Sunday, November 27, 2011

Death is death

Which super deadly action film star said "Death is death. We got to have compassion for the dead, the dying and the could be dying and the about to be dead."

Hint: Hes got a black belt in Aikido. No cheating now trekkies.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Opening Hailing Frequencies

Doctor Whos Tardis is well known for its galactic time-travelling throughout the universe so here is something special for you to enjoy.. The material is soft, furry and to quote Chief Engineer Scotty, 'it nearly brought a tear to my eye.'

So whats cool about it? I guess you could compare these galactic cell phone cosys to Star Trek's tribbles because they're so...... cute and cuddly.

The acrylic case is designed in Star Trek themes also, handmade to fit IPhones or whatever to your trek hearts desire, just email your phone dimensions to Jen at Ericdesigns.

So why not spring a pleasant surprise on some trekkie mates? This phenomenon is bound to fascinate trek fans who love furry tribbles because they're such cheerful little things. The option to program your electronic gadget to chirp like tribbles or teleport like Dr Who's tardis should tickle science fiction fans pink.

Ericdesigns have designed a Firefly version with Jayne Cobbs' diehard browncoats in mind. Cobb's hat colors should remind you "If you can't do something smart, do something right."
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