Friday, July 08, 2011

Q's Deadly Game

Star Trek's TNG tenth episode 'Hide and Q' was written by C.J. Holland and Gene Roddenberry. Picard's crew are on a humanitarian mission all fired up to save Sigma's 3's mining colony. Suddenly the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D is caught in a powerful forcefield net. Its the mysterious Q entity with another test to torment his favourite humans. His dreadful timing nearly sends Captain Picard into full meltdown who recalls their last encounter with firey passion, charging humans as being a "grievously savage race". Commander Riker goofs up big style by opening his mouth the wrong way.

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'We don't have time for these games.' blurts blackbeard suddenly peeking Q's interest. 'Games! Did someone say games? And per chance for interest sake, a deadly game? To the game!'

Every Starfleet Officer believes in the United Federation of planets after all they are the best and the brightest? right? These guys swear an oath to defend and uphold Starfleets finest laws (I'm doing my Picard bit now, LOL) "To Protect and Serve." The first duty of every Starfleet officer is to the truth, whether its scientific truth or historical truth or personal truth. Its is the guiding principal upon which starfleet is based.... but I'm digressing from the main story.

Five hundred and four colonists are in urgent need of medical attention with Dr Beverly Crusher on standby in her sexy blue uniform. The super intelligent android, Mr Data calculates the Enterprise-D's arrival in 3.2 hours travelling at warp 9.1. Meanwhile, Rikers analysis of the mining explosion cuts to the chase. The explosion was caused by methane like gas seeping in from underground. Open and shut case, right? well not exactly. Red Alert!

Its admiral Q at your service. This time hes teasing Riker with the gift of godlike powers! Whatever next? The Omnipotent Q wants to see if Riker can handle "temptation" in the face of adversity and transports a whole bunch of Picard's bridge officers to a bleak planet for some fun and games. Okay so Wesley isn't an officer yet but whos counting? Tasha Yar misbehaves and gets banished to a penalty box, poor lass! For a while its seems like Riker is a tad reluctant to use his newfound omnipotence.

What follows next is a bizarre twist with uniformed Napoleonic "creatures" not in any mood for the usual Federation small talk. Interestingly enough Q stated that the game would be completely unfair and I'm cool enough with this logic because the idea was to use 'The Game' to tempt Riker into the Garden of Eden... Except for one little detail. Why didn't Q disable Rikers phaser? Do you think Riker will use his powers and play Q's deadly game?

Play long and Prosper, Trekkers!


Maurice Mitchell said...

That was a wild episode and led to Q being the most popular character from the series. Not my favorite, but others I guess.

SpacerGuy said...

If only Riker hadn't promised Captain Picard. You've got to hand it to Number 1 for standing up to Q...

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