Sunday, January 03, 2010

Star Trek The Next Generation. U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D.

To roll in with some cosmic fun, I've selected a poster from Star Trek's The Next Generation with the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. In 2363 the Flagship of the Federation launched from Utopia Planitia Yards oribiting Mars. It was an exciting moment for Starfleet's Core of Engineers so I thought it worth mentioning. She was the finest in the fleet. The Federation's U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D Galaxy Class flagship rose into the heavens. Fully equipped with her 42 decks gleaming, Dr Leah Brahm's warp-drive engines, a dilithium regulation chamber, lcars interface software, 3 computer cores, sensor arrays, 20 transporter systems, weapons, sickbay, 185 officers, 252 civilian families, crew quarters for 575 enlisted crew, and facilities for off duty personnel.  The Enterprises powerful warp drive was ready to explore the stars.

She had a life expectancy of one hundred years. Thats right 100 Years! Take notes ubber trekkies and then good old Commander William T. Riker got a shot at the Captain's Chair and slammed the USS Enterprise-D into Veridan III, scaring the wits out of poor Counselor Deanna Troi. Blackbeard ruined the Enterprise! Only Commander Data had enough brains to level the descent of the saucer section out but Riker......should be shot..

It takes strength of mind to captain all this 24th century technology and that honour definitely goes to Captain Jean Luc Picard. Congratulations "Mon Capitan." now have a heart and save me from the Calamarain. Still I have to ask you Jean Luc, how could you leave the Enterprise in the lurch with Riker in command of the Bridge? How could you let his happen, Picard?  Even Q's baffled.

This blueprint of old baldy's flagship gives an interesting skeletel layout of the midsection of the Enterprise's secondary hull, saucer section and starboard nacelle. Unfortunately neither the captain's yacht or the warp-core ejection hatch is visible underneath the belly of the ship. But hey! who going to use them? especially with Riker in the Captain's chair and the Enterprise at Red Alert. You can count on it the ship is going down!

Using the chart, the Enterprise's Computer/Data Systems, Command/Facility Systems, Engine/Propulsion Systems, Tactical/Defense Systems, and Navigation/Transporter Systems are all easily detected using the poster's number color codes. So you'd better start learning where everything is and how they operate because your very life may depend upon them.

A rundown of the Enterprise's Warp Propulsion Systems, Impulse Propulsion Systems, Transporter Systems, Ship Duration, Communications Network, Sensor Systems, Tactical Systems are included with some fascinating starship specifications and are required learning for all Starfleet cadets.

For days, the trekkie inside me has been on a flight to another world. But time out. Whats that I hear? Its a little trekkie voice just crying out begging me to share my latest discovery with you. In the lower right hand corner of my Enterprise-D poster in tiny writing reads

Live Long and Prosper.


Prof. Sci-Fi said...

LoL. A little hard on Riker, don't you think? Don't blame him--blame the writers! They're the ones who made him destroy the Enterprise!

The poster is pretty sweet, but it's kinda small. Do you have a link to a bigger version?

BTW, my Defiant could take your Enterprise any day of the week.


SpacerGuy said...

Heres the link

When the snow thaws, I'll find my digital camera and update the poster but in the meantime....

Is your Defiant tough enough for a thrashing by the Federations Flagship Enterprise?

Maurice Mitchell said...

Great summary of the Enterprise. I too am looking forward to the larger image of the poster. Nice.

Alex said...

oh come on... like it's riker's fault? blame baldy for living him in charge... stupid frenchy... who ever heard of an english stage actor playing a french starship captain on tv? ridiculous... picard is the one who should be shot. he should've left data in command and take blackbeard with him :P .. but nooo...
those damn writers, come to think of it it's actually their fault, isn't it? :))

SpacerGuy said...

I do believe I over reacted just a tad. So I must defer to Captain Picard's better judgement. Get used to command without a net.

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