Friday, April 01, 2011

Anya the Allasomorph

What is an Allasomorph? Who could have guessed that these females are in fact two bug eyed monsters!!!

All blazes breaks loose when these shapely lovelies beam aboard the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D. Take a hard look at the shorter allasomorph Anya from Daled IV. Don't you just want to give her a hug? Don't be fooled by her height either because beneath her skin lurks one mighty powerful lass. Yup, thats right. Anya is one mean, beastly governess who can shapshift and kick ass! In any case, she made me split my sides laughing!

While Salia and Anya appear to be normal sentient lifeforms all is not what it seems. These female bug eyes have strange transformational abilities according to the Galactic Zoological Catalogue. Salia is the future leader and last hope for uniting the warring factions on Daled IV. Anya is Salia's vigilant mother/protector and companion. In Star Trek TNG "the Dauphin" episode we discover just how dangerous this creature really is, when Anya changes her molecular shape and tosses Lt Worf around in a fight.

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Anya is touring the flagship Enterprise NCC 1701-D when she discovers a slightly contagious patient in sickbay. In Anya's mind the diseased Hennesy poses a significant threat to Salia's life. She demands action! "Kill the Patient, Destroy the Patient immediately!!!" Rather drastic wouldn't you say?

Dr Pulaski is horrified and tells her to cool her heels. Picard and Worf are understandably baffled by Anya whose mysterious transformation catches Worf completely off guard! Shapeshifting no doubt takes alot of effort but the trouble doesn't end there. Anya the bug eyed furry creature confronts Wesley in his quarters! Just when the poor Enterprise whizkid thought he had it made with the perfect dreamgirl! LOL She spooks the holy crap out of Wesley who been courting and drooling over Salia on the sly. But it gets even better when the young and beautiful Salia springs into a hairy, bug eyed shapeshifter too!


エイプリル said...

That bug eyed furry bigfoot-esque thing/situation was pretty LOL-worthy. Great "A" post for the challenge. Can't wait to read the other 25!

Ellie Garratt said...

Oh, wow. You have a new fan!

Are you doing the a bit on the Gorns?

Ellie Garratt

SpacerGuy said...

Thanks April, I'll do my Starfleet best.

Ellie, I believe the Gorns will be in the running.

MOCK! said...

The Armchair Squid gave you a shout out (both at school today and on his blog) and you have a new follower! I am soooo excited to see where this month goes...

SpacerGuy said...

Thanks everyone, I'll have to check that out, nice one Mock! Traditionally bug eyed monsters (BEM) were an early sci-fi pulp fiction slang term for any alien. Anyna the Allasamorph is a TNG favorite of mine.

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