Spock but there is an underlying logic to his madness.

Questions: Who stepped in and injected Kirk to give the captain a fighting chance? What class of stimulant was it and what were the overall effects?

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Spock's in the gripping throes of Pon Farr and needs to go home to vulcan to mate. Dr. McCoy runs tests on the First Officer and tells Kirk that Spock is suffering from an imbalance of toxins that will kill him within a week, eight days max. Kirk's decision to head back to Spock's home world finally happens after much deliberation with crew members, Starfleet, and emotional upheaval for Spock.

It was Starfleet's intention to demonstrate a show of force to the Klingon Empire by sending their best Federation starships at the Altair VI border.

Dr McCoy discovers that Spock's body is being flooded with adrenaline. If the Enterprise doesn't reach Vulcan in eight days, Spock will die. So what did Starfleet say when Captain Kirk asked for authorisation?

"Forget it Kirk, he's just the half breed vulcan!!, Altair VI has top priority. Starfleet out."

At the recommendation of Dr McCoy, Kirk flatly disobeyed the chain of command and risked his starship command. In a bid to save First Officer Spock's life, the USS Enterprise 1701 diverts her course and proceeds to Vulcan in-order to find a cure for the vulchie's life threatening blood fever.

Amok Time shows us some very interesting character moments amidst a wonderful backdrop of Vulcan scenery in the Star Trek continuum. Spock meets his lovely Vulcan fiancee T'pring (pre arranged by the parents ever since their childhood by a meeting of minds.) T'pring only had plans for her secret Vulcan lover Stonn revealed after the battle.

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T'Pau is the High Priestess who presides over the wedding ceremony, with Kirk on standby as T'pring's champion who is forced to fight a duel to the death with his best friend!! This isn't just any ordinary wedding and I was surprised to notice Spock's parents absent.

I guess Spock's mom and dad didn't have the stomachs to watch their only son slaughter innocents on their precious ancestral grounds. Star Trek fans see Spock's home world "Vulcan" for the first time in this episode with the science officer's famous words "Live Long, T'Pau and Prosper" voiced for the first time. This is just cool classic Star Trek.

Kirk agrees to fight for T'pring but is mortified to discover, its a duel to the death. Spock and Kirk are evenly matched except for the thin Vulcan air which takes its toll on the captain. McCoy gives Kirk an injection to give him a fighting chance in the Vulcan atmosphere. The fight resumes and Spock strangles Kirk, dropping his captain's apparently lifeless body to the ground. Dr McCoy steps in and confirms Spock's worst nightmare. Kirk is dead. Shock sweeps over Mr Spock snapping him out of his Plak tow blood fever. T'pring's reason for invoking the challenge is because she wants to marry Stonn. The marriage is cancelled. Back on the starship Enterprise 1701 all is revealed by Dr McCoy who faked the captain's death with a neural paralyser. Of course, Spock displays a momentary lapse of emotional control with a big grin, when he sees the captain alive.

Jim Carey did a re-enactment of the "Amok Time" with Spock and Kirk's - fight to the death duel in his "Cable Guy" movie. It was brilliant. In the duel scene you'll see why this master of crazy comedy is just so funny with Chip and Kovac slugging it out in the arena. Jim Carey's improvised "Star Trek" crazed sound effects are totally hysterical. I love how Cable Guy carries on with humming the "Amok Time" lyric as he walks away from Kovac (Broderick), triumphant and with his hands held high.

"All right you want to play rough? Daddy can play rough."
Da-na, na, na, na, na, naaa, na-naa, na, na.
"Like when Spock had to play Kirk on Star Trek, best friends forced to do battle." - Cable Guy.
"Chip this isn't funny, will you stop it!!"
"The name is Spock, if we don't battle to the death, they will kill us both." - Cable Guy.
"This isn't Star Trek" screams Kovac.

Lol. that's what Kovac thinks, try telling the Cable Guy that.

Answers: Dr. McCoy saved Captain Kirk. He stepped in with his hypospray and injected Kirk with a triox compound telling Kirk it should help him breathe better. The stimulant was in fact a neural paralyser which faked Kirk's death and saved Spock's life.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!!


Unknown said...

Whatever happened to Spock's fiance/wife? Did he ever procreate with her? Did he do the (you know) to stop the (you know) ::looks around nervously and mutters:: the Ponn Farr?

I never could figure that out. I remember hearing rumors that Saavik had his kid that's why she stayed behind in Star Trek IV.

. said...

During Spock's absence from Vulcan he became much known amongst his people. T'pring came to realise that she did not want to be the wife of a famous vulcan. T'pring even expressed her desire to be with Stonn to Spock.

"Stonn wanted me, I wanted him" so Spock agreed to pass T'pring over to Stonn with a warning.

"Stonn, she is yours. After a time you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true."

The special union of Ponn Farr never took place between Spock and T'pring.

Spock's combat with Kirk forced him to his sences after which time he had lost all interest in T'pring. The madness (burning of the blood) was gone.

Its possible something happened between Spock and Saavik, why even Dr Mccoy noted that the vulcan wase'nt exactly working on all thrusters in Star Trek IV. Poor Bones, he was so funny. Just seeing Spock back at his Science Station turned the doctor into a bag of nerves!

Anonymous said...

Spock married Saavik, and that's okay. Who else was there (besides me, and I'm already married to a Vulcan)? He couldn't marry Valeris. She is a traitor. As long as it was the Robin Curtis Saavik, and not the Kirstie Alley Saavik, I'm cool with it. Why didn't they point her eyebrows? WHY???

SpacerGuy said...

Fascinating. Pointed eyebrows do make all the difference. The original LT. SAAVIK played by Kirstie Alley is young and beautiful. She was meant to be half Vulcan and half Romulan.

In appearance she is Vulcan with pointed ears, but is betrayed by her fair Romulan skin, half-breed looking eyebrows and none of the expressionless facial immobility of a Vulcan.

Anonymous said...

Heads I win, Tails you lose.

Susan Kane said...

I was not following you at this time, because I did not start blogging until 2010? Time travel being what it is, I get to meet you, at last.

SpacerGuy said...

Thrilled to meet you Susan. We're now blog buddies forever! Something tells me that Jim Carey is a Star Trek fan, don't you think?

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