Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leonard Nimoy Stuns Trekkies

Star Trek the real World Premiere took place in Austin, Texas at the Alamo Draft House theater three hours ahead of Austraila's Trek Premiere! On Monday 6th April 2009 Leonard Nimoy beamed in out of the cosmos and received a rapturous explosion of cheering from surprised Trekkies who were delighted to see him. I was gobsmacked to see "MR SPOCK" materializing before my eyes on....ahem youtube. The Trekkie flames of passion engulfed me and a huge smile lit up my face. I was totally amped. I don't know how but the curvature of the space time continuum was being altered to allow star trek fans in texas (and I wished I could have just been there), the movie writers and Leonard Nimoy to make contact without causing a rupture in space time! It was happening before my eyes on youtube. Trekkies were energized with excitement, and were busy high fiving, while others cryed and laughed for joy. I have no doubt they will treasure this moment forever.

Fans were originally invited to a screening of the 1982 film "The Wrath of Khan" and a ten minute preview of the new star trek movie. Robert Orci, Alec Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof voiced concerns about taking on trek because of its mythic significance. "Thats another reason why we came down here, so that you could kill us if you hate the ten minutes initially." But surprise...surprise.... the camera focuses on a guy wearing a black baseball cap joining them onstage. Its Leonard Nimoy! I noticed Trekkie hands giving the Live Long and Prosper greeting shooting up from the audience in response to Leonards famous vulcan salute.

"What happened to the film?" queried Leonard. Someone responded "It went on fire." I can picture De Forrest Kelley looking down from above and saying "Sounds like sabbotage to me." Leonards talking to the audience now. "Tonight three hours from now, in Australia they're running the Star Trek Premiere for the new movie. Would'nt you rather be there?" It must have been weird to have all those expectant trekkie eyes staring at him right after the time when the film for "The Wrath of Khan" turned to ashes. What did the trekkies say? Watch and find out.

It turned out Tim League of Alamo was on a secret mission to thrill and the whole show was prepared in advance. The event organisers even played the films opening credits for "The Wrath of Khan" which melted and burned away apparently. Everyone was psyched out. Trully Awesome!

Live Long and Prosper!


Shawn said...

I admit that I too am geeked out over this. Thanks for the links. I can tell where my evening will be spent.

Nepharia said...

That was here! I'm so jazzed about it. We're going to see the new movie in that same theater (even tho I didn't get to see this world premier).

SpacerGuy said...

I can totally relate to the good "trekkie" vibes you guys are getting about the new movie. I'm totally amped too and can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

As a stand alone movie I found the new Star Trek feature to be solid and enjoyable on a number of levels.

However, as a ardent Star Trek and science fiction fan, I found the movie to have had a disappointing plot; it was psychologically unsophisticated; and fundamentally misunderstands the the connection between the fan/reader and the intricacies of the relationships and history line.

I have not read up the writer's intent. Through creativity or arrogance,I wonder if he has done damage to the Star Trek universe and its future. I hope not. I trust more capable hands will grapple with this again and again.

Anonymous said...

I'm Adriana, I'm 17 years old, and at school I'm doing a project about Klingon, the Star Trek's language. Can somebody please help me finding some information? Thanks a lot!

SpacerGuy said...

You should find Worf's Klingspeak and Trekkie books helpful, Adriana.

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