Monday, October 29, 2012

Star Trek Salt Vampire Monster

My choice for Monster Monday is the Salt Vampire aka The M113 creature in Star Treks classic episode 'The Man Trap.' Shes the last of an intelligent species which beams aboard the USS Enterprise and gives Captain James T. Kirk the shock of his life, hehe. You gotta love this episode with those sad drooping eyes and spikey fangs staring back at you played out by Sharon Gimpel.

This monster is enough to to give anyone the heebie geebies for Halloween. Perfect costume for tricker treating eh? So ask yourself one little thing. Could that lovely face actually have a conscience or a cold calculating mind? Each of M113's fingers has three sucker like feeding organs designed to suck the salt out of humans! So be on your guard trekinators for Salt Vampires! LOL!

Remember When the USS Enterprise's landing party first encountered it? Dr McCoy gets hot and bothered over Nancy Cramer, Kirk saw a confident middle aged woman in her 40's and Green saw a pretty fetching blonde. Each crew member saw a trustworthy or appealing lifeform, however all is not what it seems. In reality what they were really looking at was the Salt Vampires telepathic trickery.' It really had no other way to communicate with the USS Enterprise crew or Proffessor Robert Crater.

The Salt Vampire's neat trick immobilized and captured its prey very easily. Unfortunately the monster sees humans as FOOD but before snacking, it captures an image from its victims minds and then hypnotizes them.  Its a deadly monster that doesn't just kill feasting off salt, it renders humans defenceless torturing them as it moves in for YUM 'meal time.'  So watch out Trekkie, you might just meet one for Halloween! Hehe.

Spock survived only thanks to his copper based blood! LOL. Why do you think the Salt Vampire looked so sad? Was it because she ate so much salt? perhaps time had caught up with the old devil? How old do you think she was? Maybe the Salt vampire had a conscience after all?

Did you enjoy the cool music video for The Man Trap by Five Year Mission?

 What is your favorite Monster?

Vampire Long and Prosper, Trekkers, Trekkies and Trekinators!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Paranormal Activity 4

An outgoing bunch of thrill seekers are all set for a special screening of Paranormal Activity 4 which hit cinemas on 17th October. I guess part of the fun is knowing .....the boogeyman is waiting for YOU. LOL.

Isn't it nice looking at everyone lined up at the box office waving merrily, full of good cheer?

Bring it on WORLD.

Fear roots willing victims to their seats as high blood pressure and stress hormones soar, gripping everyone in the audience as they lean forward!

Take a good look at the shocked staring eyes gripped by the horror unfolding before them. The girl in the front seat is on red alert. Her eyes are clearly focused on something horrid quickening her impulses.

Why isn't anyone tucking into popcorn or candy and washing it all down with thirst quenching coke or 7up?

Now is a good time to show off your macho side by jumping to your girl friend's rescue and being her hero, hehe. JUMPING, get it? Oh well, I tried. Look at the poor mite in the front row sobbing her poor little heart out. Awww.

Are you bad enough to face the BOOGEYMAN?

Is Paranormal Activity 4 freaky enough to CREEP you OUT? Whats the verdict?

 Freak long and Prosper, Trekinators!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Netflix Star Trek Streaming

Excited about the wonderful universe of Star Trek episodes streaming into your life? Took the plunge and signed up for Netflix? Its been a couple of months now since a deal was struck between CBS and Netflix making Netflix the first online service to deliver Star Trek without commercials.

I wonder whatever happened to the needs of the many and all that jazz? Oh well. Hopeful, European trekkers probably wouldn't have minded some 'advertisements.' The current CBS/Netflix deal is exclusive to the USA only which means lots of saddened trekkies are missing out on the fun.

The good news is Netflix have CBS trek licencing for only two years with options for another 2 so who knows? Fans can watch Star Trek episodes on line with their Netflix ready TV, XBox360, 3d, PS3, Wii,  mobile phones or tablets which is neat.

Netflix have confirmed they will be streaming every episode of every season for all five live-action Star Trek series: the original Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise. Curiously the only show not included in the CBS deal is the 70's Star Trek The Animated Series. I guess some things weren't meant to be for now...

UPDATE:  Netflix just got the green light to air ST TAS! GAME ON Trekinators!

Star Trek TNG will be the first to hit Netflix with direct digital streaming taking the web by storm leaving ITunes in the dust. Its awesome seeing Star Trek TNG as a popular trek series yet again!!! 25 years after its original debut aired in 1987!!! LOL.

                                                        MAKE IT SO!

Which Star Trek show do you want to see in direct digital streaming? signed for Netflix? Do European trekkies or Canadian trekinators have just cause for concern?

Make you voice count, Make your Favorite Star Trek Show a digital/blu ray reality! Kapla!

Trekfix and Prosper, trekinators!

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